Megan Wants A Millionaire?
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A month ago,  perhaps, we received a picture of a woman who looks very much like Megan Hauserman, performing an act. A sexual act.

We dismissed it as a very good photo-shopped picture.
Well today another person sent me the picture and though I’m skeptical, this person provided a helluva lot more technical information that makes me wonder.

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  1. From looking at that picture I say it’s NOT Megan. Was that the only picture? Perhaps if we saw other poses…..

    1. So you don’t think it’s photoshopped?

      1. I think it is.


      1. Yeah she does, but it’s not her, lol.

    2. its her look at any pics of her she has to frickles on right side of cheek and a mole on front of neck check them out

  2. That mole on the neck that always irriated me about Megan is on this girl too…

  3. What kind of info could they have given you to make you believe it really is her? I still think it looks like her…and God knows she has been in the position enough LOL

    1. Just basic stuff like this picture had EXIF data which dates the picture as 2006. And he also mentioned he heard she has/had a copy in her Photobucket account.

  4. Where is the link to the other picture/post about Megan doing sex acts? I missed that one apparently.

    I mean, even if she is doing this stuff and had pictures taken, this stuff is just no big deal anymore. Not to me anyway. She can still be a trophy wife if this is her… which I have a feeling it just might be 😛

    1. Lol. It wasn’t a post. It was linked in the comments section for another post.
      It’s the same picture as then, but this one is larger. I forgot the site it came from.

      1. I would say from the shape of the nose, eyebrows, typical eyeshadow, moles, freckles, that girl is Megan. Whether or not it was photoshopped, who knows. But if it was photoshopped it was a damn good job and probably took some time… who even cares enough to spend that much time photoshopping to put Megan on blast? Just looks like a picture some guy took when Megan was going down on him.

      2. Exactly, maze.

        Honestly, you can’t photoshop a dick in some girls mouth like that.

      3. hahaha it’s called high school revenge and it can be done jess

      4. I mean, yeah, you can, but that is one hell of a fuckin’ shop if it is. (Which it isn’t.)

  5. And damn, that dick is almost the size of her face o_O

    1. hmmm maybe it is Brets? LMAO

      1. Lol, he ain’t that thick.

    2. If that is Megan… she’s lucky.

  6. Isn’t this act pretty much part of the duties of a “trophy wife”?

    1. She is hired!

    2. That’s what I’m sayin’ PBS…

  7. Is this Whiteboy?

    Lol, just kidding.

    1. He wished!

  8. Compare that pic to the one on the side of this site (Under “Trophy Wife”) and I think it just might be her.

  9. PS: When a photo goes into photoshop and such, it loses the EXIF data. So, if this pic has EXIF data, then it’s most definitely not a photoshop.

    1. That is good info. I think this is just Megan giving a blowjob and he took a picture of her. To me it is nothing new to have some picture out there of stuff like this… hell even when I was younger I did the shit too. Lol.

  10. What do you mean Chris Brown beat Rhianna up!!!

    1. Did I miss something????

      1. Oh he really did? OMG…


  12. I’m feeling too depressed to trash this bitch right now.

    1. Me too, EA.
      ROL Bus is making me die laughing, though.

    2. I caught it this morning and it only pissed me off so watching that again won’t make me feel better.

      1. You actually watched it? I’m shocked.

      2. Since football season is over there is absolutely nothing to watch on Sunday mornings.

  13. Brandi C.’s the one with the dick? I could swear Megan was the dude in that couple…

    1. DEAD!

  14. Just for giggles

    Clips of the Prez cussin’

    Click Here…

    1. DIES!

      1. Even better:

  15. i know im not retarded but wasnt there supposed to be some huge marriage scandal on ROLBus today and why does tool academy seem to get fake to me

  16. @ sharde,

    I just read on TMZ that Chris turned himself in to the LAPD but they refuse to identify the woman he attacked. How do you know is wss RiRi? This was posted 9:49 PM.

    The article did say RiRi’s rep said she was fine, but both have canceled their appearances at the Grammy tonight.

    1. by the time you read this, you’ll prolly already know lol. but she’s in cedars sinai with a bruised up face, they both cancelled their grammy appearances and, with all due respect, she’s a hot head who’s attached at his hip 24/7
      who else would it it, you know?

  17. @ sharde,

    I just read on TMZ that Chris turned himself in to the LAPD but they refuse to identify the woman he attacked. How do you know is was RiRi? This was posted 9:49 PM tonight.

    The article said RiRi’s rep said she was fine, but both have canceled their appearances at the Grammy Awards tonight.

  18. Why is my post showing twice?????

    Anyway, I just read on some other sites that RiRi is in the hospital with a black eye. Whether it’s true or not…who knows.

  19. Now you know that clip of the President cussing ain’t right. LOL.

  20. her face is bruised :( I hate Chris Brown now

    1. I know this is evil of me but I don’t care so here goes……::deep breath and exhales:: ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha that’s what that stupid ass, ugly, annoying, overrated, no talent bitch gets.

      I’m actually talking about Chris Brown but I really do think Rihanna is also a stupid ass, horribly dressed, overrated, annoying, no talent bitch too.

      1. Probably got something from Jay-Z

      2. Its not evil if its true! lol

        I agree 100%. Those two are so overrated and have no talent whatsoever. Chris Brown is only famous because preteen girls love girly-men for some reason; and Rihanna’s famous for making songs by stealing ideas from other sources.

      3. THAT IS SO TRUE

    2. That is really too bad. I like Rhianna i hope he didnt hit her.
      No man should ever hit a woman it isnt right.

  21. Well, if she gave him Herpes, she deserved to be beaten!

    Does Brett like black girls?
    1. He got rid of Dallas over some BS that was 100% Lacey’s fault. That could be sort of understood given the way Dallas looks.
    2. Natasha had the looks, was seemingly smarter/as smart as the other girls and was into him. She looked better without makeup (compared to Farrah, yikes) than she did with. He let Trashley talk stufff like she is a man. How many men are that petite? Prince? She looks womanly and she just has a deeper voice as many black folks do…haven’t we learned anything from Arsenio Hall? I am not going to sit here and cry over a tramp who would not even be in a pron film with me, but just curious.

    1. obviously no

      he just throws in a couple for a show

  22. FAKE. Not Megan.

    1. Hey Corey, do you have any idea if Brandi C will make a guest apperance on “Trophy Wife”?

      1. Yes. Brandi is in every episode, as Megan’s “Big Rick / Big John” etc type of role.

      2. Yesssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!! I love Brandi C!!!

        Looks like I’m gonna be watching for real, for real now!

      3. SO these two who-as will get their own show for being bimbo’s? I guess they needed the Trainwreck that is Brandi C to keep the show somewhat interesting as Megan is as entertining as a bowl of soup. I wonder what debauchery will go on.

      4. Brandi C makes good entertainment! Well, I think so anyway.

      5. I thought kind of more like A Sister Patterson role (though not as bitchy/controlling), but I guess that’s kind of like Big Jon/Rick.

        Also, I still stand by my original statement, I don’t think it’s Megan either.

  23. Oh, my sisters are heartbroken about the Chris Brown news. I’m not surprised. I heard Rhiana got a violent and cheating past.

  24. To be honest, I wanted a Brandi C and Megan show like Real Chance Of Love. I guess having Brandi C there every episode is better than nothing.

    1. It could be called “Real Chance at Gonnereah”!

  25. @ Darth H8ter,

    I brought this same subject up a while back and IMO he does not like black girls. Now, I know that is his choice…he can like whoever he wants….but why even have them on the show.

    I can understand not having any interaction with Raven and even Dallas but Natasha was a bit better looking and more “rock ‘n’ roll” than the previous two and he had little interaction with her on the show.

    I am surprised he even kissed her but it was definitely not the tongue in your mouth kisses that he has with the a lot of the other girls on the show.

  26. I think that Roxy was the prettiest black girl on all the rock of love shows combined.

    [where’s the pic, Sway?]
    perhaps it’s cause she looks more “natural” than the other girls, and on the show, she said something like her sisters watch the show and she’s not going to be hoe-ish.

  27. oh, i guess something was wrong with that link

    find another pic of Roxy!

    1. But Roxy was out there..definitely not ROL material. She was more artsy, from what I remember. She was more poetry jam type stuff. Natasha was every bit as Rock and Roll as most of these skanks. I am not one who finds a klansman in every corner, but his reasoning fro eliminating her was lame.

      1. I am pissed Natasha left. I think Bret just doesn’t like black girls, which is stupid. Natasha was my favorite. Farrah is just a fatter version of Heather and Ashley is just disgusting. Mindy should have went home.

        And all three of the new girls are gross.

  28. I was just looking at the gum commercial Chris Brown does. I am pretty sure he will be dropped from that.

    1. As of this morning he lost the commercials. I’m sure whatever else he was endorsing will fade away as well. No wants to deal with an alleged woman beater

  29. Forget Megan. Where is the man that can hold like that?

  30. Flavor Flav and Lil Wayne look like relatives I can only imagine what the air smelled with Flav & Weezy Stinking breath

  31. Video of Chris Borwn punching Rihanna

    LMAO. I think I’m gonna side with Rihanna on this one.

    1. LMFAO

      1. LOL

  32. CS3 press release I think Lala would be a great Dean… idk about Stryker, haha.

  33. what a dick!!! WOW!

  34. Funny clip CharoogAjam.

    1. Haha thanks.

  35. Where is this photo your talking about? I can’t find it.

  36. where can you find the link??