Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 7: What Happened Tonight?
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Recap is on its way but for now, here’s what happened on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta:

  • Mimi Faust and her mother are Scientologists. They were both in the Church of Scientology until Mimi, Faust not Rogers, got kicked out at 13. (Seriously though with a name like Faust? I know right.)
  • Dad Campo star Dr Jeff Gardere was the counsellor and he was great. (How many therapists ask “So you was hittin’ that on the regular?” Lol)
  • Benzino hooked up Karlie Redd with Vincent Herbert, Lady Gaga’s manager and Tamar Braxton’s husband.
  • K. Michele was just hoeing around all episode.
  • Next week, Joseline joins Stevie and Mimi in therapy (What?)

Oh yes, it’s good to be excited about VH1 again.

6 Responses to “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 7: What Happened Tonight?”

  1. Funny how Vince does a lot for Gaga but not for Tamar (the same will apply to Karlie).

  2. Karlie has talent, though. /straight face.

    1. Talent for being a user you mean

  3. On hearing all of it…

    ♫ I’m tired of paying these bills for you.
    And this chick keeps saying she’s pregnant, too
    Hope that baby don’t look like neither one of you
    Now that’s what I call an ugly truth.♫

    Wasn’t too bad.

  4. I was reading on another site where Stevie J has yet another woman who may be on the show next season and supposedly she’s pregnant by him.

    1. Hey, a great man like Stevie J can’t be tied to one woman.
      Seriously, the guy is crazy funny. I think, like OJ he really believes what he says.