Ratings: Dangerously Close


Quite a few shows were hovering at or near series low numbers this week. Since my memory is shot trying to pick out which ones specifically I’ll just say that specifically I’m talking about Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta (close to a series low but not quite) and Pretty Little Liars (My understanding is it’s a series low in total viewers but not the demo).

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True Blood Season 7 Episode 7 Recap


In my opinion this show has some very serious continuity and pacing issues this season. I know sometimes people see the finish line and stop paying attention to detail but it’s things like these that make feel as if doing this season was a necessity in the first place.

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Bad Girls Club: Chicago Episode 11 Recap


I really needed that 2 week break. I’m so over this show and I really can’t remember what happened last episode. Pretty sure it had to be a really boring episode for that to happen.

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Ratings: Hit the Ceiling


I watched an episode of Hit the Floor last week. To be honest the show kinda sucks. It looks like reality show with gloomier lighting. The acting isn’t great, the dialogue isn’t natural, there’s like 15 people on the cast, none of their storylines are compelling and the transitional music is too loud and long and seems to overcompensate for a lack of setting up a scene. Not my cup of tea. Meanwhile these Wednesday and Thursday shows are on life support. VH1 added a 5th show to the mix last week (though the finale is tomorrow) and these are the lowest ratings I’ve ever seen for a premiere on VH1.

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True Blood Season 7 Episode 6 Recap


It feels like it’s been such a long week that I’ve almost forgotten what happened last week. Or it could just mean that last week’s episode was pretty pointless and that’s why my memory outside of the last 5 minutes is foggy.

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