Ratings: Ride to the Top


This is a good week. I’m not missing any shows at all on this list though for some of these shows that is not necessarily a good thing.

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Baddest Bad Girls Club Season 12 Bad Girl Poll


Hello Bourgsters! It’s your boy Khy bringing you the annual Baddest Bad Girl poll. Well, if it can still be considered annual since I haven’t done a poll like this since season 8 or 9 I think. Anyway, we’ve FINALLY wrapped one boring ass summer of Bad Girls Club Chicago where 90% of the season felt like filler episodes and the girls personalities were as lifeless as a brick wall. Though while most may have found the season boring, some enjoyed it and applauded the fact the series attempted to go back it’s roots established in the first three seasons with the girls being there to truly work on their issues- an addition of a Life Coach and shifting focus on many of the girls families and friends highlighted this effort. Whether you thought this season was a hit or miss- I’m curious to know who do YOU think was the baddest and who was your favorite? I’ve included all 10 of this season’s Bad Girls and I decided to spice it up and add Diamond to it. I know Diamond is not apart of the cast but at the end of the day she was a major part of one of the biggest story lines this season, appeared in several episodes, and even got into one of the biggest brawls at the reunion. That alone makes her more relevant than the likes of Raesha.

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Bad Girls Club: Chicago Reunion Part 3 Recap


I’m looking forward to getting a month off from this show. I just can’t see why this really needed a 3 part reunion.

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Ratings: In Transit

LHHA3 Reunion

So we are in this backwards point in the year where although Candidly Nicole and Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta both aired their final episodes for the season only the former has officially been renewed. Strange.

Anyway since a boatload of new shows are about to start or return over the next month it would be very much appreciated if you let me know if I should add any new shows to this list.

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Ratings: Passive Events


I’m still missing the broadcast shows from Monday but it’s late enough and I don’t feel like waiting anymore. I will add them when I see them.

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