Ratings: Swan Song
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As one final season show ends (Single Ladies), another one begins (Drop Dead Diva). There’s also another show with the series finale coming up in a couple of weeks (Being Human). None put up particularly impressive numbers this week but it’s like that sometimes.

March 18th-24th

Broadcast Shows:

Dancing with the Stars- 14.65 million (2.3)

The Voice (Tuesday)- 13.29 million (3.6)

The Voice (Monday)- 12.85 million (3.7)

American Idol- 9.83 million (2.2)

Resurrection- 9.51 million (2.5)

Scandal- 9.08 million (2.9)

American Idol (Thursday)- 8.41 million (2.0)

2 Broke Girls- 7.40 million (2.3)

Chicago Fire- 6.96 million (1.9)

Once Upon a Time- 6.91 million (2.1)

Chicago PD- 5.74 million (1.4)

Grimm- 5.71 million (1.5)

Revenge- 5.66 million (1.5)

Hell’s Kitchen- 5.34 million (1.8)

Believe- 5.13 million (1.2)

The Following- 4.07 million (1.4)

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland- 3.51 million (0.8)

Glee- 2.80 million (1.1)

Hannibal- 2.69 million (0.9)

Arrow- 2.42 million (0.8)

The Vampire Diaries- 2.28 million (1.1)

Rake- 1.90 million (0.5)

Supernatural- 1.86 million (0.9)

The Originals- 1.53 million (0.7)

Cable Shows:

The Walking Dead- 13.467 million (6.7)

Duck Dynasty- 4.711 million (1.9)

Real Housewives of Atlanta- 4.264 million (1.9)

Pretty Little Liars (Finale)- 3.116 million (1.3)

The Game- 2.744 million (1.4)

Basketball Wives: LA- 2.366 million (1.2)

Teen Wolf (Finale)- 2.255 million (0.9)

Bates Motel- 2.229 million (0.9)

Amish Mafia- 2.061 million (0.7)

Justified- 2.043 million (0.7)

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Reunion Part 2)- 1.963 million (0.9)

Single Ladies (Series Finale)- 1.948 million (1.0)

Teen Mom 2- 1.868 million (1.1)

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo- 1.862 million (0.8)

Dallas- 1.787 million (0.5)

Let’s Stay Together- 1.584 million (0.8)

Blood, Sweat and Heels (Reunion)- 1.560 million (0.7)

Ridiculousness- 1.519 million (0.7)

The Americans- 1.389 million (0.5)

Real World: Ex-Plosion- 1.329 million (0.8)

Real Housewives of NYC- 1.312 million (0.5)

Switched At Birth (Finale)- 1.300 million (0.6)

Drop Dead Diva (Episode 2)- 1.165 million (0.3)

Drop Dead Diva (Premiere)- 1.111 million (0.3)

Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory (Clip Show)- 1.052 million (0.5)

Bad Girls All Star Battle 2 (Finale)- 1.039 million (0.5)

Being Human- 966,000 (0.4)

Anger Management- 880,000 (0.4)

[Futon Critic, TVBTN]

7 Responses to “Ratings: Swan Song”

  1. I glad to see Believe is picking up a bit.

    Single Ladies was a fluff show but I enjoyed watching the show to see the clothes and the glamorous settings. LOL. The acting, by certain actors, was not that good but for VH1 it was a decent show. Sorry it was canceled.

    Didn’t know Drop Dead Dive had been canceled. Use to watch it a long time ago.

    Thanks EA.

  2. Lifetime has been weird with Drop Dead Diva for 2 seasons now. They canceled it after season 4, then 2 months later they went back on that decision and renewed it. Then they split season 5 in half and aired like the last 5-6 episodes during the fall when it has always been a summer show and now here we are 6 months later with the new season and they say this season is the last one for real.

    I still believe Single Ladies was canceled for money reasons. They ordered way too many new shows (some will go on Mondays) and they don’t have room for all of them especially ones that they can’t cut costs for. They can’t blame it on ratings because the ratings only started looking sorry when Basketball Wives: LA started (Despite that it currently stands it’s VH1’s highest rated show of the year but that won’t hold because it will get bumped by Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and all the shows that air all or part of their seasons after that show).

    Believe is borderline and that’s being generous. It absolutely cannot fall from here. Resurrection took a pretty big drop this week too but it’s still safe for now.

  3. I can’t believe how Honey Boo Boo used to pull 6 mill an episode and now it can barely hit 2 mill.

    1. Honey Boo Boo has never hit 6 million viewers. The highest it’s ever been was like 3.3-3.4 million. But I do think the show has peaked and it’s not going to be a really big show like Duck Dynasty (now that’s a show that has fallen off hard this season).

  4. Matic, is it true cbs is canceling the crazy ones?

    1. I would say its a pretty safe assumption to think it’s getting canceled however CBS still has 2 comedies left to air this season so the odds are against it getting renewed.

      CBS wants to pick up 2 new comedies for next season. That alone would signal the death knell for The Crazy Ones but they have a couple of wildcards that they will need to address (Particularly what they will do with Thursday nights from November-May and if Two and a Half Men is only going to have 13 episodes instead of 22-24) and because that’s the only comedy they haven’t renewed they may need 1 more comedy renewal to have something on the bench as backup.

      As it stands it almost doesn’t matter how the new comedies do because unless 1 is a major hit they are both getting canceled because it’s so late in the season and CBS has made their plans for next season known. If one is a major hit then The Crazy Ones is done and if they both flop then The Crazy Ones is still in the position it’s in now in which it’s closer to getting canceled than it is to getting renewed.

      1. What a shame. It’s a great show