Ratings: Building an Empire


If you need any reason to figure out why people are going nuts over Empire just pay attention to the little orange demo number and then compare that to the 2 shows ranked above it in total viewers.

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Ahmad ‘Real’ Givens Dies at 33


I really really hate making posts like these but this is a terribly sad story and it deserves a mention.

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Ratings: Winners and Everybody Else


I’m not in the mood to be coy so I’ll just get to it. NBC renewed Celebrity Apprentice, Better Call Saul holds up for episode 3, Empire is still growing and I didn’t see any numbers for Match Made in Heaven.

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Ratings: Before the Beginning


This list seems like a mashup of everything. Some shows had good weeks, others had bad weeks and as always there’s a whole lot of average.

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Ratings: The Americans Love Football

The Americans

This is the week where I tend to just defer to using a picture from the Super Bowl because every year over the last several year it sets the record for being the highest rated US television program of all time. This year is no different but my personal disdain towards the Patriots won’t allow that to happen. So instead I decided to just go the route of taking a play on words and used a photo from The Americans.

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