Ratings: The Game is Not So Good
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The Game
6 weeks ago this show looked like a sure thing and while it’s still not doing bad by BET’s standards it’s not doing all that great either.

February 14-20

Broadcast Shows:

American Idol (Wednesday)- 18.89 million (6.1)

American Idol (Thursday)- 16.710 million (5.1)

The Voice- 16.04 million (6.4)

Two and a Half Men- 13.33 million (4.2)

2 Broke Girls- 11.37 million (4.0)

Once Upon a Time- 9.84 million (3.1)

Revenge- 7.69 million (2.4)

Celebrity Apprentice (Premiere)- 7.42 million (2.6)

Glee- 6.990 million (2.8)

The River- 4.960 million (1.7)

The Vampire Diaries- 2.900 million (1.4)

Supernatural- 1.74 million (0.8)

The Secret Circle- 1.710 million (0.7)

Cable Shows:

The Walking Dead- 6.890 million (3.6)

Jersey Shore 5- 5.354 million (2.9)

Teen Mom 2 (Finale)- 3.459 million (2.0)

Khloe & Lamar (Sunday Premiere)- 2.566 million (1.4)

Basketball Wives 4 (Premiere)- 2.544 million (1.5)

Pretty Little Liars- 2.539 million (1.0)

Real Housewives of Atlanta- 2.485 million (1.3)

The Game- 2.405 million (1.2)

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle- 2.326 million (1.3)

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes- 1.936 million (1.2)

Khloe & Lamar (Monday Episode)- 1.922 million (1.0)

Southland- 1.888 million (0.6)

Ice Loves Coco (Sunday Premiere)- 1.876 million (1.0)

Let’s Stay Together- 1.701 million (0.9)

Real Housewives of Orange County- 1.697 million (0.8)

Project Runway All Stars- 1.504 million (0.6)

Jersey Shore 5 (Aftershow)- 1.497 million (0.8)

Ice Loves Coco (Monday Episode)- 1.482 million (0.8)

Spartacus: Vengeance- 1.471 million (0.7)

Mob Wives 2- 1.463 million (0.8)

Switched at Birth- 1.457 million (0.6)

Being Human US- 1.427 million (0.6)

Bad Girls Club: Las Vegas- 1.397 million (0.7) (Updated List Here)

The Lying Game- 1.316 million (0.5)

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: The Lost Footage- 1.007 million (0.5)

Braxton Family Values- 991,000 (0.5)

VH1’s 100 Greatest Women in Music (Part 5)- 695,000 (0.3) (Part 1 is in last week’s post but to refresh your memories it got 443,000 and a 0.2)

Mob Wives: The Sit Down- 594,000 (0.3)

VH1’s 100 Greatest Women in Music (Part 3)- 423,000 (0.2)

VH1’s 100 Greatest Women in Music (Part 4)- 387,000 (0.2)

Skins UK- 367,000 (2.1 UK Share)

VH1’s 100 Greatest Women in Music (Part 2)- 310,000 (0.2)

VH1’s 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Special- 240,000 (0.1)

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75 Responses to “Ratings: The Game is Not So Good”

  1. these ratings are depressing (BGC) you would think with all these fights and etc the ratings would go up but i guess people are tiring of the bully and gang ups….ratings will prob get better once the twins leave maybe?? still doing better than season 7 so far right??

    1. this has nothing to do with anything..but who hosted the 1st season reunion of BGC?

      1. To answer your first question the season 8 average (1.413 million) is lower than season 7 (1.521 million) as a whole but higher than the first 5 episodes of season 7 (1.301 million).

        To answer your second question I think they started reunions with season 2 but someone else is better suited to answer that.

      2. Actually that season 8 average should be 1.412 million and since you brought it up I’m updating the list now. I’ll need a few minutes before I link it.

      3. It wasn’t really a reunion. Some psychologist/therapist guy talked to the girls about their issues. I don’t remember his name.

  2. I can’t tell if Real Housewives of Atlanta is doing good ratings wise or no but after watching this weeks episode it looks like this city has jumped the shark. After 3 (and a half) seasons they fabricate racism drama courtesy of Sheree.

    Kim might not have held one of those orphans and she may well be a closet racist. Believe me just because a white person is friends (or in this case ‘works’) with black people doesn’t mean they’re not racist. Hitler himself warned the Nazis about anti-semitism. He said “every German knows one good jew”.

    If I went to South Africa – or Detroit – for holidays I wouldn’t visit an orphanage. It’s probably not on most holidaymakers tourist’s map. Kandi and the rest of them looked so stupid to me. Why the hell don’t they go visit an orphange in Atlanta? Guess what? The kids there are black too.

    1. I know this season is doing worse than last season, might be doing worse than the season before last at this point too. Usually it starts coming up towards the end and while this one started well it dropped quickly.

  3. Yeah well if it carries on like this Bravo will be sweeping clean the cast like they did with the New Yorkers.

    Shame really. I like looking at Sheree.

    1. Bravo wants to be rid of Atlanta anyway. That’s why they hope Kandi’s show is a hit (doesn’t look like it will be if they are just now saying the show will premiere in 2 weeks).

      That wedding show they gave Kim is just a special, not a whole show and I assume that will air after the season is over.

      They also hope NeNe is serious about leaving so they can just do a sweep like New York (another show they want to kill but can’t because the ratings aren’t low enough to justify canceling it).

      It’s not very hard to see they favor New Jersey and Beverly Hills over all the rest.

      1. What’s the reasoning behind that EA? favoured shows and all. I remember years ago Martin Lawrence complaining that his network treated his show like shit despite the ratings generated. Also if Nene is talking about leaving then she’s full of shit. People who leave work hand in their resignation and that’s it.

      2. It’s more about who they can have as “the face of the franchise”. The people that the media and the public think about when hearing about that show. Beverly Hills fits their ideal target image (rich, glamourous…whatever) as does New Jersey (that family angle).

        Simply put Atlanta does not (1 because they are black and 2 because from what I read here most of them don’t work). New York doesn’t either because even though it has be big city focus from what I gather most of them are plain and don’t fit their stereotype of what Lower Manhattan Socialites should be. So the plan is just to keep watering down and changing the cast until they either get the chicks they want or people get bored and they have a reason to end the show.

      3. Did Bravo back out of making Kandi’s spinoff a show and change it into a “Special”?


        Nene isn’t going anywhere until something bigger and better comes along. She is probably hoping her 2 apperances on Glee get her into other tv shows or Movies. I bet she already has a call into Tyler Perry.

      4. Now that I look at old press releases it looks like Kandi’s show was always supposed to be a special.

        In that second press release they say Kim’s thing is supposed to be a show but I haven’t heard anything new about that to confirm if that too is a special or if it’s really a show.


      5. Could you answer this for me Will-Lynn (or anyone who watches RHOA). What exactly did Bravo advertise to air this Sunday? Most shows are taking off for the Oscars but Bravo seems to be designating a RHOA special Kim and Kroy episode. It’s not a rerun but it’s not designated as a regular episode either so is that the wedding episode or another random filler clip show type episode?

      6. I believe it’s suppose dto be just a regular episode but mopstly featuring Kroy and Kim since the last few haven’t had them at all. They mentioned Kim confronting Kandi about calling her racist but mostly stuff about Kroy getting ready to ask Kim to marry him.

      7. Ok I see what they did then. It’s a regular episode that they designated as a special (when networks do that it means they expect lower ratings because of the circumstances surrounding the day it’s on but it won’t count in the season average).

        They usually do this for shows airing around the holidays. This Sunday is the Oscars and instead of just skipping a week like most other networks they threw in a regular episode that they could tag as a special.

      8. Didn’t NeNe make a guest appearance on The Game?

      9. NeNe is going to be on more episodes of Glee, I think, so she’s already turning that into somethin’. Sheree must hate that chick even more. I thought she was the “actress” in that group of women?

      10. I like NeNe on Glee. She read Sue into the ground during her second appearance lol. The writers are giving her great insults.

      11. OMG, have you seen the newest episode of Glee?

      12. Yeah. Didn’t care for it. I take it you liked it?

      13. I know Nene hasn’t dissapointed yet! And she’s actually funny!!

  4. *waits patiently for TLG* I never understood why those ratings come in last

    1. I just added them (not so good this week).

      The only other thing I know for sure that I’m missing is that Mob Wives Sit Down but I’m pretty sure that didn’t do too well. Outside of Mondays the rest of VH1’s ratings are absolutely horrible and that stuff on here this week is really slightly better than how reruns of all these shows they got on now do.

  5. UGHHH, just noticed BBW was back.

  6. Next week’s list should be shorter. A lot of shows are on break this week (Glee is not coming back until April though)

  7. Can yall please please start adding ratings for 2 Broke Girls, its such a good show and I’m soo curious what the ratings could be.

    1. 2 Broke Girls has good ratings. It’s going to get a season 2. Since I’m doing one last update I’ll put it in the main post but Monday’s episode got 11.37 million viewers and a 4.0 in the 18-49 demo.

  8. Battle of the exes looks good tonight the little Brazilian is having a melt down treating Johnny to killed him and throw in a chair and then going psychotic walking to the mall like it was nothing

    1. I was waiting for something like this to happen. I friggin hate Johnny. I’ve hated him since I’ve seen his big ugly face on the Challenge and especially The Island. He was the absolute worst always having his head up Kenny’s ass.

      And I must say he is probably the biggest comeback in challenge history. CT emasculated him during cutthroat and now suddenly he’s unstoppable? I just hope Camilla ruins this for him somehow. We all know by now if your partner goes, you go with them.

  9. My network favorites….Two and a Half Men, 2 Broke Girls and Revenge are still going strong. Don’t feel like watching CA this season, at least not yet.

    Really, really want to watch The River but can’t take the chance of the network jerking the show around like they did V.

    My cable favorites…RHWO…OC, ATL are doing OK. The Braxtons are low but I hope they don’t cancel them.

    Not watching BW,Ice Loves Coco or anything that has to do with the Kardashians.

    EA, can you tell me the ratings for The Big Bang Theory. Don’t need to know every week just for this week or next week. I love this show and very curiousto know where it stands in the ratings. It’s nerdy but it’s a funny as hell nerdy show, at least to me. Thanks.

    1. Braxtons are not going to get cancelled. This season’s ratings are higher than season 1 (by at least 300k viewers from the little bit I did see from season 1).

      The River is only going to get this one season. It’s ratings are bad but not bad enough for ABC to pull it off the schedule before it ends.

      The Big Bang Theory is an absolute beast in new episodes and in syndication. That show isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Last Thursday’s new episode got 15.650 million and a 5.1 in the demo (demo tied American Idol on Thursday)

      1. Glad the Braxtons are staying. They are all funny in their own way, even Tamar, but she never stops talking. lol

        Don’t feel bad about passing on The River.

        I knew the Big Bang Theory was doing good but didn’t know it was doing that good. Chuck Lorre has another monster hit. The idiosyncrasies(sp)of each main male character as they funcltion in the “normal” world have me rolling. Each character play their part to a “T”.

        This show is also in syndication on the regular network AND the cable network. Big, big money coming in. Thanks EA.

  10. Has anyone her Rihanna and Chris Brown song?


    1. That song was fucking nice!!

      1. Badd to the bone!

        J, have you seen the “Psychotic” video?!
        (Where you at?!)

      2. LMAO!!! This is PURE GOLD!!
        http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lz5ia86DVz1qdeocv.gif Mama Jones is a bad girl!!!!LMAO!

  11. I can’t believe BBW is doing better than RHOA. lol

    1. Yet I haven’t heard anything about it in the general media.

  12. ABC has a new series that will begin airing on March 15th called “Missing” and it stars the awesome Ashley Judd as an ex-CIA agent trying to find her abducted son. It looks great but I worry that it won’t do good ratings wise. I really wish it would have been a movie instead, that or a miniseries.

    1. I don’t think that show is gonna do that well. That’s one of ABC’s big deathslots (Thursday 8pm). They been trying to make something happen (flash Forward, My Generation and Charlie’s Angels come to mind) there for at least the last 3 seasons and everything except Wipeout (and they’ve been using that as flop filler way too much) has failed miserably.

      1. And even if it was successful I fail to see how it could live past the first season story wise. Watching her trying to find her son for six seasons doesn’t sound like a good time. Should’ve been a miniseries.

  13. I thought it was one of the better episodes and a good way to end it. I like the songs they used to.

  14. EA whatever happened to Fantasia’s show? That’s cancelled?

    1. Season 2 had bad ratings. That plus there wasn’t any way for them to spin her personal life (as in having a baby by that dude) to make it sound good.

      1. Did cancelling the show also have something to do with her suicide attempt?

      2. No because the suicide attempt happened while the were filming season 2 and it was my understanding that they included the events dealing with that on the show.

  15. https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/420550_10150573533551497_104818966496_9299187_682707030_n.jpg

    that picture was on cha cha’s Facebook and it called her a ghetto flight attendant…. -_-

  16. Dam the lying games ratings are terrible ! The show is not that bad yea its slow but still ? And southland yikes ratings wise i dont think it will be canceled though after this season . Im suprised that Switch at birth is that low i love that show its much better than the Pretty little liers or the lying game !

  17. Fianlly!!!

    The truth about what happened at Whitney’s funeral. Bobby’s attorney comes forward and issues a statement on what actually happened:

    We had a number of discussions prior to the service and a very clear understanding as to exactly what was supposed to take place. Bobby was always invited to sit with the family at the outset. This was a very full, packed congregation…and there literally wasn’t a seat available. So this was not about anything other than practical space considerations.

    When [he invited his children to his pew], security discreetly, politely, respectfully said, ‘Bobby you’re welcome to stay here but we need to ask the three children to go sit with their uncle given space limitations.’ That was the deal and there shouldn’t have been any problem at that point. But for whatever reason, he took offense at that.

    For whatever reason he decided he just wanted to leave the service. So he got his three children, went up and kissed the casket, and they walked out of the service. It had to be a difficult time for him. None of us exercise our best judgment when we’re under that kind of emotional strain. So I certainly don’t stand in judgment of him.

    1. Love that Whitney avatar, Will.

      And can you believe this shit?

      All I can say “Good for Bobby.” Cissy knew damn well she gon’ lose
      her grandbaby if she don’t get the proper help.

      1. It’s just a matter of time before that child either reaches out for help or self destructs. From what I’ve been reading this morning Bobbi Kristina isn’t talking to any of her family. she has returned to Atlanta and won’t talk to her dad or Grandmother.

      2. Thanks for the comment about the Avi. I had it on awhile ago but felt it needed to come back since she’s the topic of a lot of conversations all over the web. The latest debate is about the National Enquerer’s pic of her in casket. Some are saying tasteless but the NE is famous for doing that. They started that in teh late 70’s with Elvis’ death and since then has had every celeb who died if they could get a hold of a picture. Someone in Whitney’s family sold that pic because it was taken with a cell phone and only the family was allowed to view the body. they also claim Bobby is shopping around a tell- all book but I honestly don’t think that’s true. But I do believe one will pop up before the year is out, just not from Bobby.

      3. I don’t read those fake mags. I just read what’s on the Web and from the source itself. But you’re right about one thing — Bobbi Kristina need to get it together or she will be a ticking bomb waiting to explode.

        Every time I hear “I Will Always Love You,” I cry, knowing Whitney will be the queen of pop and R&B. So sad!
        What’s your favorite Whitney song, Will? Mine will be “My Love Is Your Love.”

      4. My favorite song is Heartbreak Hotel but my favorite video is I’m your baby tonight.

      5. I guess blood ain’t thicker than water after all.

        Also I think it was damn selfish for the security to let Bobby go. He had every right to attend! That just stupid right there.

      6. He chose to leave. He knew the kids couldn’t sit up front and got angry. Truthfully in my opinion, he knew he wasn’t welcomed. He and Cissy have never gotten along. She didn’t want Whitney to marry him, give him money to pay his child support or be on the reality show with him. But Whitney was standing by her man. If you go back and look at old gossip blogs or articles you will see statements everytime Bobby went to jail that Whitney’s family wants her to leave/divorce him but she always stayed. Until she finally had enough. And remember it was Bobbi K who stated she was the one who convinced her mom it was time to leave her dad.
        I think growing up in that household she saw way more than she should have.
        But I felt Bobby should have stayed for his daughter, even if that meant sitting in the back or standing to the side. He was supposed to be there for her. Him leaving the way he did and taking his other kids with him may have made it seem to Bobbi K that her dad was putting his other kids before her. When you are in the middle of grieving, feelins are really sensitive and actions of others can seem completely out of line to you at the time. SO I’m not surprised Bobbi K is self medicating and avoiding all family right now. It’s not healthy but she’s doing all she knows how.

      7. Preach, Will! I wouldn’t let Bobby go from the service. He needed closure, that’s all, but it is what is.

        My favorite Whitney video is I’m Every Woman with cameos from Chaka Khan, TLC, Valerie Simpson, and her mom Cissy.

      8. I don’t remember if Whitney was pregnant with Bobbi K during that video or if that was one of her miscarrages. I do know she was pregnant while filming The Body Guard and if you notice in that video and I Will Always Love you, she is wearing large shirts and the camera tries not to capture her stomach.

      9. It really doesn’t matter what happened at that funeral Bobby Brown should have stayed and been respectful no matter the situation it was Whitney’s day and he managed to turn the focus on him again. Fuck that douchebag.

      10. This entire family need to put their hatred, dislike or whatever they want to call it for Bobby Brown aside and band together to help Bobbi K. She comes first. If she don’t get the help she need to grieve properly Bobbi will defintely keep turning to drugs, alcohol, etc to take away the pain she’s going through over losing Whitney.

        I read a few weeks before Whitney died,….her, Bobbi K and Bobby all went out and had lunch together. I pray this family pull together for Bobbi’s sake.

  18. Hey not sure if this was talked about before… But, What happened to that Mama Drama show that was supposed to be on VH1???

    1. They pushed it back in favor of the now failed and not coming back Baseball Wives (which they replaced with Mob Wives: The Sit Down which is also a flop).

      Last thing they said is it’s supposed to premiere this spring (presumably when Mob Wives is done).

  19. EA Any predictions on Pauly D’s new show? Fail or gonna be a hit? I guess it’s gonna premiere around 4 mill and drop to about 2 million at the end of it’s run.

    1. I say not really a hit because the way they scheduled it it’s supposed to be after their reboot of Punk’d (and I don’t like it’s chances either). I say it starts around 3 million and settles around 1.4-1.7 million.

      1. Reboot of Punk’d? Will Ashton still be the host?

      2. Ashton is producing but not hosting. Every episode gets a different celebrity host (Justin Bieber, Myley Cyrus, Bam Margera and some more people).

      3. And as we know it will fail! With Ashton hosting that show was junk!

  20. Thanks EA

  21. Kristen from BGC 5 is giving advice to Amy BGC 8 about itgetsbetter. (Even though she doesn’t know her.)
    “I don’t know you, but I really hope you don’t let the mean tweets get to you. People love to talk, bad or good #itgetsbetter”

    1. It only gets better for them because after the show is over no one cares because they live in Negative Z List Land.

      (If you don’t know Negative Z List means they are below Z Listers and therefore wouldn’t even get called to do stuff that you see Z Listers on. Pretty much all BGC chicks and everyone on VH1 past or present embody this).

      1. LMAO!!! I was awaiting to see your input to be thrown EA!LOL!!! That quote had me dying!

  22. Does Kristen even watch the show? I feel like she’s smart, and I know I wouldn’t be givin ANY of the BGC8 bitches advice if I was on a past season. These girls are way too ridiculous.

    1. During the premiere of BGC8 fans kept tweeting her for her thoughts and she said she doesn’t watch the show on the regular. She said she only saw bits of S3 and S4 before trying out for S5 and only watched 75% of her own season.

      So she claims.