VH1 Cancels Single Ladies


They say that any announcement made late on a Friday, especially on holiday weekends or the last day of the month is an announcement that was designed to hopefully not make much noise. However we live in a 24 hour news cycle and Friday afternoons on the last day of the month are boring so any announcement will turn into a big thing because it’s the only thing in the news. That’s what we have here today.

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The Americans Returns For Season 2

The Americans
It’s the way to watch television now, binge watching after the Season ends. And that’s what I did with The Americans. I had heard about it and my favourite critic loved it but the premise just seemed so silly to me… two KGB agents pose as a picket fence American couple to do whatever Soviet KGB did during the Cold War of the 1980′s. It’s more than that though.

So Season 2 returns and though I’d rather binge watch again, I can’t resist doing the old school week-by-week thing because it’s just too good. So FX tonight then.

Bad Girls All Star Battle 2 Episode 7 Recap


Better late than never I suppose but I won’t keep you from the recap any longer.

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Ratings: Real World Explodes


The title is pretty straightforward today. Real World is doing very well and it has come up a lot from the premiere 2 months ago. That plus the announced end of Being Human today (final episode airs April 7th) are about the only notable things going on with these ratings.

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Ratings: Witches of the West Coast


So I am just going to assume from here on out that guys being front and center is why both cities of Love & Hip Hop do so well and why those people don’t come back when Basketball Wives or Mob Wives is on.

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