Bad Girls Club: Chicago Finale Recap


I wish I could be glad that this is the finale but I’m not since I’ve been exposed to the tragedy that is the Bad Girls Club reunion show and there is nothing to be excited for about that.

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Ratings: Atlanta Ties

Atlanta Exes

All these extra, mediocre spinoffs are beginning to make my head spin.  It’s like 2009 again with an older cast of characters.

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True Blood Season 7 Episode 9 Recap

Sorry I couldn’t do this last night. Quite a few things kept me from being able to spend too much time online yesterday. Anyway next week is the last episode for this show and the description doesn’t have me feeling too enthusiastic about it.

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Bad Girls Club: Chicago Episode 13 Recap


It’s so insanely obvious that these girls are really just stuck in the house and don’t get to go anywhere. If they were actually in the city they would probably be more inclined to visit downtown more often but clearly they aren’t so we’ve been stuck with non-stop yelling over the dumbest issues. Let’s get this over with.

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Ratings: On the Bubble


These ratings aren’t all that good this week. There are of course the shows that seem to get the same thing every week no matter what but quite a few of these shows did not have good weeks.

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