Ratings: Blind Faith

Voice Judges

I’m almost glad I don’t have to do a recap tonight because those Bad Girls Club ratings are awful. Plus, I’m curious to see how some of these new broadcast shows do tonight even if I’m not going to watch any of those shows.

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Bad Girls Club: Back for More Episode 6 Recap


This show is really annoying and boring. How do y’all manage to pick favorites every season? I can’t do it.

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Ratings: Law of Averages


I’m not very inspired by these numbers this week. I’m also not all that interested in watching Bad Girls Club tonight but I’ll find a way to do the recap anyway.

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Ratings: Holiday Highs and Lows


A few shows took the holiday weekend off but most haven’t. The shows that didn’t take off appear to have had mixed results with some shows making impressive gains and other shows having tough weeks.

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Bad Girls Club Back for More Episode 5 Recap


I wanted to post this earlier but I kinda had no choice in the matter. Oh well. I also have to post the ratings tomorrow since everything got pushed back a day.

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