Ratings: One Step Closer


The Game is now one step closer to finally ending on its own terms. Last week was the season finale and the next season will be the last one for the show. I had to get that in because I haven’t seen any numbers for any of the lower rated Friday and Monday shows. There’s a possibility they come around eventually but I don’t know when.

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Ratings: How to Get Away Before Spring


I know ABC really would have liked to get more than 15 episodes out of How to Get Away with Murder this season but you can’t always have what you want and the same scenario may apply for next season too.

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March 2015 Television Premiere Dates

Teen Mom

I’m not sure I would consider this month to have something for everyone in terms of premieres and returns but there is a more diverse selection than last month. That might count for something.

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Ratings: Building an Empire


If you need any reason to figure out why people are going nuts over Empire just pay attention to the little orange demo number and then compare that to the 2 shows ranked above it in total viewers.

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Ahmad ‘Real’ Givens Dies at 33


I really really hate making posts like these but this is a terribly sad story and it deserves a mention.

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