Bad Girls Club: Redemption Episode 7 Recap


The irony of this show is that no one is really getting the opportunity to redeem themselves. Those who want to give themselves a better image probably did themselves a favor by either turning the show down or doing just enough to not get a call back from Oxygen in the first place. Oh yea, Oxygen is developing 4 more shows that nobody really wants to watch (Spending all this development money when they need to figure out how to get 600k viewers to watch something other than this show).

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Ratings: America’s Next Top Filler


I’m not surprised with The CW’s decision to renew America’s Next Top Model. The way it’s been used over the last 3 years isn’t a very good method but they could be doing a whole lot worse with it.

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Bad Girls Club: Redemption Episode 6 Recap


I know I’m so late with this recap but it’s here now.

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Ratings: Stating the Obvious


This time of year only 3 things matter in terms of the TV season.

1. What’s coming on or back in January.

2. What’s getting canceled after just premiering a few weeks ago.

3. The Walking Dead dominating everything.

As you can imagine those topics are boring or don’t have too much merit here so that’s why I decided to go with Real Housewives of Atlanta as the main topic for this ratings post.

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Bad Girls Club: Redemption Episode 5 Recap


I’m pretty bored with this show. It’s the exact same thing every episode with the same rehashed issues over and over again.

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