ABC 2014-2015 Schedule

American Crime

Things have been rocky over at ABC for years. What looked like a promising crop of much needed rookies 3 years ago now looks to be disappointing at best. Since then ABC has not gained much traction with their rookie shows (only renewing 3 this year) and their veterans continue to show their age. It appears to be the song that never ends. This schedule (much like NBC’s) is on the conservative side with very few changes and perhaps a temporary answer to one of their most troublesome timeslots.

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FOX 2014-2015 Schedule


This season was a disastrous season for FOX. Their comedies collapsed completely, they had to come to the realization that The X Factor was beyond the point of saving and they have also had to face the fact that the end is definitely near for American Idol as well. The Following was a disappointment in season 2 and all of the veterans had their own share of problems plaguing them. The only bright spot appeared to be Sleepy Hallow but fall seems so long ago and now is the time that FOX gets a chance to start over. In my estimating starting over is going to prove to be a major challenge for FOX next season.

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NBC 2014-2015 Schedule

State of Affairs - Season Pilot

The story at NBC has been the mess they have been in over the last 5 years. Since then they have found The Voice and everything is fixed right? Well not exactly. They are in a better position than they were in say 3 years ago but in typical NBC fashion, they were bogged down by a lot of early cancellations and their comedy situation got worse. For this new season it appears NBC isn’t going to try to go for the huge fall hit that most networks like to target. Their fall schedule appears to be a largely safe schedule with nothing really moving out of place. For them, all eyes will be on them for late fall and into early 2015 where they are looking to be more progressive in their scheduling.
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Ratings: A Game of Thrones


I would imagine most people who are a part of a top rated show within a particular network feel good about that distinction. For starters it offers job security. I wonder if that feeling is magnified when you’re apart of the top rated show on cable TV. At least HBO is getting all of their money’s worth with Game of Thrones.

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May 2014 Television Premiere Dates


I wish I had more to say today but I don’t. I’m sure a lot of you will find something that you’re interested in watching on here. I suppose I’ll be recapping Bad Girls Club but don’t count me in as a person who is excited to see it. I haven’t watched the trailer and I’m linking it below. That should show you how apathetic I am. Besides that I apologize for being on a bare minimum posting schedule. I’ve been swamped with work over the last month and this summer isn’t looking any less busy. I’ll make the time to make the posts I need to make here but otherwise it will be more of the same.

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