Love And Hip Hop New York Season 3: Joe Budden, Tahiry Added; Chrissy, Jim, Somaya And Emily Booted
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I thought Chrissy and Jim was a filler, a favour done by the two Love and Hip Hop stars and their friends to fill the space vacated by Ev and Chad. Uhhmmm no.
Jim Jones’ ratchet ass, Chrissy’s old self, Emily’s weird face, Teairra’s fine self, Kimbella’s beautiful mind and Somaya’s new body will not return to Love And Hip Hop Season 3: New York.

Yancy will, though. And Olivia and Erica Mena. They will be the seniors in a cast that now includes…

Joe Budden: cunt extraordinaire who somehow seems to pull oversized assed video hoes at will. He’s supposed to be a rapper when he’s not filming his women in his kitchen. At one point he had a hit and he still has fans who swear he’s a hot lyricist who never got his just due.

Tahiry Jose: this former bartender found fame as Joe Budden’s mami. He’d follow her around in his kitchen as she cooked pre-cooked meals and she’d do shit like jump on a trampoline. It worked out well for her because soon enough she was being paid nothing to be on magazines. (You gotta love the American Dream.)
She and Joe are no longer couple and he rapped on it, she spoke on it and… zzzzzzz.

Rashidah Ali: She owns a shoe boutique, so we know what to expect from her. A lot of mouth, a lot of rubbish talk but no action.
Wrong, this Ali doesn’t waste time with floating and stinging, she’ll just make a Google map out of your face.

Winter Ramos: I heard she was on Love And Hip Hop before. However, she has been arrested and is writing a tell all after sleping around, so I am looking forward to seeing her.

Consequence: He’s a rapper and reportedly was one of Kanye’s ghostwriters. Now he’s on his own, trying to get his second album out and raising his child with…

Jen “The Pen” Bayer: who once starred on The Ultimate Hustler and is now a gossip jock out of Chicago. She’s a hothead too, so look out for that.

Raqui Thunda: I don’t know everyone, so someone has to fill me in on Thunda. VH1 says she’s a radio personality and closely associated to Joe Budden. (Which means they’re fucking.)

Love & Hip Hop Season 3 premieres Monday, January 7th, 2013 at 8pm.

9 Responses to “Love And Hip Hop New York Season 3: Joe Budden, Tahiry Added; Chrissy, Jim, Somaya And Emily Booted”

  1. I actually liked Kimbella and Chrissy.

  2. Now, that’s what you call a drastic cast change lol. I’m glad Yandy’s coming back, though.

  3. I like Somaya, but glad that Yandy and Olivia are back.

  4. Damn VH1 slang them women all off!!!LOL I might watch this…This is some heavy hitters.

  5. With just about all new folks I will watch a couple of episodes.

  6. OT: I know there aren’t many SOA fans on here but last night’s episode had a brief apperance of Buddah from I Love New York 2

  7. Ot: Apollo and Phaedra’s fitness video is on the way:

    Donkey Bootys for all!!!!

    1. A fitness video!! Other than the show I don’t think Apollo does too much of anything. If I’m not mistaken didn’t Phaedra say Apollo was in some sort of recovery business….then on the last episode show, when they were taking Ayden to get his first haircut, Phaedra was saying Apollo was a master barber. You would think if he was a master barber why didn’t he cut his son’s hair at home?

  8. Yes she tried to explain Apollo’s job but didn’t do a very good job of it (which I thought was very odd). I was wondering why he didn’t just cut Ayden’s hair too but I guess they needed to take him to the shop for show. Apperantly he already does cut his hair because at that age he should have had way more hair for never having it cut.

    On last weeks show Phaedra said Apollo has gotten a trainer’s certificate (or was it the week before?). So now they have gone ahead with their fitness videos.