September 2015 Television Premiere Dates

RAY J LHHH Season 2

So I can’t do any ratings tonight but there’s no reason why I can’t get this list up. Hopefully I’m not too tired to do the BGC recap.

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Bad Girls Club: Back for More Episode 3 Recap


The ratings for this show are trash and that is not a good thing. I don’t know what it means for the show because who knows what’s going on in the heads of the people at Oxygen but that is a discussion for another day. For now let’s get to this recap where I can be annoyed for an hour.

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Ratings: Fear the Walking Dead Again


Spinoffs typically never do as well as the original show. There are some exceptions. Fear the Walking Dead isn’t one of those exceptions but even this still managed to put up highly impressive ratings.

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Bad Girls Club: Back for More Episode 2 Recap


Sitting here in the middle of a thunderstorm trying to see how fast I can finish this recap. Maybe this will be a boring, filler episode where I don’t have to say much.

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Ratings: Gasping for Oxygen


It is not looking good for Oxygen. It’s bad enough when the new shows struggle but when the one show they can depend on joins them? Recipe for disaster.

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