Ratings: Last Minute Rush


VH1 has premiered a ridiculously high amount of shows this month alone. Seems like a shame when 2 of them are already under a million viewers and one more has a very good chance of going under that mark tonight. Also some of you might note that extremely poor showing for the Bad Girls Club: Redemption finale. Blame most of that on VH1 actually putting something on Tuesday night last week.

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Bad Girls Club: Redemption Finale Recap


So this season went by really fast and I can’t say that was a bad thing. Looks like Oxygen pretty much threw this season together and then they realized they didn’t have much substance to fill the time with after they started sending all those girls home.

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Ratings: Return to Mediocrity


I’ll say this. Rarely do I do anything to these pictures I use for my posts. I really don’t have the time to sit here and make pics look better but I will say this picture is slightly retouched (Reason being that it was grainy as hell and I refused to use it in its original form).

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Ratings: The Holdovers


Stretching out a 22 episode season over an 8 month period is a broadcast network tactic so some of you might be surprised to learn that this is exactly what VH1 did this year with T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle.

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Bad Girls Club: Redemption Episode 9 Recap


As you all can see there’s no ratings post here today. Blame the holiday for all that because the last 2 days of info I need comes out tomorrow. Shall we move on to another episode of chicks being annoying while pretending to reform their lives? I guess we shall.

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