November 2015 Television Premiere Dates


This list isn’t as long as the ones from September and October but it’s still long enough to be worth doing. I can’t say the same for next month because I doubt there will be more than 3 premieres (if that).

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Bad Girls Club: Back for More Reunion Part 1 Recap


I hate part 1 of these reunions. It’s nothing but filler and people being reunion thugs.

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Ratings: Class Dismissed

BGC14 Finale

So Bad Girls Club is having a really terrible season (the lowest rated since season 1). The tragic thing to recognize here when you see these numbers is that this is still Oxygen’s highest rated show. I know this show has regressed hard in the last 5 years but it says something when that network hasn’t found anything to take advantage of BGC falling on hard times. Also, it just so happens that BGC is at the bottom of the list this week. I could add a couple of lower rated shows if that will make anyone feel better.

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Bad Girls Club: Back for More Finale Recap


Thank goodness the finale is here.

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Ratings: New Territory


Leave it to Love & Hip Hop to take over a post that would otherwise be utilized to highlight Black Ink Crew. I have no idea what VH1 was thinking by airing their special at 7am when they should have just held it to 11pm like they said they would. At least the 11pm numbers are decent.

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