Bad Girls Club: Chicago Premiere Recap


Sadly I’m back for yet another season of Bad Girls Club recaps. Terrible yes but this season is in Chicago and I live in Chicago so there’s your fun fact that I will probably continue to repeat every week.

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CBS 2014-2015 Schedule

I think I said something like this last year but CBS is often seen as the beacon on stability. They have a very tight schedule and it is not often that major changes are made to it. Last year forced them into a position they have rarely been in where they had to deal with their rookie dramas being complete flops and all of their comedies (not including The Big Bang Theory) looking more vulnerable than ever. As a result they had no backups in reserve when the failures came rolling in early and they were left with glaring holes all season long. This year CBS has decided to go all-in with dramas while they are trimming the fat on their comedies. They are also beefing up their sports slate with a brief run of Thursday Night Football (Yes I had to use a photo of one of their current shows. CBS is very picky about their photos and I have no choice but to respect that).
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Ratings: Once We Stay Home


This week is like the equivalent of final exams and freshman orientation all rolled up into one. For you fans of Once Upon a Time, Resurrection, Nashville and Revenge, take solace in knowing that your show will be on at the same day and time next season. Scandal fans need to prepare themselves to be in front of the TV an hour earlier than usual. Next week the summer season officially begins and things will get very quiet and very boring for the broadcast networks.

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ABC 2014-2015 Schedule

American Crime

Things have been rocky over at ABC for years. What looked like a promising crop of much needed rookies 3 years ago now looks to be disappointing at best. Since then ABC has not gained much traction with their rookie shows (only renewing 3 this year) and their veterans continue to show their age. It appears to be the song that never ends. This schedule (much like NBC’s) is on the conservative side with very few changes and perhaps a temporary answer to one of their most troublesome timeslots.

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FOX 2014-2015 Schedule


This season was a disastrous season for FOX. Their comedies collapsed completely, they had to come to the realization that The X Factor was beyond the point of saving and they have also had to face the fact that the end is definitely near for American Idol as well. The Following was a disappointment in season 2 and all of the veterans had their own share of problems plaguing them. The only bright spot appeared to be Sleepy Hallow but fall seems so long ago and now is the time that FOX gets a chance to start over. In my estimating starting over is going to prove to be a major challenge for FOX next season.

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