Ratings: Old Habits


Nothing much really going on over the last week. Everything basically went dead after last Wednesday so there are only 8 shows on the list and they are all cable shows (Also keep in mind that the Tuesday shows are all from last Tuesday, not last night. Those ratings may be out today but I will hold those until next week as always). Things will be back to normal beginning tomorrow but I don’t anticipate doing another ratings post until next Wednesday once all the delays sort themselves out for good.

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Bad Girls Club: Redemption Reunion Part 2 Recap


As always last week was 100% useless and I’m sure this week will just be more of the same with only more yelling.

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Ratings: Skeletons


So MTV decided to come up with some kind of twist to make last season more exciting and it worked but instead of trying the formula again this season just to see if last season wasn’t a fluke, they go with a brand new twist and so far it doesn’t look like it’s going to work. Anyway I may do a short post here next week but I don’t think there will be 10 shows to cover.

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Bad Girls Club: Redemption Reunion Part 1 Recap


I’m here but as you all know part 1 of these reunions is always the most useless part of the entire season.

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Ratings: Last Minute Rush


VH1 has premiered a ridiculously high amount of shows this month alone. Seems like a shame when 2 of them are already under a million viewers and one more has a very good chance of going under that mark tonight. Also some of you might note that extremely poor showing for the Bad Girls Club: Redemption finale. Blame most of that on VH1 actually putting something on Tuesday night last week.

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