Megan Hauserman
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Megan Hauserman In Playboy
These are old, even before Megan’s appearance on ‘Beauty and the Geek‘, but I am sure someone out there is keen on viewing them.
She looks thinner; I kinda prefer the Rock of Love version of Megan.

***I’ve cleaned the site so anyone interested in seeing Megan***

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  1. Is that really Megan?
    I need the experts, Babykins, Shawn and Enigmatic on this…

    Not to sound nasty or anything; but all blondes look alike to me.

  2. not sure but that smile…perpetually dull. blah, i cant even think of a weird enough description or one that is apt enough…like its plastered on and she doesnt know the meaning of smoldering, brooding, and come-hither blah blah blah whatever im hung over. going back to bed.

    steupsy darling, never got to tell you – nice new layout.

    starting to feel like home yet?

    1. revenge – i couldn’t agree more. she’s got the cookie-cutter, skinny, fake-boobs aesthetic but no genuine sex appeal. her photos fall flat for lack of personality. with that, i’ll bet she’s a terrible lay – into herself, posing, making the guy do all the work. bleck!

  3. Thanks!

    Heh; yes yes, yes it does.
    Hopefully the neighbours don’t waltz in with their dirty heels and whatnot.

  4. it’s definitely megan, the dull smile doesn’t leave any doubts. and wouldn’t you have told that these are old pictures i wouldn’t have known because she still looks the same 😉

  5. She looks incredibly thin to me…
    Plump-ish on Rock of Love.

  6. Great body though; if you’re into the whole firm, flat-stomach, fit sorta thing, lol.

  7. Between Toccara and Dustin, I’m sure to suffer an aneurysm.

  8. She does look really thin in these photos compared to the show but she has the same look on her face in every last one of these pictures. I think it’s her, I mean nobody is that good at getting one look and keeping it the whole entire time. It’s like she thinks about how she is gonna look and then uses her whole entire thought and concentration process to keep it up.

  9. Hahahaha!
    It would be fun if you, Baby, Revenge and Groovy were online at the same time.

  10. I’m online almost all the time but I do still have to go to school and cook and do all the other things to make sure that everything is in order here.

  11. You cook?
    Like genuine meals?

    Not like beans and mashed potatoes?

  12. I cook real stuff like fried chicken, lasagna, pot roast, spaghetti, stuff like that. I’m living with my parents while I go to school but I cook at least 5 days out the week. If I waited on my parents to cook then I would have anorexia and I already look like I can’t afford to miss a meal.

  13. Shocking, lol.
    So uhmmn, and keep it as G-Rated as possible; what are mom and dad doing that’s occupying their time?

    Surely they aren’t one of those 50yr old couples who still, you know?

  14. I love this girl’s face
    Prancer Flavor of Love 3

  15. They work and then they come home and argue and act like teenagers, playing video games, watching TV and playing loud music things like that. I don’t think they do “that” anymore. They used to go out to do that. I live in a strange house, my parents and my brother act like the teenagers and I’m the adult that goes to school, cooks, wash dishes and clothes and pay the bills. They need me around here.

  16. Hahahaha!
    Oh gaddoye!

  17. You know that’s some deep thoughts going on with Prancer right there.

  18. pictures you mopping the floor and raising moms feet as she concentrates on the PlayStation.

  19. Prancer’s face is crazy, lol.

  20. Flavor Flav and Prancer kiss.jpg

  21. I thought you liked Prancer. Why would you show her kissing Flav?

  22. Lol…I like the way her neck looks when she is kissing. Not many women have a neck as sexy as hers.

  23. Maybe it shows that she’s really into the kiss. I don’t know, I’m not really sure.

  24. This is why Myammee is not in Prancer’s class…posture, posture, posture!

    Prancer and Myammee

  25. You know what Enigmatic; you may be right; kissing is one of those things that you can do with any woman in my case; and any man in yours.
    Your eyes are closed so any ole leprechaun can give you the good teas.

  26. In my experience, a kiss can be good or bad but it also depends on how you really feel about the person inside. Kisses can sometimes be the indicator of how much passion is there. Maybe one bad kiss may be a fluke but more than one is a sign that you should really listen to.

  27. You know women tend to complain a lot about guy’s kissing skills; but how difficult is it to kiss.
    You just gotta be relaxed, hit the target and the girl’s feelings for you will release the kinetic energy.

    Can’t say I’ve been a rapist-kisser. My mind has always been on the bigger picture.
    But the way women tell it, guys try to get them pregnant with a kiss.

    I mean; there are times when gnashing of teeth has it’s place; but, that can’t be the norm..

  28. Some guys do kiss like that but I also don’t think a woman has the right to complain if they dont wanna teach the guy how to kiss. I know I can’t complain because I don’t consider myself to be an experienced kisser and it has been a long time since I kissed anybody. I do know that no good relationship can survive without communication but it’s a shame that people think that their mates can read minds.

  29. Epic Prancer face

    Prancer face

  30. I get you; but I am thinking I’d be a tad disappointed if a girl says, ‘uhhmn, ok, here’s how you have to kiss me…’

  31. Lmao….that’s my face when I get disgusted by something too.

  32. I see Aurelius has finally fixed his video recap. Excuse me for a few minutes, please.

  33. That’s your disgusted face, lol.
    Ha; that’s way too much information in a face, if you ask me.

  34. I gotta go cook now. I’ll be back in about an hour.

  35. Poor Megan…yup, it’s her. It doesn’t even look like she has genitalia in those pics. Just a molded, plastic suggestion of lady parts.

    She could do with 10-15 more pounds too. However, I still really like her. She’s funny as hell.

  36. Dying at the new definition of a bald vagina.

  37. Meaghan looks really thin like with her ribs and all.

    Now to the comments about bad kissing. Steupz, if a women was tryna teach a guy how to kiss it wouldn’t be a simple “do it like this” kinda thing. Bc I know if somebody pointed a flaw out to me like that I would be pissed. All you gots to do is show them how you like to be kissed. When kissing a lot of the time were just copying what the other person has done. So if you kiss him they way you like it, he will do the same back.

  38. Bad kissing is a deal breaker.

  39. yep its definitely megan, spot the flower tattoo above her ass…i wonder wots next for megan. i think she’d make a great pornstar, shes tried the rock chick thing already.

  40. Lets just say Meganlooks alot better with her cloths on.

  41. you who talk down on megan all suck, she is great,and looks great here and every where else ive seen her.