Ratings: VMA Awards Dominates All
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I really didn’t want to use these hookers for another damn photo but MTV sucks like that.

September 7-September 13

Broadcast Shows:

Big Brother (Thursday)- 7.825 million [2.6]

Big Brother (Wednesday)- 7.815 million [2.7]

Big Brother (Sunday)- 6.663 million [2.2]

Nikita (Premiere)- 3.570 million [1.4]

The Vampire Diaries (Premiere)- 3.361 [1.6]

Hellcats (Premiere)- 3.017 million [1.2]

America’s Next Top Model (Premiere)- 2.841 million [1.3]

90210 (Premiere)- 1.961 million [0.9]

Gossip Girl (Premiere)-1.835 million [1.0]

Cable Shows:

2010 Video Music Awards (MTV airing)- 11.398 million [5.6]

Jersey Shore (Thursday episode) 6.380 million [3.3]

Jersey Shore (Sunday episode)- 5.712 million [2.9]

True Blood (Finale)- 5.384 million [3.0]

Project Runway– 3.528 million [1.5]

Real World: Back to New Orleans- 1.929 million [1.0]

2010 Video Music Awards (VH1 airing)– 1.209 million [0.6]

Scream Queens 2- 231,000 [0.1]

Money Hungry – 148,000 [0.1]

I only added the all the CW shows because if I only posted the ratings for Vampire Diaries then they wouldn’t look that good but when compared to everything else on the CW it’s clear it’s standing on the network is just fine.

This must also be said. VH1 really needs to do something about Money Hungry and Scream Queens.

Clogging up Monday nights for another 3 weeks will be doing the whole network a disservice and with at least 2 guaranteed failed shows coming their way Sunday and Football on both nights ready to destroy everything in it’s path, VH1 needs to get their shit together before they end up with absolutely nothing left. To be completely honest, it might already be too late to save the ok performers when it’s obvious the network is being ignored completely.

[Source: Travis Yanan]

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  1. WOW Money hungry did TERRIBLE. And the VMA’s this year was the highest rated Vma since 2002

  2. I see the demo for the Vh1 shows still hasn’t hit 0.0… damn shame.

    1. Still waiting for that. A 0.0 lets me know VH1 has hit rock bottom because you can’t do worse than that. 148k though….That shit makes Ultimate Fail not look like a fail at all.

      1. Nope, almost makes one million viewers seem astronomical. I think Public access gets better ratings than that.

  3. Regarding the pic above, JWoww makes you see how short all these people really are, because she is not THAT tall compared to regular girls and boys.
    She also looks the prettiest. SMH at these outfits though.

    1. I saw a close-up of Sammi at the VMAs, and she looked different.

    2. Sammi looked ugly and Jwoww looked AMAZING! Sexy ass bitch :)

    3. Jwoww’s heels look something fierce. Who’s that stout looking girl in the 80s prom dress next to her though?

      1. The new girl. Deena or whatever her name is.

      2. I loved her heels as well.

        Yeah, I think that’s the chick Ste made a post about and hot she was so hot she was with her man thighs.

      3. Oh, that’s the new Angelina? What are they going to do without Angelina to hate?

      4. I’m guessing, continue to focus on Ron and Sam’s horrible acting of it’s on/off.

      5. And watch Mike NOT get with any girls.

      6. unless they are grenades. He seems able to catch those with ease.

      7. That’s because he himself is a grenade.

      8. I do love how he thinks he is God’s gift to women though. That always makes me chuckle.

      9. They play that up: yeah, Mike didn’t get any quality, um…ladies in the first season so let’s stay with that storyline because that gets a few laughs. And Mike, you’re getting 100K per episode now so you’ll go along, right?

        The whole show now makes absolutely no sense: a job at a Italian ice scream shop? Why? Living two to a room? why? At least they showed their new sleds.

        Show what’s really happening: 11 year old girls screaming when Mike lifts his shirt; the swarm of no necks that surround the gang wherever they go; the constant paprazzi. Why you can’t handle the truth?

  4. People actually watched Hellcats? I saw Vampire Diaries for the first time on Thursday, and I actually liked it.

    1. I saw Hellcats and actually kind of liked it. It’s pretty much all comedy

    2. Hellcats has Alyson Michalka and Ashley Tisdale in it. Of course people are gonna watch. LOL

      1. Yep. I watched with my daughter

      2. Alyson and Ashley are in it? Omg! I love them! What’s the show about and what channel is it on?

      3. My sister made me watch it. It’s about a girl (aly) who loses her scholarship and has to try out for the cheer-leading team (and makes it because she used to be a gymnast). It’s basically like Bring it On.

      4. Ugh. I hate cheerleading, but I’ll give it a shot.

        Was last Thursday the premiere ep?

      5. Which gives you a reason to watch it becasue Alyson’s character hates cheerleaders too but she needed money to stay in school and her mom just doesn’t have it. She found out the cheerleaders offer a scholarship with a dorm room and decideds it’s her best bet in staying in school.

        and yeah it looks like they did take storylines from the Bring it on movies

      6. So, it’s like Glee for Cheerleaders?

      7. @Kenri

        Yeah kind of. The new girl brings in urban dance steps she learned in the clubs and on the streets and takes the cheerleading to a new level. There’s the jealous girl, the snob (tisdale) and the guy who is intrested in the new girl which will cause problems

      8. I give it two seasons max.

      9. That seems to be the average length of most CW shows (even when they are pretty good).

      10. Except Smallville and Supernatural that seem to go on and on even though I know of no one that watches them.

      11. Truee! I know this is the last season for Smallville,they should do the same with Supernatural.

        Longest running CW/WB show I liked was Buffy…until she got to college of course.

      12. @ Massie
        They should also end One Tree Hill. I loved the show the first few seasons, but once they graduated it went downhill.

      13. I didn’t want to say that out loud, but yeah they really should. In HS they had such great plots, from psycho Derrick, to all the backstabbing and Lucas and Nathan hating each other. It was perfect. Once all shows go to college, it just becomes a shit storm. There is really no more drama.

      14. Dude, CW Thursdays. I might check it out. I don’t want it to become a habit though.

      15. No it comes on Weds right after America’s Next Top Model

      16. Was last Wednesday the premiere?

      17. Yeah it was, do you need a link to it?

      18. Oh, my bad. I thought it came on after Vampire Diaries.

      19. Thursdays lineup I love. Vamp Diaries, Nikita(it was a good pilot), and when bored Jersey Shore.

      20. No worries. I had to check to make sure with my daughter because regular tv shows here were inturrupted tuesday night completely and early wedensday because of the gas explosion in San Bruno so I didn’t remember what day it came on. Plus the new top models aren’t anything to really remember yet anyway except for poor top heavy Esther

      21. Yeah. I heard about that explosion. Sounds so random and scary. As far as top model, I wait until the make overs to learn their names because I won’t be able to tell who is who afterwards.

      22. @ massie

        Yes please :)

  5. One more day til wet wednesday!!!!!


    1. Lol how old are you?
      No offense, but your avatar makes me think of you as cute little toothless dude 😛

      1. It was like seeing a remake of “Ghost” plus a sex scene. :) LOL

  6. BTW, if anyone else likes FX shows…..we caught the premier of Terriers, and it actually looks like it will be pretty good.

    Kind of a toned down Justified.

    1. No clue as to what channel that is on my TV. Didn’t even know people watched it.

      1. Massie it’s channel 10 for me.

      2. FX is crazy popular. Sons of Anarchy and Justified are two of the awesomest shows on TV. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is hilarious, and if you like football The League is pretty funny too. Throw in Louie and Archer (which is an INCREDIBLY funny off-beat animated show) and it’s actually probably the network I watch the most.

      3. I heard Sons of Anarchy was a show for rednecks,but yea it’s one of FX’s top rated shows.

      4. That’s like saying “The Sopranos is a show for Italians”.

        It appeals to everyone who likes things that are awesome. Good writing, good characters, gritty….I’m not even that into motorcycles.

        Plus it has Ron Perlman’s enormous cat face. Every week. You get to stare at it. It’s magnificent.

      5. Sons of Anarchy is a good show. I also watch Rescue Me and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on FX. FX has a lot of great shows.
        You should check them out.

        Oh, and I’m one of the few who still watches Supernatural.
        2 hot guys fighting evil. What more could you ask for?

      6. We just got into Always Sunny. If I’m not on a show from the beginning, I usually have a hard time getting into it, and It’s Always Sunny premiered at the same time as Starved, and that’s the show we went with (it was canceled after 1 season).

        But when it started airing on Comedy Central I gave it a shot and ho-ly-shee-it. That show consistently cracks me up. Pure gold. “What are you doing here?” “I follow you.” “You followed me home?” “Yes.” “Wait, all the way home?” “Yes.” “So you saw me eat that Hot Pocket I found in the garbage?” “Yes.” “Any thoughts on that?” “No.” “Oh man I like you.”

      7. Always hear great things about Sunny. Sons of Anarchy I always get mixed reviews. I’ll check them both out soon and check in.

        Starved? Jajaja.

        Funny dialogue.

    2. Were you high? I feel like I have a right to know when taking your advice.

      1. Nah, been straight for a couple months.

        And actually, being stoned makes me hate serious shows.

      2. It’s a serious show? I don’t know about that.

      3. It’s a serious show with a light amount of humor mixed in.

        Looks like it’s going to be one of those season-long story-arc type of shows. Like I said, it’s kind of a toned down version of Justified which is just an awesome show.

        It’s about a couple private dicks (Ok, that was a bit of pandering).

    3. Hey, Renee from Bon Temps is alive in this show.

      1. Lmao.Is he? Hmm,did he bring along the fake accent?
        I don’t think that’s the channel on direct tv. Watch it be like 245 or some shit. Do you have Cablevision ?(or is it call TimeWarner now? *)

      2. I have Time Warner. I used to have DirectTV. I want to say that FX is channel 40 or something on it. Maybe not.

      3. No fake accent, same douchey facial hair.

      4. I sent you an email but it bounced back

      5. It should be in the sub-100s.

        It’s a basic cable network. If you have VH1 and MTV and networks like that clustered, it’s probably around there.

      6. Fx is channel 248 on DTV. Great shows all around. Puts the big networks to shame. It’s Always Sunny, The Shield (over), Damages(not quite over), Sons of Anarchy, all in my top favorite list. Only complaint is some good shows get cancelled way too fast (Starved, The Riches).

      7. i loved the Riches and then it just got canceled. there was so much to the storyline they needed to tell. I got hooked on F/X through Nip/Tuck

      8. Haven’t caught Nip/Tuck yet. Slept on the first couple of seasons. I’ve got them in the Netflix queue though. Just haven’t found the time yet.

      9. Loved it! The last season was horrible but the earlier seasons were real good

      10. Ugh. I hated Nip/Tuck.

        Not because it was that bad, but because the first couple of seasons were so good, and then it just got ridiculous. It had WAY too many “dream” episodes, and was constantly trying to outdo itself which quickly got to the point of complete and totally unrealisticness.

        I watched it to the end, but if I had quit that bitch before the Carver storyline started (or after it’s itiotic conclusion when I was VERY close to saying “eff this stupid crap”) I wouldn’t regret it at this point.

      11. Yeah Nip/Tuck fell off hard. Although that season after Julia had the baby was pretty good especially when Sean and the nanny (he was screwing) were arguing in the street and she said she was going to tell then got hit by a bus! It was horrible but definetly a LOL moment

      12. i loved the riches too until it just disappeared and nip/tuck was a fav aswell.. now im into terriers and justified

      13. They left me confused by just taking the show off the air. Did they ever explain why the youngest kid was a crossdresser?

      14. no they did, people thought it was because the main guy (eddie izzard) is kind of a crossdresser in real life but the network denied it..

  7. Why did Cat have to be such a pussy? npi

    And why does Vh1 still exist?

  8. Cat said she was really classy and above the BGC.
    She was in the toilet trying to fuck some guy who, in her own words, was beneath her. Very classy chic.
    I like how in her note she said she sips Cristal not spit on people, then they showed the clip of her spitting on that guy. Lmao at the shanky hypocrite. SMH

    1. I meant classy chick and skanky hypocrite. I just woke up. Lol

      1. Jajaja! Girls like that just need to get slapped. Ridiculous bitch.

      2. I can’t believe I thought she was a genuine bad girl. Wow.

      3. Yall trippin. I still haven’t seen the ep but whatever Ms.Cat did, she still badder than all these season 5 fools and season 4 as well(only Flo competin with her).

      4. Well if you don’t want me to spoil it for you don’t read below


        She left because of Kayleigh and Kristens fight she said shes classier than the BGC and just left. I’m sorry but unless you leave for a fight anyone who voluntarily leaves ain’t no bad girl

      5. Flo voluntarily left, does that make her any less bad? You know it doesn’t becuz she wuz the baddest one in the season 4 house.

      6. No Cat lost her cred and turned out to be just as skanky as the ones she claimed to be better than. Now had she said she was home sick and wanted to leave because of that would have went over so much better than the way she did. Sad!

      7. She wuz on Ustream last night and explained it. She had a reason for leaving, but did not want to discuss it(something happened at home). Also, the producers wrote that note.

    2. Production people were the ones who wrote the note not Cat. They straight up played her

  9. Lol.

    Y does Vh1 still exist? Hmm, Viacom needs laughs?

  10. The execs at VH1 can not say with a straight face dat this “change” they tried to pull iz successful. This iz a prime example of the definition of insanity. They’re doing the same exact bullsh!t over and over and over, no matter what the ratings show or how the ex-fans feel.

  11. Ok. Something just doesn’t sound right here. ILM4 premieres in less than 96 hours and still no promotion. No trailers, cast reveal, world wide commercials nor tv spots. I don’t think VH1 is airing this to get ratings cause if that was the case then they would promote the hell out of it but they did nothing. Vh1 has something up their sleeve. What I’m thinking is that VH1 is using ILM4 to ease into ILM5. VH1 didn’t give a damn about ILM4 by the timeslot they gave it and no press release. They’re airing this after primetime so no one can find out the ratings. Cause everybody knows if a network wanted high ratings for a show, that network would go all out for it with press releases and a decent timeslot. You saw how MTV promoted the shit out of Jersey Shore 2 with the Music Video and how they promoted the fuck out of the VMAs. The only thing ILM4 got going for them as promotion or press release is getting up on the trending topics on twitter. That’s a damn shame!

    1. I can’t believe you guys really thought VH1 was going to promote that show.

      Also, being a trending topic on Twitter almost never transates into people watching. Some networks have depended on it before and it failed miserably so they don’t really talk about it anymore.

      1. Trending topics help. Some networks pay to promote their shows to be Trended on twitter but when they do it that way, it wont result in much help to ratings because when it is done manually by the fans, it creates more of a hype rather than an advertisement by a network. Trending it in front of millions and millions of people should help somewhat, since barely ANY people who arent superfans know about it. I heard that it is now I Love Money 4 on everyones TV guide’s now though.

      2. The only network who pays for that is the CW…and it never ever works for them. Networks like MTV just get the Twitter buzz naturally because their shows target folks in their teens and 20’s who are on Twitter anyway. A few hundred fans (if that to be honest but I’m giving y’all the benefit of the doubt) and the 18 folks on that show aren’t gonna do shit to help it do anything on Twitter.

        It isn’t and this week you guys have nothing to count on. There is no new episode of Jersey Shore to lean on, VH1 is not going to run last-minute commercials (although who would see those if nobody watched new shit on Monday).

        Just face it. VH1 is burning this show off. They aren’t even looking at this thing to do anything. Just be glad it’s on because it will be the last of it. I highly doubt it will do well enough (that means surpassing the season 1 and 2 average which it can’t because it’s solely a fan show nd would hit a wall before then) to make them consider doing another season. The ratings will not be there and even if there are they have used all the guys they can use. It’s not a viable show anymore.

      3. Hundreds? There are thousands. I could already see that from the trenders. We’ll see if it works on the day or not. It may work and become a trending topic, or it may not. Some of the castmembers have over 25, 000 followers so with all of them telling their fans to trend it, it isnt as hard as it sounds.

        I never said VH1 isnt burning the show off. I believe that they are, otherwise they obviously would have promoted it and put it in a better slot. Although, who knows if they will promote the rest of the season. I mean why the hell not, it would have already aired so why hold back. But they will hold back, obviously. I wouldnt be so passive as to say this is the last of it when in fact we dont know that. VH1 KNOWS the ratings will not be there, since they are the ones setting it up to fail. So just because it doesnt get good ratings, wont stop another ILM from being made. Im going to try not even make judgements about another ILM, I just want to focus on Season 4 for now.

        What was that guys email address, that we email asking him to post the ratings? Im still curious about them. What do you expect them to be, EA?

      4. Personally I think they will be at Ultimate Catch levels at best (excluding the premiere and finale so around 700k….again that’s at best at worst it could be anything below that because clearly no number is too low here). I say that because VH1 shows nothing new on Thursdays so their primetime re-runs are most likely 500k or lower (Their curent primetime average is 465k and dropping every month).

        I see no reason to believe more than 300k people will show up out of nowhere just to watch that show especially if the night is crammed with Fantasia, La La or Legend Hunters re-runs that probably won’t do too well (Fantasia is suspect only because the season 1 ratings were all over the map but I really think the other 2 will fail) when the new episodes air on Sunday.

        Also it won’t make any sense to e-mail that guy for the ratings on Friday. He won’t have them before Tuesday morning/early afternoon so ask me about that then. Not this week or this weekend.

  12. I’m thinking Vh1 is getting experimental on us. No promo at all for a much anticipated show on a flailing network? I’m guessing they might try to see how the ratings are within core fans as opposed to those who are tuning in out of curiosity. If they get good numbers with no promo, we might see a return to entertaining fuckery.

  13. Rock Of Love Where Are They Now will air October 11th! Daisy, Frenchy, Marcia, Rodeo, Brandi C and Megan are the confirmed ones who said they are filming for VH1 this month. So I guess they will complete the filming part this month, and the reunion type thing at the start of next month. This should be really cool! Dallas confirmed on her blog that she was asked to do a Where Are They Now for VH1 but she declined… thats how I know it is a Where Are They Now Special. Riki Rachtman also said he is filming for VH1 in october, which further proves it.

    1. As if we needed to know what they were up to now.

      Trangelique is still running around Vegas and LA exposing her ugly to everyone, Marcia lives on Twiitter all day, Rodeo is fighting with Lindsay Lohan’s dad, Brandi C is somewhere being a fat ass bitch and Megan is probably still concerned about her Showtime show.

      There. I updated you on all those lame ass hoes. No need to do a special. The smell of desperation from VH1 is incredibly strong.

      1. LMAO. As much as you are pretty much correct on all of those…. I am still interested in this for the fact it involves Rock Of Love. But I hope they have some type of reunion thing where the girls are there, and there are some fights or something. But whatever! VH1 wont allow that shit. It’ll be a boring ass episode because they dont know what the hell fans want.

        I miss good ole VH1. I thought I had Jersey Shore to rely on, but I guess not. So sick of the Ronnie/Sammi shit.

      2. True. I watch JS, but objectively, that shit is worse than anything VH1 puts out.
        I think we are at a point where no show can deliver three good seasons.

  14. I can’t believe Cat left. For the record, she was on Ustream last night, and she said that she left for some “behind-the-scenes” reason that she can’t talk about. She also said that she did not write the letter !

    That doesn’t surprise me ! Basically , the producers wanted to make her look like a walking contradiction .

    1. The editing of last nights show was way off. did anyone else notice that? They showed the girls getting ready for the toga party and Kayleigh already had her hair braided but they showed her going to the beach the next morning getting her hair braided. Also the dress Cat left with is the same dress she had on when they went to the club, (that blue patterned one) so when exactly did she leave?

  15. I figured she left for other reasons.

    148,000 viewers for Money Hungry…I’m still just shakin my damn head at dat sh!t.

    1. Shake your head at the fact that my wife and I make up two of those 148,000.

      I mean, it’s like ILM, but with fat people… and without The Entertainer.

      1. Well the real one comes on tomorrow so you can get back on dat.

  16. Yeah! I haven’t seen it in the guide, so I never had it set to record on the TiVo. Going to look for it now.

    1. Argh.. they moved the show to 10C/11E — I tend to only check the guide from 7-10C when I do my scheduling. Thanks for the tip! (That’s what she said.)

  17. Wet wednesday is here!!!!


    1. I don’t think they care very much what the ratings will be since they stuck it at such a horrible time. And I don’t think they are putting it on because fans have been asking for it.


    1. They even have all of the repeats showing at bad times so it’s as if they could care less about the show. They did no advertising of it and instead have been hyping up that godawful Legend Hunters. I think they had to air it so that they could sell it on video but who really knows?

  20. The best thing about Britain is this…


    How I wish I can help blow out his birthday candle today…

    1. LOL! He is a cutie. I like the older guys and my crush has a birthday today too. Tommy Lee Jones hit 65 today

      1. Lmao. He really is. *bites lips*

        Tommy Lee Jones? Lol. That just reminds me of The Fresh Prince. Jejeje.

      2. I love the way he says the word “Baby”.

        And my favorite line of his is from the movie Heaven & Earth when he told Le Ly, “Let me be the one who takes care of all your needs”

      3. Damn, that is some line. I would remember it 2. Hell, I’ll def remember it now. Hell, that line just made me smile(and giggle). lol.

  21. This has probably been asked and answered, but are dvrs counted in the ratings?

    1. EA would know for sure but I don’t think so.

    2. Since Matic isn’t here…

      ‘There are three types of viewing Nielsen regularly measures and reports. Live viewing, live plus same day DVR viewing (these are the most commonly reported numbers) and live viewing plus seven days of DVR viewing. Almost all overnight and weekly data uses the live plus same day measurement.’

      1. You pretty much have it. The live + same day DVR ratings are the ones most frequently reported (that entails all the ratings in this post even) but DVR ratings for the same day are only counted from the minute after the show airs to 3am the next morning.

  22. I think they’re putting this on just to ease into ILM5. After the cancelation of ILM4, 51 Minds and VH1’s main focus was on ILM5. But down the road of production on ILM5, they thought about the fact that to the world how can they go to ILM5 when they just left off ILM2 a year ago with no mention of ILM3/ILM4? They probably figured that ILM4 really isn’t that bad, they’ll just get it up, air it and let that be the end of it with probably no possible reunion. They’re airing it after primetime to where no one can get the ratings and such a horrible time slot. How does it go: Eastern 11 pm, Central 10 pm and Western is like 8 pm I think. Either way, West Coast peeps will be able to see at an earlier time while some of us over here will see it air during the time where we sleep or at least DVR it while we sleep.

  23. BGC: Can’t believe Cat actually was gonna let that dude rip in the bathroom. I’m thinking she at least gave him head cuz the camera showed dude’s boxers at his ankles…so much for that “boyfriend” that Cat brought to the house earlier.

    Also, can’t believe that Kristen got a Golden Shower before. Strangely, or not so strangely, that made me like her more.

    1. yeah that was pretty nasty. Couldn’t she have just taken him back to the room? and she was saying all that nosense about them being strippers and beneath her. Whatever!

    2. That’s not actually what happened, editing is one bad bitch. The guy kept bragging about his penis size , and Cat was drunk as hell, and wanted to see what he was working with .. Turned out the guy had a small dick, so Cat decided to have a sandwich instead lol !

      1. I meantioned the editing was off. Way off. They had stuff really all over the place and were splicing and more than likely cutting stuff out. You could tell by the clothes they had on and especially by Kayleaigh’s hairstyle. As I mentioned earlier when Cat was in bed saying she didn’t want to go out and the others were going to the Toga party Kayleigh’s hair was already braided with the beads. then they showed the next morning Kayleigh getting her hair braided. Also they showed them going out to a club and Cat had on a blue and white patterned dress, when they showed Cat leaving with her suitcase she had on that same dress. So it actually doesn’t add up right

      2. YES ! I was so shocked ! Like , didn’t they check the episode before they actually sent it to Oxygen ? I mean, that’s one DUMB mistake! I would’ve fired the editors on sight !

      3. oh ok i thought she was gunna fuck him not just see his junk lol but yea i noticed something small with the editing too.. after kristen threw all of newbie’s stuff on the floor when cat walks up to them her hair is braided and then she asks what happened or where kayleigh and her hair was unbraided.. that’s only one thing i saw

      4. I don’t know if I’ve actually started paying closer attention to these shows or if the bad editing has just become that obvious but I’ve noticed a lot of out of order things.

        Even on Money Hungry they have been showing things out of order, so hopefully with BGC having a reunion even though Perez is hosting again (he annoys the hell out of me), maybe a lot of this stuff will get answered or maybe they just assume the audiance is dumb and won’t catch any of it.

  24. Just watched BGC:
    Cat had every right to leave. You don’t have to tell people where da fuck you goin at all times.

    Kayleigh should be ashamed of herself. Ain’t this fool like 6’1 or 6’2 or some sh!t? Why the fuck are you scared of everybody in the house?

    Da stripper dude who wuz with Ms.Cat iz gay. You got her ready to go in da bathroom yet you fuckin up.

    Don’t really have much to say on Erica because that’s been her thing all season: talk noise in the confessionals and places where she knows somebody won’t haul off on her. Broke, bama, raggedy azz.

    Kristen iz Megan 2.0 lol.

    1. “Cat had every right to leave. You don’t have to tell people where da fuck you goin at all times.

      What do you mean ?

      1. People sayin since she left, she’s not “bad” or she’s too stuck up. Also the whole letter thing. She said she didn’t write it; but if she did, what are they gonna do? It’s a house full of scary fools.

        I prolly should’ve worded that better lol

    2. The girls are everything Cat said they are and even if she did leave for another reason, she is still waaaaaay better than all of them (sxcept Lea) and Kristen’s a stupid bitch that should have fought that Jamaican girl so she could have gotten her ass beat.

      Glad Kayleigh didn’t leave but she should have stoop up for herself…

      1. LOL ! Kristen might be crazy , but she knows better ! That girl would have busted her head wide open !

      2. I would think it’s common sense not to fuck with island girls (who actually stay on the island, most island girls in the US are normal). They don’t give a fuck.

  25. I thought Kayleigh was the Kung Fu Bad Girl? Why is she scared of everyone? She thinks she’s bad cause she went back to the house and trashed the other girls stuff. Do that shit when they’re home. She is not a bad girl.

    Cat seems cool, but she is really stuck up. I think she’s more of a bad girl than she thinks. She said she didn’t know being a bad girl meant that you got into bar fights and shit. Well, she was involved in plenty of fights, she spit on someone, and she was acting like a dirty tramp in the toilet. That’s a bonafide bad girl right there.
    She just happens to be a hypocrite. I think she THINKS she’s classy but she’s not.

  26. You seem about right to me EA, around 700k is probably what it will hit for the premiere. But I dont know, who knows to be honest. We’ll just have to wait and find out the ratings for it, and then we can judge.

    But I am just excited to watch something that has actual eliminations on VH1. I think this season will be great despite what others think. What I have heard about this season makes me really anxious to see it. Your not going to watch it, EA? You should watch the Saturday rerun at 9pm if you dont have anything planned because I just feel that it will be a great season.

    1. I am not watching on Saturday. I’m watching college football. I don’t want to waste time watching a show I’m not interested in, not recapping and don’t know who half of the cast is (I never watched DOL, MWAM or the first 7 episodes of FTLORJ1….don’t care for everyone else left because they ar boring ass basic tranny hoes).

      I also feel that because this shit was filmed after 2008 (when VH1 shows went to shit IMO) there’s no way in hell I’m gonna think it’s good because everything in the last 2 years has been awful to me (the first 2 seasons of ILM included).

      1. NO! You gotta watch it so we can read you go in on people like Cheezy, Chi Chi, Garth, Basic B!tch and Sassy LOL!

      2. Not watching. Tired of basic bitches (in real life and on TV) and staying up late at night to watch them isn’t going to work (ok 10 pm isn’t exactly late but it’s late enough that I don’t feel like suffering a whole hour through basic hoes doing absolutely nothing and yet still thinking they are accomplishing major shit, boring lame drama, epically long commercial breaks and horrible editing just for the hell of it.)

        I refuse to do it. It’s my hope that most of you will realize what I already know just from deciding not to watch and come to the conclusion 4-5 episodes in (shouldn’t take that long though) that all the girls are basic. They are busted, skanky, boring and delusional and the guys are either gay, stupid or lame….and all are ugly. Include this with failed editing and probably shitty ass challenges and drama means it’s just not worth the time and hopefully you will feel better for me warning you that it’s gonna be shit so you don’t have to be mad about how bad it is halfway through the season.

      3. Your acting as if you have seen the whole season and already know its a fail. You gotta give it a chance and I think people are going to be surprised as how much drama this season will have. You should just give ONE episode a watch, and if you dont like it, dont watch. I think saying ILM1 was awful is a bit far fetched too, I thought it was great. ILM2 sucked HARD though. I really didnt like that season. This season looks to have REAL and intense drama, during the trailer the only things you can hear in the drama part is glass smashing LOL. Im just sayin though, you should just give the premiere a chance. Im not gonna say its going to be amazing, but im not going to say its going to be horrible. Ima just watch it first, and then judge. And yeah, I wanna see you go in on Basic B!tch lmao!

      4. What’s there to look forward to that’s gonna be soooooo different?

        That trailer was awful and had nothing of real substance in it.

        The show is just gonna same old tired shit. People being sluts, people crying, people aligning themselves with dumbasses, people saying 100 million times that they need/want to win the 250k, people coming up with stupid ass plans and failing, people trying to do everything not to go home.

        That’s not appealing enough to make me want to watch. season 2 was bad with all the throwing challenges shit and season 1 was bad because everyone was scared of the same 2 lame ass hoes for no damn reason at all. I’m tired of giving VH1 chances because for 2 years they have failed to come through with anything remotely entertaining and I’m damn sure not about to watch a show for nothing since I’m not recapping it. I’m not changing my mind on this.

      5. It won’t be my favorite show that’s for sure. My favorite show is Scrappers. That show is crazy good.

      6. I tried to email you this morning and the mail bounced.

  27. No Wet Wednesday????? Por que??? Its 4:00 pacific time..going to work in an hour……been excited all day to see what playboi has to present this week…..hope all is well my brother!

    1. Travis? 😛

    2. steupz been MIA, lol

  28. When are they ever going to learn?

    1. Oooh, I like the font on their jerseys.

  29. We need wet wednesday!!!

    1. Don’t beg it’s not cute.

      1. LOL Kenri.

    2. we’ve moved Wet Wednesday to Tasty Tuesday, oops…you just missed it. lol …just joking with you Joshep, my file host is hating on steupz’ location, so he’s having a tough time downloading it from me.

      1. Tasty Tuesday
        Wet Wednesday
        Tempting Thursday
        Fappy Friday
        Steamy Saturday
        Sultry Sunday

        and normal Mondays. I hate Mondays.

  30. OK, EA. The trailer was edited into HALF of what the real trailer was. The one that is on youtube it a cut down version. Endemol edited the trailer down to half of it to put onto their film distribution site, so we havent even seen the real trailer yet. And as for throwing challenges, they have changed the rules this season to a way in which they cant throw challenges. Im not sure what the rules are but we will find out tomorrow. But yeah, they figured out some sort of way to stop that. But its fine if you dont want to watch it, I was just thinking that you should give it a chance thats all. But its clear you dont want to, lol.

    1. Nice try, but that’s not going to make her watch.

    2. If that’s true; then that’s a good thing. Cause the detectives here would pick at that trailer like a dead carcass.

      I’ll definitely watch, shit or not; because at this stage, it’s like vintage VH1

      1. Exactly!

    3. I’m going to watch just so I can hate on it proper like.

  31. Surprised MTV’s playing a RW marathon for the finale tonight. They haven’t done that in awhile, so hopefully they want to get the contract renewed as much as i do :)

  32. I just watched a rerun of the vma’s and just noticed that Usher is way out of shape. I love his music but he looks like maybe packed on a few in his stomach and can hardly sing when he dances because he’s out if breath. But right before that you see Justin Bieber (secretly a female lesbian disguised as a teenage boy) running around on stage jumping around singing Baby just right. Maybe because Usher us older but I still respect his performance great job Urshur.