Ratings: The Challenge of a New Night


This isn’t a bad start for The Challenge but it could be better. At least the new night didn’t hurt the show too much.

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Ratings: Series of Events


In a week with 3 shows having series finales, Game of Thrones manages to steal the headlines not only from posting series high ratings but also for getting renewed for another 2 seasons. In other news, This Is Hot 97 is so dead. SMH.

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Bad Girls All Star Battle 2 Reunion Part 2 Recap


Well part 1 was useless as all get out. Nothing was learned, nothing was really revealed and nothing was really resolved. Will part 2 be any different? I highly doubt it.

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Ratings: Distant Fourth


It’s hard to choose against The Walking Dead when it gets over 15 million for the finale but since it’s not a season or series high in ratings and the show I am highlight can also be named The Walking Dead for a different reason I’m going to stick with my original choice and be done with it.

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April 2014 Television Premiere Dates

The Challenge Free Agents

Seems like a pretty average month in terms of premieres. I wouldn’t exactly call this a crop of filler shows but outside of maybe 1-2 shows we’re not looking at any blockbuster shows either. One thing of note though. I have recently seen 2 different premiere dates for Hollywood Exes (April 30th and May 7th). Since I’m not sure which one is the correct one I left Hollywood Exes off the list (If the premiere is May 7th it will be on next month’s list).

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