Ratings: Fix Them if They’re Broke


I’ll never get why people go on TV to air out their relationships. Maybe they need money, Maybe they want attention. Maybe they actually want to fix their relationships but don’t want to pay to see a real counselor. Whatever the reason is, WE and VH1 will probably keep doing shows like Couples Therapy and Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars because people will watch them.

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June 2014 Television Premiere Dates


Summer is almost here and there are a lot of returning shows. Seems like a pretty diverse selection here so there might be something to hold you over for the next couple of months.

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Ratings: Hot Holiday


I think I have mentioned how much I dislike holidays. Anyway this is a pretty short list with nothing truly notable going on this week.

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Bad Girls Club: Chicago Episode 3 Recap


For today’s spoiler free intro I’m going to use this time to say I’ll be posting ratings tomorrow. The holiday pushed everything back a day but I can say that last week’s episode was up from the premiere.

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Bad Girls Club: Chicago Episode 2 Recap


I’m sitting here in the middle of a thunderstorm listening to the hail and thinking it sucks to be the people still outside driving. Perhaps by the end of this recap I will change my mind and think it sucks to be me for sitting here and watching this show.

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