Ratings: To the Grave


So basically the entire internet is panning the True Blood finale and that is a completely accurate and fair assessment because I’m sure most people can come up with 5 alternative endings that would have been better than what aired. But this post is about ratings and the ratings for the finale were about as good as could have been expected given how pointless the season was.

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True Blood Series Finale Recap


So here it is. We’re at the very last episode of True Blood. I’m so glad because this whole season has been basically a throwaway season and it really could have stopped at episode 4 and it would have been a satisfactory enough ending.

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Bad Girls Club: Chicago Finale Recap


I wish I could be glad that this is the finale but I’m not since I’ve been exposed to the tragedy that is the Bad Girls Club reunion show and there is nothing to be excited for about that.

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Ratings: Atlanta Ties

Atlanta Exes

All these extra, mediocre spinoffs are beginning to make my head spin.  It’s like 2009 again with an older cast of characters.

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True Blood Season 7 Episode 9 Recap

Sorry I couldn’t do this last night. Quite a few things kept me from being able to spend too much time online yesterday. Anyway next week is the last episode for this show and the description doesn’t have me feeling too enthusiastic about it.

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