Keeping Up With The Kardashians Returns
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Ughh. I only watch to see them exploit Lamar.

I’ve just finished the first episode of Revenge. So yeahh for me.

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  1. E is the worst.

    1. I don’t know on what basis these people are paid. E! must be selling this thing overseas or something.

      *Episode 3 of Revenge, done!

      1. It’s a show going into it’s 7th (it’s awful enough this show has gone this long) season not counting all the spinoffs. Of course they are selling it overseas.

      2. I stopped watching KUWTK years ago. A lot of reality shows are scripted but KUWTK story lines were weak and bad back in 2010 and from what I hear it’s even worse now. lol.

        It seems Kris J has mastered the art of keeping her family in the headlines for everything they do, even in the off seasons of their various shows, to keep people interested enough to come back and watch again and again. They get high ratings and make a lot of money. This is what’s happening with the Kim and Kanye fuckery. I dislilke Kris J with a passion but she is not stupid.

        If enough people stop watching their fuckery their ratings will fall the sponsors will be unhappy and the E network will kick them to the curb. It’s really that simple.

    2. it’s sort of like a nature show about whores.

  2. CW renews The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and 90210.

    None are a surprise because those are the 3 highest rated shows on the network.

    1. When did that channel become for just white high school kids?

      1. I thought a majority of Supernatural fans were 20something geeks.