Love And Hip Hop Cast And Trailer
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Love And Hip Hop Cast
If you didn’t like “Basketball Wives”, you’re gonna hate “Love And Hip Hop”. (Yeah like I know, right; but I know one of you Warblers are gonna say some shit like that so I just stole your thunder)

VH1’s eight episode docu-series, “Love & Hip Hop”, follows five women who are connected to the world of hip hop, whether it’s through the men they love or their struggle to be heard as artists. (They should have called it Hip Hop Wives just so I can read for the thousandth time, “but, but, none of them are wives” ——> Yawnnn!)

Love And Hip Hop premieres March 14th but there will be a first showing On March 6th after Basketball Wives.

For the record, the women are:

  1. Chrissy Lampkin: rapper Jim Jones’ girlfriend of eight years.
  2. Emily Bustamente: rapper Fabolous’ baby mama
  3. Olivia Longott: the former first lady of G-Unit
  4. Mashonda Tifrere: the ex-wife of producer Swizz Beatz
  5. Somaya ‘Boss’ Reece: former gang banger and struggling artiste.


26 Responses to “Love And Hip Hop Cast And Trailer”

  1. I for one am glad they changed the name to Love and Hip Hop because if it were still Diary of a Hip Hop Girlfriend I would have did a hella serious stare at 3 of these bitches being currently single.

  2. BTW that pic has hella photoshop but that’s how The Game’s promo pics should have looked.

  3. The Game’s photos were ridiculous. But thanks for reminding me I have to do the latest episode.
    And that also reminds me about the Cheesy radio show

  4. What do they really mean when they say “the hip hop lifestyle?” All I hear is acting like a fool for a living.

    1. Never really understood it but I guess it has to do with the clothes, the parties, the beats, the raps, the New York-ness, lol.

      1. OK. I guess. What’s the big deal now?

  5. Am i the only one really excited for this? It looks really good too me.

    1. Yea you are because I thought it was wack and reinforced why I shouldn’t go back to watching TV shows of any kind outside of sports and news.

  6. I am probs the only vh1 fan left lmao but i hate the following celebrity around shows they are soooo boring but the wive shows are my guilty pleasure and you gotta love You’re Cut Off.

    1. I haven’t watched VH1 since Ultimate Fail ended and I haven’t watched a real TV show on any other network in 3 months. I want to recap again but I can’t do it with all this bullshit on. It’s not worth it.

      1. Cant you recap sports and news since you said you watch that? Just an idea

      2. No because who cares.

  7. I’m actually gonna watch this one too! It looks way better than basketball wives…at least they are tryna do something with their lives, not just show us how they “ballin'”

  8. The only reason i would watch is to see what Swizz beats ex has to say about Alicia Keyes stealing her man lol

  9. Just another version of BW and FW but tailored to the Hip Hop community. Same old story with a different dress. Of course I’ll watch

  10. docu-series? sounds like an undeserved honor for which they should thank you.

  11. Please don’t let Mashonda be crazy. I want to believe there wasn’t an extra push to be with Alicia Keys.

  12. Well unlike BB Wives this show will be a….

  13. I liked Olivia’s song back in tha day; “Im about to bizounce, i can’t take ya shit no more, Dadada(can’t remember verse) cause I can’t trust you, Im riding high now, so nigga fuck you…” Lol

    1. Grazi

      1. and it look like flava flav is going back to school is in the works. but in Clinton IA were Chicken Restaurant is at SMH

  14. I like Somaya she is cool..but da episode wen she was fenna beat Chrissy hahahahahahhahah dat was funni she was a giant compared ta her….

  15. i love jim jones girl she hard i give her tha most respect she knw what it take to keep a gangster nigga an hold him an tha empire down dnt dnt let no bitch get in your way and jim marry my girl she real i mean real love yall your fan gina g east coast baby

  16. I don’t understand why Crissy had such a problem with Somaya other than jealousy. I mean, the girl didn’t to anything other than try to break into a music career. How petty. Somaya may be more attractive than Crissy, but that’s no reason to crush the girls dreams.

    As for the first lady of g-unit, that girl can sing. Wow, beautiful voice. I hope she releases an album and makes it big. And what up with Jim Jones momma? Is she a crack head or something?

  17. Everybody know that bitch Crissy suck Max B off in Miami Why Jim Jones Is still With her, better yet she is even on this show she is a true slut