Bad Girls All Star Battle 2 Episode 9 Recap


At first I thought I wasn’t going to be well enough to do this recap tonight but I’m feeling better and it’s still quite early so I guess I have nothing better to do but write this recap.

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Ratings: Wicked March


March can be a kind month to a lot of shows (in the form of lots of renewals…like The Following and The Mindy Project) and March can be a brutal month to a lot of shows (lower ratings in almost all cases). This week there’s a little bit of both going on.

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VH1 Greenlights More Than 6 New Reality Shows for 2014


I’m not sure I would call this big news or anything but if you want to know the real reason why VH1 canceled Single Ladies then this post will tell you that it all comes down to money and space on the schedule. So VH1 has greenlit 6 new reality shows all due to air this year on top of several additional reality shows and a brand new scripted show and the Drumline movie that they have previously announced to air.

So in all of that why would I use a picture of K. Michelle? Well read on…

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Bad Girls All Star Battle 2 Episode 8 Recap


Is it bad that by next week I’ll forget how many girls are still on the show? I suppose it is. See when I watch this show I watch as I write the recap and when the recap is done I give no more thought to this show and I don’t watch it again. It’s either that or deep down I know it sucks that someone has to “win” when nobody deserves it. Oh well let me get to the recap.

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Ratings: Stick to the Script

Grimm S3

I could have chosen a picture from The Oscars but I didn’t want to. Primarily because I don’t really know who was nominated or who won and also because it’s something I don’t particularly care about. Perhaps my priorities lie elsewhere.

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