Ratings: Riding High


The unimpressive fight from last week did 3 things for Bad Girls Club: Chicago. Since I was too lazy to double-check the numbers last night I’ll do it right here.

1. Last week’s episode gave the show season-high ratings.

2. Last week’s episode got higher ratings than every episode of season 11 and every episode of season 10 except part 3 of the reunion.

3. Last week’s episode pulled the overall season 12 average high enough so that now the show has surpassed season 11 and has a chance to match or surpass season 10 by the end of the season.

You can check all that for yourself here.

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Bad Girls Club: Chicago Episode 9 Recap


As you can see there is no ratings post today. I’ll post those tomorrow when the Sunday and Monday numbers come out. In case you missed it in the comments, last week’s episode of this show received a season high 1.735 million viewers…yea makes no sense at all. Let’s get to this week’s episode.

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True Blood Season 7 Episode 3 Recap


I was actually dreading writing this recap today. I know why I was dreading it but my goodness I hope this isn’t another awful episode.

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Bad Girls Club: Chicago Episode 8 Recap


Ugh long day but I’m finally caught up with doing these posts.

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Ratings: Summer Stage


I’m not surprised with these numbers for the BET Awards. I just hate that pretty much everyone looked terrible and this was the best picture floating around.

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