Bad Girls All Star Battle 2 Episode 4 Recap


Last week I had a cold so I was less vibrant than usual. This week I’m coming out from the deep freeze to do this recap (I hate the term Chiberia but it’s so cold here the streets are ashy. Can’t even get ice to stick on it). Who will stay cool enough to get through this episode? We shall see.

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Ratings: A Place For Everything

LHH4 Finale

Some shows are starting to settle in and hit their stride and a couple of shows on here are looking at the beginning of the end.

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Ratings: Fading Idol


Looks like a lot of these shows in their second and third weeks on have begun to take a step back. Some a little worse than others.

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Bad Girls All Star Battle 2 Episode 3 Recap


I’m still sick so I may rush through this recap and there probably won’t be very many side comments in it. In related news we all know that 100k isn’t a lot of money. It isn’t a lot of money at all .We know this but does Jenn or these other girls on these shows know this? Because seriously doing a WSHH video is played out (Video is boring as all get out but I suppose I should say NSFW just in case). Just remember that Oxygen is a dead-end job (just like being on VH1). Most of the people on these shows will have you believe otherwise but I’ve been here long enough to see what has become of a lot of these people and well not much surprises me anymore. Anyway on to the recap.

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Bad Girls All Star Battle 2 Episode 2 Recap


You all know by now that I deliver recaps without intentionally spoiling them in the intro and this recap for this show is going to be no different.

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