Plastic Surgery Aka Sandra Of Basketball Wives
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Basketball Wives' Sandra aka "Plastic Surgery"
You know what, if you’re gonna do ‘plastic surgery’ then do it right!
This chick is bad!

And yes I know y’all hated Basketball Wives but Sandra looks damn good, far more for a woman with a 10yr old son.
Balleralert has an interview if you’re interested; here’s an excerpt:

What reaction would you expect from a man’s wife after you told her “your husband doesn’t give a fuck about you”?

There was so much more to that conversation that was edited out, because it would have given away the fact that Jennifer & Eric’s marriage is a set up situation.
That’s why she’s dealing with everything and anything because she gets what she wants most out of it, & that’s the lifestyle (and the Chanel bags off course! LOL) And when this woman walks around on a high horse & with a stick so far up her ass that she’s convinced of her own false reality but has the nerve to defame & slander my name, she’s going to be told the truth & reality of it and as everybody has seen on the show, on cameras, from her own husband , HE DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT HER !!!!

But I’m sure its not news to her, and as long as her gold digging self is able to have the lifestyle & perks, she’s not going ANYWHERE no matter how disrespected she is in her face by her husband!!! Oh well, some people will sell their soul for some money.

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20 Responses to “Plastic Surgery Aka Sandra Of Basketball Wives”

  1. Just how much plastic surgery has this chick supposedly had?

    That’s a big contributing factor in assessing how how she really is.

    1. You don’t think that’s irrelevant, these days?
      If you look good, you look good.

      1. Nope, not when you consider the more work you’ve had, the more you have to do to maintain it.

        Also, it speaks to an inherent belief that oneself is somehow ‘not good enough’ and therefore needs “fixing;” ie, a poor sense of self esteem.

        And who wants to deal with that shit?

      2. So you wouldn’t take a bit of PS?
        A nip here a tuck there?

      3. Well, I’m not perfect, and while there are certain things about my appearance that could be improved, I’m not nearly unsatisfied enough to let someone take a scalpel to me.

        (Or to pay the exorbitant costs.)

        As the saying goes~ if ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

      4. Don’t forget the risks of surgeries going wrong.

      5. Oh or when surgeries go right but you still look fucked up like Heidi Montag.

      6. Exactamente!

        I guess I didn’t elaborate enough when I said I wouldn’t let anyone “take a scalpel to me;”

        I had images of Tara Reid’s boob & Michael Jackson’s lack of a nose running through my mind…

        And Heidi Montag? Please don’t even get me started…

  2. Even if she’s 100% accurate in her assessment of this other woman’s situation what’s it to her? She’s probably just jealous that she’s not set up in the same way.

    1. Yup. All those whores are exactly the same. Hence, why no one can really be bothered with this show.

      Oh and as far as plastic surgery goes,I am all for it. Whatever makes people happy. I wanted to get my best friend a boob-job as a present but that’s gonna have to wait.

    2. Nah. Sandra could give two shits about a retired baller like Eric Williams

      1. She’d still want some sort of baller though. She’s mad, she hasn’t suckered one into marriage yet.

      2. Regardless of that, who gives a fuck?

      3. Sandra seems to be very invested in all these issues.

    3. did you forget that the”wives” were the ones calling her out? i think if someone was jealous wouldnt they initiate the confrontation?

  3. I hope they add her to the cast next season, i dont see Gloria coming back and Sandra would be a great addition

  4. My chick bad my chick hood

    1. My chick do stuff that your chick wish she could…

  5. I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE’S SO GHETTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I dont like plastic surgery shes a homewrecker