Bad Girls Club: Redemption Premiere Recap

I wanted to do this last night but I didn’t get a chance to do it so I’m getting around to it now.

As always Oxygen has to show us the lead-up to some big fight in the house. Personally I think they are pointless because all the fights pretty much blend together and it’s not like you can see anything because they edit far too much. But it’s there and we’ll get around to it in a few episodes.

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Ratings: Diminished Expectations

The Originals Cast

I’m sad my little 3 week break is over. Now I have to get myself ready to try to do that Bad Girls Club recap tonight. If you’re looking for numbers for the Making it to the Mansion special I’m sorry to say I can’t help you out with that. I looked up 3 places and came up with nothing but those specials never do all that well anyway.

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October 2014 Television Premiere Dates


I meant to do one of these last month but stuff came up and a severe lack of previews and trailers made things difficult so I decided not to bother with it. It’s a new month now so I’m going to make things right by posting a list now. As always, you all have an open invitation to suggest shows for me to add to the ratings list (and recap I guess).

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Ratings: Broadcast Boon


Most of the broadcast shows came in with a vengeance and as a result the cable numbers look pretty bad. I can’t recall a week where so many cable shows are under a million viewers and I’m missing quite a few shows that I know are also under a million viewers.

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Ratings: Competitive Choice


Last night was the start of the fall TV season and surprisingly there were no major shockers to witness. However VH1 did see a little bit of a decline but I’m not sure if it is because of the increased competition or if it is because people are turned off by Love & Hop Hop: Hollywood.

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