Pumkin Engaged
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Pumkin is engaged... more proof that one is born every minute.jpg

Brooke Pumkin Thompson is engaged!
The foolywang lucky man is Evan Doty of San Diego and the shambles marriage is scheduled for April 18th, 2009.

I’ll leave the comments for you guys, but why does he look like the gay undertaker from ‘Six Feet Under’?


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  2. FIRST!!!

  3. You mean Michael C. Hall? Haha, I can kind of see it, but Michael is waaaaaaaaaaay better looking.

    Good for Pumpkin. I mean it. Whoever wants to marry her is kind of a dingbat, but maybe it’ll turn her shit around.

  4. Yeah… congratulations.

  5. the gay undertaker from ‘Six Feet Under LMFAO but congratulations anyway!

  6. What’s Up steups i been pretty busy i just brought a new house

  7. *yawn* NY was right, she needs a facelife -gasp!- ={ where’d that come from????

    Congrats anyway


  9. Congrats pimp…

    I guess this is the after-effects of Prop 8. Pumkin prolly had a girl lined up til last week.
    For all we know this dude might really be Ivana Doty.

  10. Olbermann on Prop 8 and same sex marriage

  11. LOL Steupz you beat me to it…I was just going to say, Pumpkin engaged? To a Man? LOL

    But really wasn’t she engaged to a female after FOL?

  12. Lol.. yeah but that soured ’cause she was allegedly cheating on her with other women… SMH.

  13. I give it two months

  14. DEAD!!!

  15. oh well i hope it lasts congrats pumkin

  16. She still cheats with women. Poor guy.

  17. If HotAir had said that I’d have ignored it… but I’mma take it serious now.

  18. Pumkin getting married? Wtf? I really don’t care but come on, Pumkin getting married is like Megan shouting in church, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AND IT WILL BE STUPID IF IT DID,lol.

  19. Hahahaha!

  20. And for all you white people out there when I say shouting I mean getting caught in the lord and dancing :)

  21. ::Drops to the floor::


  22. steups why don’t you cover the bad girls club? i’ll do the recap.

  23. Sure… when does it begin?

  24. December 2nd! Let me do the recaps

  25. No problem…
    I’ll look for info to hype it up before then.

  26. Cool! I just need to know how to get pics from the eps for the recaps, like you guys use for the VH1 recaps. Here’s the main site, it’ll be revamped with more news next week or so

  27. Sweet…don’t worry ’bout it.
    Just recap it, email it to me and I’ll format it with pics etc.

  28. BRB… gotta format ‘Matic’s post.


  29. cool cool.

  30. steups pumkin don’t really want to get marry to a man deep down in her heart she want to marry new york

    Pumkin and New York kiss.jpg
  31. Steupz actually listens to the far left MSNBC? WTF??? Are we living in Bizarro World? The Apocalypse? Armageddon? It just can’t be.

    Waaay-dah-minnnn-it. You must have simply posted a random news vid on Prop 8 you came across. Whew! Glad I figured that out. Thought I was going to see the seven headed beast.

  32. Khicago is gonna do the Bad Girls Club? Suhhhhhhweeeet!

  33. oooo can i recap g’s to gent 2, i like doin stuff like that… i basically added all the stuff on the real chance of love wikipedia page lol

  34. Khicago you need Reality TV Therapy son I’m something like you I’m a sex addict

  35. What the hell? It looks like she bamboozled the exorcist into marrying her.

  36. CL… he used to be my dude until he became a lefty.
    And yeah, I still prefer Courtney.

    Pumkin and Courtney.jpg
  37. Now; if only all lesbian couples looked like that!

    I’d shout in granny’s faces too to have them marry. And they could be my neighbors and have lesbian sex with the curtains drawn all day long.

  38. Yup Yup CL, I’m excited. Nvrthere, boy don’t steal my thunder lol.

  39. Enigmatic Anon enough is enough that just total disrespectful to the exorcist

  40. nah im not lol he already said you can do the bad girls club, i just wanted to do that show whenever it comes out

    i never watched the bad girls club, wat is it about

  41. Seven self proclaimed bad girls living in an L.A. mansion for four months as they try and change their ways.

    Here’s the trailer for LAST season


  42. Bad girls club rocks, u get girls punching, sticking food up their vaginas, peeing in sinks and sooo much more, there’s no way VH1 can EVER compare,lol.

  43. That dude looks scary. He was probably a virgin and when he met Pumkin (and probably slept with her on the first night because she’s a slut) he fell in love and asked her to marry him. Since Pumkin is such a desperate bitch and thinking that 1) she would be getting married before Megan, Brandi C and New York and she could brag about it 2) nobody else would probably ever ask her again and 3) she’s a big ass attention whore, she said yes. I think she better watch her back because that dude looks crazy.

  44. lol that show looks hella funny

  45. lol nvrthere, and the upcoming third season will be even crazier.

  46. congratulations to Pumkin. I guess now she’s done with reality tv and is ready to move on.

  47. Pumkin is still an ugly, old looking who-a (whore). Is this guy retarded? Who would place their tongue anywhere near any orifice on her body.

    He may be a “coverted” gay or a serial killer. If the latter, perhaps she wil be a victim and be removed from my TV forever.

  48. Pumkin will never be done with reality tv, are you kidding me?

  49. dam aurelius i wonder if Prancer still competing on i love money 2 or was she Eliminated I’m guessing she’s still competing because she have not been on myspace in a couple of weeks

  50. Who’d marry Pumpkin?

    Anyway, my girl Black is talkin’ bout how she might be in I love Money.


  51. Bubo…you’re becoming yourself again. You were ‘me’ for a while, lol; but you are better as ‘you’ the Hater.

  52. @mimi: I will forever be thankful to VH1 if they put Black on ILM2

    and pimp, I’m glad to see someone else is keeping the ILM2 discussion alive. I hope Prancer is still in the game. But then again Sinceer has blogged about recent stuff and I find it funny that she would leave so soon.

  53. I may morphing into bubothEhAter. with EA.

  54. Me too Aurelius! I love Black. I would do that girl raw! LOL. (by the way, I’m a female and it was nice reading that artical seeing dat she likes chicks too).

  55. first of all i don’t think that black is on i love money She Definitely don’t need the money and when do i love money 2 rap up or are they still taping aurelius

  56. Besides her being one of the hottest girls on VH1, I love the fact that Black is taking advantage of being on FOL to become more popular. Except I think she was a successful model or w/e before the show.

    and PIMP, I don’t think Megan needed the money either but it’s just a chance to be on TV.

    Yeah, they’re still filming. I’m gonna contact my source and ask them if they are gonna film during Thanksgiving or not. Cause that would be really weird.

  57. Black’s little interview pissed me off. I’m getting sick of all these aspiring actors and actresses that are take real reality lovers spots on these shows! I would love to have my Sinceer and KIKI on ILM2 but consider how randon the first season cast was I guess season 2’s cast will be random as well.

  58. Aurelius, who all do you know is on ILM2? How many people? still 17?

  59. aurelius and khicago did you here what black said they give me the name black they who i though flav Give Her that name

  60. i think thats who she was meaning pimpboy. And I don’t need reality therapy,lol.

  61. khi, I’m not sure the exact # of people. I’m sure it’ll be around 17, maybe a bit more or less.

  62. hmmmm, i’m kinda off my vh1 high right now. KIKI better be on, she more entertaining than big head Sinceer, yes, i’m turning on Sinceer,lol.

  63. khicago why are you surprise about black being a actresses she no better then hoopz and Delicious and i Keep On Telling You that them twins have there own show coming soon just be on a look out khicago and Aurelius

  64. Khi, I’m gonna be a little annoyed if they RCOL girls are on it. They’re just way to small on the food chain and i haven’t even see the whole season and don’t want to

  65. sigh the twins and their love show, omg, i now hate vh1. FUCK VH1, KIKI keeps me watching that dumb channel.

  66. Well aurelius by the time ILM2 air RCOL will have BEEN done. I say just get KIKI and BAYBAYBAY, thats it.

  67. hey Aurelius them Pistons Finally Find a Way to win With AI LOL

  68. KHi, I would be ok with RCOL girls being on ILM2 ONLYYYY if FOL3 girls were on the first season. I wanna see the FOL3 girls like Prancer to be the stars of ILM2, not RCOL.

    No one cares about that show. It’s one big joke. It’s almost as bad as That’s Amore. Chance and Real just wanna promote their group and try and prove to America they’re not on the DL.

  69. Chance and Real aren’t even doing a good job of not looking gay on the show.

  70. lol yea PIMP, I saw that. I think we just needed to get used to the transition.

    But the stupid Wings suck balls

  71. Aurelius There is one reason, and one reason only that i will watch i love money 2 and that is Prancer

  72. lol aurelius. RCOL does seem cheap as hell. And all the shit they doing we’ve seen before, we saw the whole “yo mamma thing” on FOL3. KIKI’s “i’m not here to make friends” rant is sooo old and it has been done by NY, Lacey, Sinceer and too many others to count. RCOL is the SAME show we have watched over and over.

  73. agreed PIMP, not only is she fineee, but she is the only girl from Detroit who actually still lives here unlike Hoopz the traitor lol

    khi, couldn’t have said it better. That’s why I don’t bother

  74. aurelius no doubt The only bad thing about Prancer she is Lacking breast you know me i need something to grab on and not just that ass of her’s so if ever see her aurelius tell her to get some implants

  75. on the new episode of rcol, when chance was on the phone why was that whole scene in like a widescreen format.. i felt like i was watchin a movie for a sec

  76. Plus, Prancer has a bad hair dye job (Ir may have been explained) and her damn Tootie roller skates. Perhaps I am dating myself. with the Facts of Life reference

  77. bubo i’m 18 and loved the facts of life. We need brand new versions of facts of life and a different world, kinda like 90210.

  78. Steupz — I second covering the Bad Girls Club. :) That would make this site rock 10x more.

    Bubo — You have NO FUCKING IDEA how much I just laughed at hoping Pumkin’s fiancee is a serial killer… and no idea how much I wish that to be true. Hah. Also, I still watch the Facts of Life… (I’m 18, too. Hah.)

    Aurelius – I agree with you saying that RCOL is almost as bad as That’s Amore. That’s Amore was so bad they didn’t even have a reunion, which is the best part of reality shows.

    Khicago — You couldn’t be more right about RCOL being the same show. I think VH1 knows that, too. They really need to stop this franchise. Not to mention, the only person that really deserved a spin-off “of love” show is NY. Plain and simple. I would hope for an ILNY3, but I hope she is smarter than that.

  79. Naw i know dat ILNY3 is on it’s way…………..why do u think she’s been MIA for awhile…………..i wouldnt b surprised if they did a low-key casting call for her show. and at least Sinceer was a real mean person, Kiki seems like it’s all for the cameras. Like she doesnt do all dat in real life and even when KO jumped at her she wuz a little bitch.

  80. Oh yeah there’s definitely something “off” about Pumkin’s man. You can always tell by the eyes.

  81. Pumkin’s man looks like he likes little boys and is gonna get caught by Chris Hansen one day.

  82. who…..the FUCK would touch that? Let alone fucking marry the trashy slob? Is that her cousin?

  83. I agree with all of the Pumkin hate and it’s completely justified, but as Chris Crocker said..


    I mean like, let her be happy and us be thankful she won’t be on TV anymore.. (hopefully.)

  84. You know, if you switched the hairstyles of the Pumkin and the guy, would you be able to tell the difference?

    They look related without being married. I didn’t think Pumkin would go down low to be incestuous, but I guess she did….

  85. LOL. Something about that guy really does look off. Really off.