Ratings: Witches of the West Coast


So I am just going to assume from here on out that guys being front and center is why both cities of Love & Hip Hop do so well and why those people don’t come back when Basketball Wives or Mob Wives is on.

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Bad Girls All Star Battle 2 Episode 6 Recap


Word on the street is this show is going on a two week break. I for one hope that’s true because I’m taking the next week to get a vacation and I won’t have any time to try to do this recap. I might not also get a chance to post next week’s ratings until next Wednesday but I’ll have to see how that goes. On to the recap.

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Ratings: Monster Highs


3 of the top 5 cable shows on the list this week hit series high ratings. If you come here often enough you should know which shows I’m referring to (Hint: The picture is not one of the shows I’m talking about).

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Bad Girls All Star Battle 2 Episode 5 Recap


Today’s spoiler free intro is sponsored by the weather which is kind enough to offer another free half foot of snow to Chicago. What does that have to do with the recap? Not a damn thing except force you to click to read it.

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Ratings: Super Burn

SuperBowl XLVIII

The ratings for the Super Bowl just goes to show you that…

1. The ratings for every other show this week are wildly boring in comparison.

2. This country is full of bandwagon fans or….

3. This country is full of sadists and people who take joy in seeing stuff get destroyed (For the record I cringed until that kickoff return for the TD after halftime. After that I just started laughing because there was no other appropriate action to display. Also I did not watch the halftime show. That is my time to put the TV on mute and walk away from the TV).

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