April 2014 Television Premiere Dates

The Challenge Free Agents

Seems like a pretty average month in terms of premieres. I wouldn’t exactly call this a crop of filler shows but outside of maybe 1-2 shows we’re not looking at any blockbuster shows either. One thing of note though. I have recently seen 2 different premiere dates for Hollywood Exes (April 30th and May 7th). Since I’m not sure which one is the correct one I left Hollywood Exes off the list (If the premiere is May 7th it will be on next month’s list).

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Bad Girls All Star Battle 2 Reunion Part 1 Recap

Some of you might see the value of reunion shows but I sure as hell don’t. We all know I’m old as hell and I was around before there were such things as Twitter and Instagram and you didn’t know what these people were doing every day. Now that the option is available to us should we choose to use it (and I don’t) reunions are obsolete because these girls are just fighting over crap that they had 4+ months to fight about on the internet. :: Sighs ::

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Ratings: Swan Song


As one final season show ends (Single Ladies), another one begins (Drop Dead Diva). There’s also another show with the series finale coming up in a couple of weeks (Being Human). None put up particularly impressive numbers this week but it’s like that sometimes.

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Bad Girls All Star Battle 2 Finale Recap


Well we’re finally at the end of this season. I probably shouldn’t have bothered with a spoiler-free intro because it’s so late but whatever. I’m not spoiling anything (To be honest I wrote this before I even actually watched the episode).

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Ratings: Following Disaster

The Following

This week was judgment day of sorts for FOX and CBS shows. Of all the shows from these two networks on this list only Rake is still undecided (Actually it’s not really. FOX is going to cancel the show and the decision can come anytime between now and May because these ratings are low enough to get it pulled from the schedule). With most of the CW shows being decided on as well only NBC and ABC have the bulk of their renewals still left to announce.

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