Bad Girls Club: Back for More Episode 2 Recap


Sitting here in the middle of a thunderstorm trying to see how fast I can finish this recap. Maybe this will be a boring, filler episode where I don’t have to say much.

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Ratings: Gasping for Oxygen


It is not looking good for Oxygen. It’s bad enough when the new shows struggle but when the one show they can depend on joins them? Recipe for disaster.

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Bad Girls Club: Back for More Premiere Recap


It feels like it’s been so long since I last did a recap. I guess 8 months is a pretty long time. I will say coming into this that I know minimal details about these girls and yet I feel as if I will find them annoying after 20 minutes. Let’s get to this.

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Ratings: Game On; Game Over


I wanted a picture of The Game. What I ended up with was a picture of the rapper The Game and not a picture from the show The Game. Oh well, at least this picture is relevant.

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Ratings: Road to Hollywood


I guess this is the time of year where the Atlanta based shows wind down and the Hollywood shows start back up.

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