Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 14
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Mona Pretty Little Liars Season 3
So Garrett is dead, Toby is an “A” and Byron is now a suspect in Alison’s murder as Pretty Little Liars Season 3 returns.
Mona is free too; released from Radley in the middle of the night she ends up in Hannah’s bedroom, naturally. (Forget releasing someone at night – that can happen – but shouldn’t you like, alert her victims/the local police that she is free/to be freed?)

Still, Mona didn’t break into Hanna’s house to kill he or anything, she just wants to talk. You see, Mona is being forced back into Rosewood High by her mother (I hope we see her, eventually.) and she is scared. Hanna is skeptical, particularly as Mona “spent the last two years majoring in torture”.

Emily Hanna and Spencer
Whereas there was no action with Mona between the sheets, between the streets Toby – the new evil eyed ‘A’ – is chasing a skateboarding third ‘A’, who turned out to be Lucas. (The writers have really fucked up the Lucas character. He’s like neither menacing nor creepy. What is he supposed to be?)

The next morning sees Mona return to school (Hilarious in itself, after the shit she did, which bitch, in real life would be so brave to taunt/stare at her?), Aria and Spencer falling out over the Byron/Alison link and discussions on the school’s fund-raising 10k. Ohh, and then there’s Meredith, Byron’s lover. Meredith is the girls’ sub teacher and she soon shows her authority when she confiscates Aria’s phone.

During the school day, Emily spies Mona seemingly issuing orders to the new school janitor – who’s actually Harold, the creepy guy from the Lost Woods Resort. (Of course, they tell no one.) After sneaking a look at his workstation, the girls eventually break in and find——- Alison’s diary. In it, they learn Alison was blackmailing Byron.

Alison Diary Pretty Little Liars
Stupidly, they remove just that page of evidence instead of taking the diary because they don’t want Harold to know they were there. (Makes no sense, but, whatever.)

It’s all for nowt because Harold catches them as they leave but, appears to let them go when Toby appears – and seems to terrify Harold.

An episode which promised a lot but didn’t deliver (No fault of Mon’s who was excellent as usual) ends with Meredith suffering minor burns after being lured into the storage room by ‘A’ and Byron discovering Aria knows a lot more than she is saying.

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  1. OT: That crazy chick Kenya has recorded a song and will be performing it Sunday night on WWHL. I heard it’s horrible but I’m not surprised

      Will-Lynn…She’s about to make history with this song. I haven’t hear it yet but she’s about to blow up ATL!

      1. she need to stop playing and get her butt to see a shrink ASAP! that chick is definetly in need of meds! She is one step away from standing on the corner talking to herself!

      2. LMAO!!! Stop Will-Lynn!! Your having me dying!!!

      3. Well…they say crazy knows crazy but Hell, I’m willing to accept mine! This chick is gone with the wind fabulous and crazier than a cat fighting a pit bull!

        I’m over the age 40 and don’t remember her and never seen any of her straight to DVD movies. Oh but she is part of history! Yeah well I got an A in American History, African American History and the History of California all while in college and the profs never mentioned her nor did my text booksSo Kenya have a few seats!

        Rant done…off to take my meds Lalalalala! LOL!

  2. She’s more talking than singing in it. I think it’s just for fun.

  3. I’ve seen episode 8 and 9 so it’s just last week’s to watch now.

  4. How all y’all doing? Happy belated Holidays to everyone! 2013 will be a great year. :)

    1. Happy New Year to you too

  5. For those who care, Dexter will begin season 8 much earlier than normal. It returns June 30th (still no official word from Showtime if it’s confirmed to be the final season).

    Homeland returns September 29th and it won’t be a 10pm show anymore either.

    1. I don’t know how 2feel bout that cus summer time is true blood. I’m torn. But excited 2see dex earlier and how this deb killing Maria gone play out.