Ratings: Looking for Light


I wanted to get a picture with a clear shot of more than 3 girls but we can’t always get what we want. The point I’m making here is that last week’s episode was a season high for the show so far but when you see the numbers you will realize that this show has seen far better days and it’s probably not a good omen for the rest of the season.

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November 2014 Television Premiere Dates

K. Michelle

There really aren’t too many premieres going on this month but it is November and a lot of networks will go down to skeleton schedules towards the end of the month anyway so you take what you can get.

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Bad Girls Club: Redemption Episode 4 Recap


Let’s get to this. Took me long enough just to get around to watching this show.

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Ratings: When the Dust Settles


This is that point in the season where networks try to keep spirits high even amidst a sea of flops and underperforming shows so if the holiday movies and specials start rolling around earlier than usual it’s because the network is giving up and turning their attention to January where they can start over.

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Bad Girls Club: Redemption Episode 3 Recap


I’m glad I got around to doing this recap early tonight. I didn’t want to have to bother with this in the morning.

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