Ratings: Reclamation Project


This is the time of year VH1 looks forward to more than any other time. Love and Hip Hop Atlanta will always deliver good numbers but they also magnify how bad their lower rated shows are doing.

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Ratings: All Hail the Thrones


Is it bad that I still don’t know what Game of Thrones is about? I have no clue. I usually have some idea what most shows are about but not this one.

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Ratings: Flipping the Script


You can’t look at shows with low ratings for too long. If you do you, will start believing they aren’t too bad and that is never a good thing. You also tend to notice them more when the highest rated shows on the list have at or slightly above average numbers.

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Ratings: Bring the Bait


So this week features the finales for Pretty Little Liars, Love & Hip Hop and The Walking Dead and a VH1 show with that dreaded, scary 0.0 demo. Also, there aren’t enough shows for me to do a TV premieres list for April so just know that April features the returns for Game of Thrones, Veep (both April 12th), Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (April 20th) and The Real Housewives of NYC (April 7th). For a last minute note, The Americans got renewed today.

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Ratings: Loyalty to Some


Every fan and everyone who works on a show hopes that their show lives a long life, gets really popular and then gets to end on its own terms. Sometimes all of those things happen but the route from the beginning to the end is still less than ideal. Sometimes the show can get too big for its own good. Sometimes the show wears out its welcome sooner than expected. Sometimes the show gets dragged out longer than it should have. Sometimes when the end comes, another show takes away its shine. That is the nature of the TV business so I guess that means Empire will probably seriously jump the shark in season 2, kinda like how Glee did.

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