Massie’s Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Finale
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pll-finale-girlsSitting quietly in an interrogation room, the girls are covered in dirt.
No surprise then when a dirtbag shows up… Detective Wilden! (Last seen blackmailing Hanna’s mom’s vagina on Season 1).

He questions them and reminds that homicide is a capital offense. (Here we go again)
(The episode is a series of flashbacks and flash-forwards)

The girls can’t reach Dr. Sullivan and fear the worst, but “A” sends Aria a picture of Dr. Sullivan holding up the latest addition of the town newspaper with the caption, “She is still alive.”

Not long after, the girls are standing around in Spencer’s living room with a box that says “Open or she dies.” Spencer says it was there when she got home.

pll-finale-jackieThey open it and find a ransom note… “You have until 7PM to save her. These are my demands.”
They also find dolls for each of them save for Emily. Each doll has a voice command.

Aria’s says “Make Jackie go away”. Inside the box there is evidence that she plagiarized her soon to be published work. (Does “A” have the entire town wired or part of the damn CIA?)

Hanna’s doll says “Stop the wedding” and Spencer’s says, “Keep Toby safe”

Aria’s task seems the easiest as she just waltzes into Jackie’s office and shows her the proof she has. “I think you need to leave Hollis”, she adds, before walking out (Huge sacrifice)

Unfortunately for Aria, Jackie is smarter than she could ever be, so she shows up at Aria’s house and threatens to expose their affair and demands Aria break up with Ezra. (You can tell Jackie is a bunny boiler type chick, you just don’t mess with that)

Spencer works out the only way to keep Toby safe is to break up with him, so she does just that.

Emily thought she was safe from A’s game but, on her way to Hanna’s father wedding, she discovers her doll… IN THE BACKSEAT OF HER CAR! (l am pretty sure I could walk into these girls’ house and fix myself a snack while they are in the next room and these bitches wouldn’t even notice)

pll-finale-emilyEmily’s doll says “I am taking you to her, go alone.”

Hanna does as she was forced to and stops the wedding by revealing – to Isobel – that her father slept with Ashley while he was in town. Soon after, “A” gives Hanna an address.

Meanwhile, Emily’s tampered navigation system leads her to a barn. As she enters to inspect a car that’s running, the door is shut behind her. The emission causes her to suffocate (This chick has no fight instincts, others would have broken the car window with their forearm or something. She could have even taken her dress off to protect her arm. Wtf) and as she loses consciousness, she visualizes Ali.

Emily asks ‘Ali’ who “A” is but Ali declines and warns, “two can only keep a secret if one of them is dead” (Twins?)

Emily regains consciousness and finds the girls standing around her. Emily thinks Alison isn’t dead.

They then find a shovel and coordinates, which they assume will lead them to Dr. Sullivan. However, after locating the spot, they soon find themselves surrounded by police.
Spencer realizes they have been set up. (I love how they realize everything AFTER the fact)

pll-finale-jenna-garrettBack at the precinct, and in the present, Jenna stops by to talk to Garrett and says she wishes she could see the faces on the “bitches” so she can further enjoy what they are doing to them.
Jenna then asks about Jason, and Garret tells her Jason now knows he did not kill Alison but has no idea they are the ones that wrote the note and are “getting away with it”.

He then hands Jenna Page 5 of Ali’s autopsy report and tells her to burn it when she gets home. Jenna adds, “she deserved to die like that”

Later, in the Interrogation Room, Detective Wilden tells the girls they always knew the weapon used to kill Ali was a shovel, the same shovel they were caught using. (And that proves what exactly? Seriously there are too many holes here to even continue discussing)

The Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Finale ends with Dr. Sullivan being handed an envelope by “A” having done everything asked of her. She is visibly disgusted and peeved at having to follow A’s orders.

(So basically the only concrete thing we got from this season is that the weapon used to kill Ali was a damn shovel. The writers want us to think Garret and Jenna killed Ali, when in fact they are hiding something else. Oh and “A” has “pretty eyes”. They shouldn’t have spoiled us with soooo much details)

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  1. Where has this patient been living all this time?

    1. Check your email.

      1. Matic how are you?

  2. “l am pretty sure I could walk into these girls’ house and fix myself a snack while they are in the next room and these bitches wouldn’t even notice”

    LMAO! Brilliant recap Massie!

    Sigh, we didn’t get any answers. And yeah, the writing is REALLY crappy. I mean the crappy writing used to be part of its charm, fun and campy, but now it is too distracting.

    Ok, why the hell does Emily have her navigation system on to find the church that the wedding is being held at? IT’S THE SAME SMALL CHURCH SHE’S BEEN AT A THOUSAND TIMES!

    It’s the same church that Ian was hung in, the same church Toby was caught at. I mean come on!

    And why the hell is the wedding being held in Rosewood in the first place? Isabelle lives in Baltimore and except for Hanna and her mom, Hanna’s dad has no family from or near Rosewood. His mother flew in from Oklahoma. Which leads me to ask why they even had the dinner party/gathering from the previous episode take place in Rosewood?

    God the writers just don’t think.

    The whole finale made NO sense AT ALL. The writers were just throwing shit on the page.

    1. You’re so right and it’s hard to know what part of the crazy writing we’re supposed to swallow as realistic and which are clues about A.

    2. Thanks hun, omg I was thinking the EXACT same thing. You must be a special kind of person to need directions to places you pass on a daily basis. I could understand if the wedding was NOT in town but since it was, it was a very WTF moment.

      The wedding being in Rosewood was ridiculous. The writers make it very clear that they don’t want viewers to think. Nothing ever really ties together and they don’t make an effort to even bother.

  3. Stupidity aside-

    Hanna is in deep shit. I mean her father probably won’t ever want anything to do with her. That’s some tough shit. Ouch.

    And to add even more flames to the fire she’s in big trouble with the Rosewood Pinheads, sorry, I mean police.

    I’m really curious to see what happens between Hanna and her dad in the future. Possibly the only thing that is keeping me curious.

  4. You would think they would have learned by now that ‘A’ is messing with them and even if they do what is said, shit will still hit the fan, so they might grow some balls and just do them. I think they just love screwing themselves though

  5. Not that any really want to see Joey naked, but here it is anyway

    1. Yeah that was a bit of a let down.

      There’s nothing at all sexy about him. I found the pics to be more “adorable” than anything.

      I want to cuddle with him, but that’s about it.

    2. There’s nothing worse in porn than flaccid dicks.

  6. I don’t know how old these pictures are but the blue hair is cracking me up.

  7. ^^ smh at the Basketball Hoes fight. But Laura Govan got SHOOK afterwards. When these reality people & people in general gonna learn? Same thing happened with Nunn Chin, Terri and Vanessa(College Hill), Jwoww, Aimee, etc. the ones who always tryna look tough end up gettin beat up.