NeNe, Lil Kim’s Face And Shay Mitchell
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NeNe and Gregg

Money can really do wonders for you, justg look at NeNe (Real housewives of Atlanta, The New Normal). It can also mess you up if you’re not functioning mentally, look at Lil Kim below.

Shay Mitchell is gorgeous.

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    Some girls are not in the picture and 3 others already left.

  2. NVM after watching the youtube VIdeo, the girls on it are:
    (AMber B, Flo, GAbbi, Julie, Shannon, JUdi, Paula)

    1. I really hope next season they have representatives from seasons 1,2,5 and 6. I would love to see Cocktail, Jennavicia, Darlene, Lyric, Morgan, Cat, Kristen, Char, Ashley K and Lauren again

    2. I though Valentina was on there….I was gonna scream

      1. Valentina disappear from twitter on filming day …So I wouldn’t be surprised if she is on it.

        Jenn also dissapear around the same time, but she started to tweet today.

        There is more girls that are missing on that video Meghan, Erika, NAstasia, One of the twins.

  3. Shannon and Rocky quit the show, look at their twitters:( they are calling out oxygen

    1. Why did they quit? Do you know?

      1. It’s very long…But she said it is not a challenge it’s about hoes fighting 4 cheese Shannon kept referring to. I have no clue what she is talking about.

      2. It’s really weird, but Shannon left some dude in charge of her twitter while she was gone, and he’s still in control of it. So nothing’s official yet. He’s talking about a lot of speculation.

      3. The only girl that Natalie is out and the only new girl she is following from the cast on twitter is Judi.

        Rocky wrote that she is cool with the twins and Julie now. Shannon/Rocky are saying that production lied to them, that it wasn’t really a competition show. That girls fought for pitty reasons such as spilt milk. That the missions were ridge. PlusRocky dad die today.

        And Shannon quit too Rocky confirm it

  4. Bad Girls Club is too rachet and it is quickly becoming unbearable. I had no idea they tried to keep Nicole in the house against her will. Luckily her mom called the police and she was free. It makes me sick to my stomach how thirsty these producers are to get even a tiny bit of ratings. I’m definitely not watching any more seasons.

    1. Nicole is the biggest drama spoiled queen or at least that how she comes up on twitter. I had to unfollow her. She was always bitching and blaming people for something.

      But anyways that’s fuck up in production part.

      1. I strongly agree. She was a big drama queen and Oxygen should really take into consideration who they are accepting to be apart of their show. Because she wanted to leave so let the girl leave. But also she signed up for this so I can also see why they did not let her leave just yet. People really should read the fine print before they sign up for something (Nicole, Rocky, and Shannon). Reality TV is fucked up yes but it takes two to tango.

      2. Exactly!!!! She is always tweeting sh*t about oxygen.

        ”Oxygen told me to dye my hair blonde in order to be on the show, oxygen edit out that I said I was Puerto Rican, Oxygen didn’t let me out of the house, Oxygen put me a cheap hotel when I went to film the reunion…”

        Like Judi tweeted her once ”Stop! Being ungrateful and biting the hand that ”feed you at least one time. You knew what you were signing yourself into”

        Like come on b*tch oxygen didn’t put a gun on you head and make you dye your hair blonde. Plus, next time you sign into something read the contract it clearly stated the editors hae all the rights to edit you on the show and your background however they feel like it. It also says that you can get injured, have nervous breakdown, production can retain you even if you decide to leave ,etc. So it’s no one else fault just her, she was the one that dye her hair and sign a contract that stated every thing she is complaining about after filming the show. She sign it because she was thirsty for attention like every other reality ”star”

        That only thing I found messed up was that she said oxygen was trying to keep her against her will, if it really happened that way that’s messed up. But then again it’s coming from Nikki that tends to be dramatic and over exagarated situations.

    2. Nicole said the contract said you could leave whenever you want. Why the FUCK would someone sign some shit that says production could retain you against your fucking will? You ppl are crazy. Dramatic or not, no one should be put in that situation.

      THEY LIED period point blank. She explains everything in the interview with Mona. They wanted her to stay until her roommates came back to get a more dramatic exit.

      1. Sam. I understand how you feel I do. But I am just saying I followed her on twitter and like I said she signed up for it and she was complaining about the littlest things. She needs to read the fine print before signing up. I am sad that they made her look stupid when she left but I can’t feel sympathy for her like I would Rocky who had a old dude in her bed “sleeping” or god knows what.

  5. I at least hope they are featured on the show and Oxygen doesn’t try to edit them out cause Shannon and Rocky were what I was looking forward to other than the twins but Shanrock and the twins making up is perfect<3333333

    1. Shannon before she delete her twitter rant stated that most likely production get replacement for them.

  6. I’m sorry but I don’t see nothing in that pic of Nene that look good to me. She should have kept that greasy leg with the white toenail polish on her toes inside of her gown. Greg looks nice.

    Lil Kim looks crazy. She looks like one of those plastic dolls in a Chucky horror film where the dolls come to life and start killing people. SMH. She use to be really nice looking. I don’t understand why she went overboard with the plastic surgery on her face.

  7. I wonder if season 10 is doing what season 9 did bring back the girls that were kicked off and do the photoshoot on the last episode or if they are doing the official photoshoot. Last season the producers needed to do that since the last episodes were boring as hell.


  9. New info about bgc all star:
    1. It looks like Natalie is going back.
    2.Ray J is the host of the show.

    From Rocky Twitter:
    1. She got into it with Natalie and Flo.
    2. Meghan/Rocky don’t like each other.
    3. She is calling Flo a bully and Natalie fake.
    4. She made up with Jenn.
    5.She said that she love Judi.
    6. She wants one of the twins, Julie, Jenn or Judi to win.
    7. Jenn had her back when something happened.

    From Shannon twitter:
    1. She is friend with Meghan.
    2. Don’t like Flo and Natalie.

    From Meghan twitter:
    1. Friend with Shannon.
    2. People are saying that Erika bacvkstabbed her.
    3. She hates Natalie.

  10. So

    Rocky won the first challenge, a gladiator type challenge where you had to knock your opponent into the water.

    She nominated Mehgan/Natalie for elimination.

    After the production playing favorite with Natalie too many times, Rocky&Shannon got fed up and walked out.

    Mehgan has been eliminated.

    1. I don’t see why they like Natalie so much. I feel she’s old news and not as great compared to some of the better castmembers that have come up in recent seasons. And it sucks that Mehgan was eliminated so early cuz even tho I agree with ShanRock about the show should focus more on the competitions and less on the petty drama, i would have love to see Mehgan beat a bitch up.

  11. Damn

    I feel like watching the show would be old news now lol.

  12. Whos the host??

    1. I already wrote it:

      Ray J the one that had a sex tape with Kim kardashian , had a dating show on VH1 ”For the love of ray j” and Brandi brother.

  13. Ew thats lame. Tanisha woulda ben better. My dream hose is brandi glanville from rhobh

    1. I personally think Tanisha wasn’t a great option to host this.

      This may sound mean, but when have you seen a fat person host a challenge or competition show? Lol

  14. AWWWW…I give them another month or week to go at each others neck.

    1. O I forgot the twins were friends with Judi. I remember that photoshoot they did a long time ago.

  15. That pic of Lil Kim is photoshopped. She posted the real pic on her facebook page and she looks great.

    1. Yeah with Zuly. I follow both of them on instagram and they recently posted a picture of the mansion while they were in Miami and from what I heard the season is still filming.