Mob Wives Season 2
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Mob Wives
One of the most annoying things I see on the Internet – besides fisting and pictures of Kelly Ripa’s stomach – is the question “Why do they call them hoes, ‘Basketball Wives’, nunna them hoes be married?”
Yet, for whatever reason (perhaps racial stereotyping), I don’t hear the same shit for Mob Wives.

One is ‘actively’ married, one has a husband in jail she wants to divorce, and the other two are daughters. That doesn’t seem that far away from the Basketball Wives or the L.A. Basketball Wives.
So let me warn you motherfuckers, don’t EVER, EVER, EVER, let me see you asking that shit again.

Don’t test me, you don’t know the shit I can do with a Hewlett Packard.

Ok, so yeah, Mob wife, two fat daughters and a crazy hoe Season 2 is returning January 1st 2012

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  1. These hoes ain’t married either….and you forgot the important part that hurts my whole entire soul.

    1. Speak on it, honey.

      1. The part about the fucking Mob Wives Chicago spinoff.

        I am devastated….Don’t those hoes know I’m already in my grumpy season. They tryna extend it.

      2. I saw that elsewhere. Was it in the VH1 link? Surely you did not expect my ass to read all those words?

      3. It was in the link and in the title of the link

      4. Hush, lol.

  2. So um….these 2 still want us to believe they’re not fucking?

    1. Damn, you don’t believe Evelyn and Ochocinco after a year but you so easily went down this path, lol.

      1. But how does a real celebrity pick a nobody up from the airport? That does not compute. Come on you know that makes no sense.

        Ochocinco might as well be dead to me. I just take the opportunity to laugh at all his failures for making me suffer through Ultimate Catch (I’m still mad about that).

    2. The first time I heard about Eva and Matt together I figured they just took a pic together with a couple of other people at an event and didn’t think anymore about it. Now I see where she’s picking him up at the airport….lol….yea they did the deed and I’m guessing more than a few times.

    3. I have and never will understand why short sexy girls typically try and go for ugly ogre overgrown looking basketball players. My foot looks better than 9/10 of these basketball players but yet they get a lot of ass simply because of the NBA. Well no NBA I hope these guys realize that they’re fugly and without the basketball title they aren’t shit.

  3. OT: I saw this info somewhere else and still didn’t want to believe Bravo would give Kim Z a spin-off so I went to the source:

    Even if it isn’t a complete series there is no way in the world I’m watching that crap!

    1. Well now that just makes today the worst day ever.

    2. Lord have mercy….I would support bullwrinkle (NeNe) BEFORE I support that blonde bimbo!

      1. Ha! I think Kim’s show will flop big time. Bravo shoulda gave NeNe her spin-off show first, but can’t tell ’em nothin’!

        Another “Girlfriends” montage:

      2. Used to love the hell out of Girlfriends! Toni made the show! After she left I stopped watching because it got boring.

        Yep Kim’s show is going to flop. I want Nene to do The Ultimate Merger! LOL!

      3. Me too. They coulda brought her back as a special guest star in multiple episodes

        IMO, Maya was the star of the show!

        NeNe in the Ultimate Merger? No, but she should have her own show either be reality-comedy or a talk show. I love NeNe — she makes everything funny!

        (Will, you heard that Demi gave Ashton the boot? Deuces, Kutcher!)

      4. I think it would truly be good tv watching Nene find a man.

        yeah I saw Demi kicked him to the curb. Kind of thought they would actually make it because in the beginning you never heard anything negative about either. Her girls even had a nick name for him “MOD” My other dad.

      5. Toni would have me rolling never getting Jabari’s name right.

      6. I know and then Toni would look around confused when somoene corrected her. Juwanna Mann and JuJu Bee were my favorites! She needed a spin-off show.

    3. I think it will only be a show about the events leading up to and including her wedding. Doesn’t sound like it’s going to be an ongoing show, at least not yet. I’m going to watch.

      1. No it’s just a special it’s not a compete series

  4. The reason these hoes aren’t hoes to everyone else is racial at all it’s because you always hear on (insert sport here) Wives they talk about money, fame, and always seem to hook up with another sports player hence HOE. But these chicks have hooked up with or are still with the mob who aren’t famous might have money so that’s why they aren’t considered hoes to the general public but anyone who loves the fame, money and etc., and thats the only reason they’re together that is a hoe to me.

    1. Defender of the racist profilers.

  5. Sons of anarchy fans: We need to talk. Damn last night went down truly crazy. Didn’t see the death of Kozik coming at all. And Wayne telling Opie who killed his dad? Wow! Gemma must have had him do that because she didn’t want Jax to kill Clay but he will anyway! And now Tig left? Clay should really feel all alone

  6. Fuck these stupid dumb bitches thinking their hard those bitches r nobody just cock sucking sluts that look like shit grandmas…..fuck all those bitches they should get raped wait nvm these bitches r so ugly no one will wanna touch them……fuck all these ugly bitches on mob wives

    1. I believe nothing from MTO..

      1. LOL…MTO is a joke. Don’t believe anything major they post unless you have seen it on other gossips sites and I haven’t seen this story on any other main gossip site yet so I don’t believe it.

        I’m surprised MTO has not been sued yet and/ or shut down.

      2. They haven’t been sued the same way the National Enquirer hasn’t been. It’s that whole “anonymous source” thing that saves their behind plus they are quick to retract something.

        But yep I’m like you, if I don’t see it on Bossip or TMZ or even Perez Hilton’s copy cat site (cuz you know he don’t do his own research, He copy and paste whatever someone else has written, but at least he checks the source), I don’t believe it.

  7. VH1 continues to dig there grave with these stupid ass spinoffs, not every show needs to branch off to make it’s own lil brand. Love and Hip Hop doesn’t need that. Mob Wives didn’t need it and BBW:LA was a stupid ass trainwreck but will probably be given a 2nd season and another city spinoff aswell. God help me if Baseball Wives does semi good and they start branching that off too..

    1. I still think Baseball Wives will flop only because it’s on a Wednesday and the show might be 5-6 episodes in before they could possibly move it to a better night (Sunday) and by then it might not be worth it.

      Not to mention the show is supposedly premiering in less than 2 weeks and it doesn’t even have a show page on VH1 (Yet T.I and Tiny’s show does).

  8. OT: Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are DONE! Ashton got punk’d big time (what goes around comes around)!