Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 21
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Spencer Hastings PLL
Spencer, finally, has decided to tell the other Liars the truth… Toby is ‘A’, an ‘A’. Hanna couldn’t come, her mother killing a policeman was just that little bit more important. Emily thinks there has to be an explanation but Spencer snarls at her to face reality. (More on that later)

At the Marins, Ashley wants to call the hospital and a lawyer, but Hanna wants her to keep quiet. (Will they ever learn?)

aria door
The next day and Aria visits Ezra but finds him playing Daddy with his son, Malcolm. Malcolm and his mother, Maggie are staying with Ezra for a few days and she’s also looking for a job in Rosewood. Aria isn’t pleased but the baby comes with the daddy, so she has to deal.

Later, Aria is relegated to babysitter and Malcolm falls and injures himself.

Emily’s faith in Toby remains and she sets outs to find him after discovering his parking pass with his pseudonym E Lamb. (The pen name of the writer Charles ‘Elia‘ Lamb. Sounds like a name Ezra or Aria would use, maybe they are part of the A-Team too.)

mona spencer
At the Hastings, Spencer receives a wreath from ‘A’ with a note which reads, ‘Someone close to you will pay for your loose lips’

After another confrontation with Mona – in the coffee shop – Spencer figures out A’s next target is Emily. (As if the stare down wasn’t enough the letters ‘E’ and ‘M’ were a different colour on the wreath she received)

Emily ignores Spencer’s warning about ‘A’ and continues to search for Toby. At his house there are signs he hasn’t been around for a while but she meets a friend of his driving Toby’s truck.
Later she receives a text message from Toby, which states ‘Stop looking for me, I’ll meet you’. (Why do the A’s even try so hard, these girls are beyond stupid.)

The meeting place turns out to be Toby’s friend’s workshop. Before entering Emily sees the girl with the red coat but continues on. Inside, she talks to Toby’s friend and he’s rude, but Emily grows suspicious when he refers to her by name although she never told him.

Hanna and the police car
Hanna meanwhile returns home and hears a car horn in her garage. Investigating she discovers the police car with the video of her mother’s hit-and-run playing. She enlists Aria and they dump the car in a lake.
Spencer, decides to tail Mona and follows her to the woods where she comes across a body with a tattoo identical to Toby’s. Before she can look at the face, Mona yells ‘ He’s dead.’ and runs. Stupidly Spencer gives chase before checking whether the person is alive or not and if it is Toby.

Back at the workshop, Emily’s car is broken into and a note placed inside. The note reads ‘Toby is no more’.

The episode ends with Spencer found by the police and admitted to Radley… she has suffered a nervous breakdown.

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  1. This episode was all over the place and I’m starting to lose interest, Sigh.

  2. Yeah it’s gone from ponderous to racing. No complaints from me though. After two seasons things had gone too slowly.