Ratings: Hollywood Hustle


There’s too many lame LA/Hollywood based shows on this list. They are making these cable ratings look very boring in comparison. I guess that’s why people pay so much attention to The Walking Dead.

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Bad Girls Club: Redemption Episode 2 Recap


Well the site was down and I had absolutely no control over that. Back up now so better late than never with this recap.

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Ratings: Running with the Big Boys


The Flash came in huge. American Horror Story: Freak Show came in bigger but leave it to The Walking Dead to make all of your favorite shows look downright pathetic. I don’t get it. I should note that the total viewers for all of the Sunday and Monday broadcast shows are all preliminary numbers. The demos are all final but hopefully I see those final numbers by the time I get around to posting the Bad Girls Club recap either later tonight or tomorrow (Now updated with final viewer totals).

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Bad Girls Club: Redemption Premiere Recap

I wanted to do this last night but I didn’t get a chance to do it so I’m getting around to it now.

As always Oxygen has to show us the lead-up to some big fight in the house. Personally I think they are pointless because all the fights pretty much blend together and it’s not like you can see anything because they edit far too much. But it’s there and we’ll get around to it in a few episodes.

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Ratings: Diminished Expectations

The Originals Cast

I’m sad my little 3 week break is over. Now I have to get myself ready to try to do that Bad Girls Club recap tonight. If you’re looking for numbers for the Making it to the Mansion special I’m sorry to say I can’t help you out with that. I looked up 3 places and came up with nothing but those specials never do all that well anyway.

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