June 2015 Television Premiere Dates


I never got a chance of posting a list last month and I’m not sure there were enough shows worth posting anyway. There are quite a few shows coming this month with several premieres occurring this week.

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Ratings: Family Values


I probably could have chosen another show to focus on but this is summer. The lists will be pretty short until September and there won’t be much to talk about.

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Ratings: Franchise Tag


I wanted to do the whole 5 post thing about the upfronts last week but I wasn’t able to really do that and now the information is so saturated that I would just be repeating myself so I will just run down the relevant info (As in the shows I post numbers for here).

-There were not too many cancellations with only Revenge, Resurrection, The Following and The Mindy Project getting the axe (The Mindy Project was picked up by Hulu a few days ago so new episodes will be made and streamed there).

-There will be a third spinoff for the Chicago franchise on NBC (Chicago Med) and a third spinoff for the DC franchise on The CW (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow). Both shows are expected to premiere in 2016.

-Empire and How To Get Away with Murder will both return with shorter seasons (Empire at 18 episodes and I believe 15 again for How to Get Away with Murder).

-American Idol will have its 15th and final season next year.

-Currently, there are no plans to end Supernatural or The Vampire Diaries after next season and also, The Originals will join The Vampire Diaries on Thursday nights (Of the shows I cover here, no other shows on any network are set to move but the new season of 2 Broke Girls may not premiere until 2016).

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Ratings: Playoff Position

roseSo I’m still not able to add any pics or regular formatting (Forgive me. Dealing with an emergency situation of sorts). But I saw that comment from Massie so I did decide to add numbers for Cavaliers/Bulls Game 3. Now while I was personally unhappy with the outcomes of games 2 and 4, I didn’t pay attention to the numbers for game 2 and game 4 numbers are harder to find because the game aired on a Sunday afternoon on ABC. When I have time I’ll try to add those numbers for consistency (Post now updated).

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Ratings: Game of Thrones Still Strong

got505_103114_hs__dscv8z9oI don’t have much time to post today so no pretty formatting and I didn’t check for finales and reunions. I’ll clean that up when I have time. Also, there was no viewer info available for Revenge and Once Upon a Time. I will try to find that later too (Post now updated).

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