Ratings: The Holdovers


Stretching out a 22 episode season over an 8 month period is a broadcast network tactic so some of you might be surprised to learn that this is exactly what VH1 did this year with T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle.

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Bad Girls Club: Redemption Episode 9 Recap


As you all can see there’s no ratings post here today. Blame the holiday for all that because the last 2 days of info I need comes out tomorrow. Shall we move on to another episode of chicks being annoying while pretending to reform their lives? I guess we shall.

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December 2014 Television Premiere Dates

(L-R) Amina Buddafly, Tara, Peter Gunz

There aren’t 10 shows on this list but there are enough (mostly from VH1) because a lot of networks pass on premiering shows in December and I don’t blame them. All of the most important numbers for this part of the year should have been registered in October and early November.

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Bad Girls Club: Redemption Episode 8 Recap


I’m not feeling this show today. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have a lot of stuff to take care of so let’s just get through this.

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Ratings: The Anti-Redemption


I probably would have chosen a different topic but this was last minute and I’m having some issues that may or may not prevent me from doing that recap tonight. Basically a summary of these ratings is Bad Girls Club: Redemption went over a million viewers for only the third time this season and news coverage from Ferguson hurt a lot of shows that aired at or after 9pm last night.

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