Ratings: Seat Fillers


Basically the news of the week is that NBC finally came to their senses and canceled Hannibal. However, it seems like right now they want to try to air the remaining episodes for this season. That may change if those ratings drop any more.

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Ratings: Standing Taller


Leave it to Game of Thrones to partially set another record again on Sunday.

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Ratings: Sneaking Suspicion


I didn’t know this show was coming back last week but I guess at this point it doesn’t matter because this is the last season for The Game anyway.

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Ratings: Scratching the Surface


I haven’t been concentrating too hard on ratings lately. Stuff came up and I’ve had a project with a really tight deadline that I needed to finish (The project if you’re curious is another book). Luckily, it’s summer so these ratings lists are way shorter than normal.

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June 2015 Television Premiere Dates


I never got a chance of posting a list last month and I’m not sure there were enough shows worth posting anyway. There are quite a few shows coming this month with several premieres occurring this week.

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