Ratings: A Holiday Dynasty


Is there like a deficit of holiday cheer going around this year? I don’t understand. Why are there so many new specials?. More importantly, why are people watching them? It’s not like any of them will become instant classics (Not that we need anymore classics).

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Bad Girls Club: Chicago Cast Photos


From Left to Right: Aysia, Jonica, Jada, Loren, Alex, Britt and Alyssa

Ok :: sighs :: The Bad Girls Club: Chicago cast reveal is here. Yeah maybe some of you superfans already knew but none of y’all share that with me so here’s the official post. Upon first impressions I’m not impressed and it looks like a cheap ANTM shoot but at the same time it fits the theme of Chicago because everything here is disappointing and cheap looking (But not actually cheap. It’s expensive to live here). Oh yea Oxygen is vowing to make a few little changes to season 12. I don’t think they sound any good but they need something after that dreadful season 11.

Season 12 description, individual cast pics and cast bios (with Twitter links) below

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Bad Girls Club: Miami Reunion Part 2 Recap


The flu kept me from doing this last night. I think I feel better today.

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Ratings: New Blood; Old Style

Mob Wives 4

TV is a ‘what have you done for me lately’ business. If a show brings in good ratings you get the best timeslots, spinoffs galore, shiny promotional posters…everything. When your show isn’t doing that great the spinoff opportunities dry up, you get put on terrible nights, you’re on your own in terms of promotion and people like me are stuck trying to sift through low resolution pictures like this. Such is the case with Mob Wives.

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Ratings: Gone and Soon to Be Forgotten

BGC 11 Finale

I just did a Bad Girls Club recap yesterday. There is absolutely no point in devoting another extra photo to anyone’s faces when there’s till 2 more parts to go for that insanely pointless reunion show.

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