Ratings: The Anti-Comeback


I was going to use a picture from Black Ink Crew but that show sucks for getting pictures and I don’t have the patience for that so Resurrection it is.

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Ratings: Final Act

Sorority Sisters

Let me break it down for you. The decision to cancel Sorority Sisters didn’t come last week. It came after episode 2. Airing 8 out of 10 episodes in a span of only 11 days instead of 8 weeks and then wiping your website of all references of the show immediately afterwards is the textbook definition of a TV show burnoff.

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Ratings: The Main Event


All of these shows and I had to add Empire because most of these other shows have normal or underwhelming ratings.

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Ratings: The Appetizer

Celebrity Apprentice

This is a longer list than last week but still shorter than the one that will go up next week.

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Bad Girls Club: Redemption Reunion Part 3 Recap


Thank goodness we have finally reached the end of this horribly boring and exceptionally irritating season. You all are quite aware that there is yet another season coming but we’ll get there when we get there. All that matters now is today. On an unrelated note I am not sure when the ratings for last week will be up. At the moment I only have numbers from the few straggling shows that aired last Tuesday. My estimation is that I may be able to post the rest tomorrow but the wait could possibly extend into early Thursday.

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