Ratings: Fantasia For Real, Let’s Talk About Pep and Celebrity Rehab 3
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Pepa of VH1's 'Let's talk about Pep

Three more shows premiered on VH1 this past week. I won’t say if the results are surprising but maybe there is truth to my theory of VH1 Blog comments and what it means for ratings.

Fantasia For Real (Premiere): 2.302 million
Let’s Talk About Pep (Premiere): 1.939 million
For the Love of Ray J 2 (Ep 10): 1.677 million
Tough Love 2 (Ep 8): 1.337 million
Frank the Entertainer…In a Basement Affair (Ep 2): 1.220 million
Celebrity Rehab 3 (Premiere): 1.198 million
Secrets of Aspen (Ep 2): 0.612 million

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  1. Fantasia got the most views? whatever, Tough Love and Entertainer are probably the ONLY good shows besides bgc4

  2. Ahh, Secrets of Aspen is getting up there.

    1. Wishful thinking!

      1. Ha! Tasia and Pepa got more than CR3 and Aspen! I knew it!

        Hey, y’all, here’s Myammee in Piles & Keri Hilson’s new music video “Medicine”:

        It’s hot! Miss Keri, baby!

  3. fantasia though?! I mean seriously! Frank is the only show drawing my attetion!

    1. I think a lot of people are curious about Fantasia because she is a new face on VH1 and well known. I know the only reason I’m watching is because I want to know a little bit about her backround and struggles. I don’t listen to her music at all. Her ratings will probably go down quite a bit as the show goes on.

  4. What the hell 2Million views! Oh hell nah! And Let’s talk about Pep? almost 2million? Who watched this? Or is VH1 paying someone to up their ratings? I can’t believe Fantasia is close to ratings in with Jersey Shore! Vh1 is a place for washed up old celebrities trying to get their career back..
    Eddie Griffin(well he never had a career)
    Salt & Peppa
    Celebrity Rehab
    Celebrity Fit Club
    The T.O. Show
    The Hogans
    My Fair Brady
    Scott baio
    And Gotti’s Way

    Franks show and Tough Love were VERY entertaining this week Im glad to see them in the millions range..

    1. lol at Vh1 payin sum1 to up their ratings.

  5. Well there are people who watch Vh1, but aren’t interested in the of Love shows…………………..seems like you’re upset

    1. Basically that’s it. aince last April/May, all the love shows and it’s spinoffs have done about the same… averaging between 1.2 and 1.7 million viewers. The other shows have been all over the place with some doing really well, some doing ok and some doing not so well.

      1. Fantasia has a waay larger Fanbase than Frank………………

    2. Im very upset! Bring ILM and ROL back! haha

      1. Imma correct you….

        “Im very upset! Bring ILM and FOL back! haha

      2. How about just the originals ILNY FOL and ROL!

  6. Az far az Im concerned ALL of the showz on VH1 suck…Except for Celebrity Rehab.

  7. Wow. I can’t believe people watched Fantasia.

    1. lol. Shocked about Fanti too. Can’t wait 2 see next week’s numbers. Tough Love was awesome this week, can’t wait 2 see it what happens on Sunday.

    2. Broad please its best to stop hating and start believing.. Fantasia is here to stay and isn’t going anywhere.. ppl love her and she is super talented.. get that stick out your butt and get with the program.. Most of all, find a new job, hating is not your area of expertise

  8. monique was really amazing in “Precious” , you should give her honorable mention



    2. Thats true But I think Frank is actually trying this season(maybe) And Vh1 should just start popping out ILM’s instead of Love show

      1. AGREED with the ILM thing but Frank’s show is comical and not the least believable

      2. Oh you think its scripted? I think the Mandy thing was Real though

      3. Not so much scripted just feels like a joke; i watch cause im slightly addicted

      4. Frank and his mom and dad are funny to me and I know Frank is not looking looking for love just like all the rest of the “love hosts”…he wants a paycheck. Bottom line…that’s it.

        The fact that I really like Frank will keep me watching his show.

  10. OT for a sec:

    Did anyone happen to see Judge Joe Brown this morning? Dallas was in the audience.

    1. Danger went on a radio show today and said she was forced by VH1 to take back what she said about him being gay so she can get a show on VH1.

      “January 14, 2010. This whole Danger-Ray J drama is getting even MORE MESSY!!! Earlier in the week we reported to you that Danger from For The Love Of Ray J went on the radio, claiming that Ray J IS GAY!!!

      Then, less than a day later, Danger backtracked – by going on the radio again and APOLOGIZING to Ray J, and saying that he IS NOT GAY!!!

      Well now, for the THIRD time in less than a week, Danger is BACK ON the radio talking reckless. On the NexxLegacy BlogTalkRadio show, Danger suggested that she was FORCED by the people over at VH1 to apologize to Ray J, so that she could get a REALITY SHOW on the network.

      There’s always a power struggle, when you’re dealing with a strong woman. A man has to prove that he’s STRONGER than you . . . [But now] I am super straight.

      Me and Ray J had some personal issues. But I am super straight, I’m back on VH1.

      And as far as Ray J’s sexuality, here’s what Danger had to say:

      INTERVIEWER: So what about the Ray J thing, as far as the whole gay rumor?

      DANGER: He’s BI. Ray J is BI. I don’t know why it’s such a big deal. It’s not the 80s, it’s not the 90s, it’s 2010. A lot of people are bisexual, it’s not a big deal.

      INTERVIEWER: So for the record, in your opinion, he’s bisexual?

      DANGER: No, I know for A FACT he’s bisexual. I know his BOYFRIEND.”

      LOL..take this for what it’s worth guys.

      1. Danger is too crazy and attention starved to believe anything that comes out of her mouth. People should have stopped believing the shit she says when she lied about the first pregnancy story.

      2. I see a For the Love of ray j 3 with some guys now? haha

      3. So she had to apoligize to get a show but now that hse thinks she has the show she’s starting mess again? Hope she signed an iron clad contract.

  11. i think that Danger is making another stupid attempt at scraping up attention. So over her!

  12. Is anyone else shocked that For The Love of Ray J almost 2 million ratings? haha

    1. Not really because it’s been around that point for the last 3 weeks. If you saw how this season’s ratings are compared to last season’s you would know that season 2 still being under 2 million by episode 10 is a damn shame.

      1. I don’t really keep tract of ratings I thought that Ray J’s show would get less views than A Basement Affair though.

      2. I keep track of ratings. I have a massive list with all the love shows and over 30 (maybe closer to 40 now because I did just add25 shows to that list last night). I can link it if you want to see it and you will see that really the love shows have been in a pretty steady decline since ROL2.

      3. Hey do you mind sending me some My Email is LAneVthompson@yahoo.com I’m kind of interested in that stuff but I can’t ever find a website that keeps tract of Vh1 shows

      4. I don’t need to e-mail you because I’ve already posted them online. The ratings in magenta are the ones I just put up last night.


        Please try not to go on the main board because it is full of spam and I don’t think Steupz has gotten around to getting rid of it yet.

      5. IMO, the VH1 love shows went south because people were catching on how these shows were not real and scripted. Just like torn said, they were BS and people caught on and lost interest.

        If the love shows would have had a few winners who stayed together for a year or two or even got married, the love shows would still be going strong today.

        It’s so bad now the host is dropping his winner as soon as the show is over. They don’t even pretend to stay together anymore. LOL.

  13. Thanks Enigmatic Anon

  14. Pep and Fantasia will have dropped to at least 1.5M by the time they end their run. Entertainer will probably gain a little bit and Ray J will stay the same until the finale.

    51 Minds are fucking up their shows and you can see it in their ratings. They need to bring back one of their full-force shows. *COUGH ILM *COUGH.

    51 Minds are losing to the other production companies on VH1 for the first time in a while.

    1. From what I’ve noticed, with brand new shows, they usually start at a point and come up from there, especially after the 3rd episode. It’s rare that a brand new show continues to decline after the premiere unless viewers are completely turned off by the premise of it.

      The 51 Minds shows have a base (can’t say it’s stable because it declines with every cycle) of people who will watch it no matter what. Right now the base is between 1.2-1.5 million and after that, the only thing that can help it improve is novelty, access to a fickle demo who chooses to watch a show at their will, or a sustained entertaining show with a couple big moments to bring people throught the season.

      With this in mind, a new ILM really wouldn’t do better than how FTLORJ2 is doing now (really that’s being optimistic but whatever) because the show is not new, it only appeals to the base, it really doesn’t bring outside viewers to the show, and a weak cast or a cast that isn’t very diverse and a boring supertrailer would basically assure that it wouldn’t match the first 2 seasons (not that I believe a new season would match the first 2 seasons at this point anyway). Season 1 had the fact that it was new and season 2 had the diverse cast. Both had a mild amount of drama and both were mediocre given it’s competition and both had a larger 51 Minds base (about 2 million for both seasons because that’s basically what most of the other 51 Minds shows airing right before and after it were doing) at the time.

  15. Thanks for these, EA. It makes me feel better in my decision to explore other networks’ programming….

    1. I need to find new stuff to watch. I’m basically stuck on news and sports and when the news gets stuck on one story for more than 3 hours I get annoyed and feel lost because I don’t know what to change the channel to.

  16. Im watching the Entertainer, its ok I will continue to watch.
    Didnt watch Ray J.
    Will not watch Pep.
    Not Fantasia.
    No to Celeb Rehab.
    No to Aspen.
    No to Tough Love.

    I miss I love money!
    They should bring back the surreal life or something too.

  17. i hate fantasia i hope she signed a contract earning only 20 dollars per episode its possible since she can’t read ignorant family wants to spend all her money since they are use to the govt money they think it will just keep coming

    for the love of ray j 2 is not that bad so don’t know why the low ratings

  18. WOW. I am VERY surprised with Mantasia’s numbers..

  19. I guess the only VH1 shows with Black folk that do well are those starring ugly ass Black Folk. Flav, New York, Fantasia.

    They need to get Hoopz, Myamee or one of these Love of Ray J ladies a show.

    1. Both Hoopz and Myammee said they’re comin back. Hoopz said it on Twitter da other day(I posted it in the Kendra/Flo/Hair fire post)and Myammee also said on Twitter she got big things comin on VH1 soon.

  20. honestly the whole “of love” thang is getting sooooooooooooo lame….nobody watches dat shyt no more….REAL PPL IN DA REAL WORLD….cuz we all knw that its just bullshit, thats scripted….ray j is ok…but frank? gtfoh!

    1. totally agree

      I mean there is only 1 black chick on Entertainer and she aint even ghetto! What a travesty. hehe

  21. yeah but the shows are fun to watch and of all the people other than 12 pack, entertainer deserved his show…Flex would have been interesting as well, he provides great edits…but still, I think aspen needs to go, drew needs to give up celeb rehab and stick with sober house(and let them do more shows like teen mom, thats actually a GOOD show, sure its mtv, but just that style)

  22. Yall are jus hating of course Fantsia got alot of views because everybody love Fantasia all yall talkin bad bout Fantasia is trash and wont never do anything with your life at least she is tryin to make something for her and her family at least she aint selfish and keeping all the money to her self.

    Luv u Tasia !!!!!

  23. fantasia show is great its funny its real it has a little bit of drama and i dont know about yall but i see why she number one lol

  24. Let’s Talk About Pep all day.