I’m Supposed to Believe This?
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Even with TMZ and VH1 confirming this I still find it immensely hard to believe that Ray J punched anyone let alone punk ass, hoe ass, wack ass Fabolous (aka the only reason Emily Bustamante has a spot on Love & Hip Hop) in the face but apparently that happened last night.

Does it really count if the only thing that happened is Ray J getting kicked out of a hotel? That’s like SOP for rappers and singers albeit Ray J has always been behind the curve in that (Shouldn’t both of them be busy knocking off every self-proclaimed urban model in LA? That’s like their current job anyway unless they already ran through them all).

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  1. I might change this picture later if I feel like it. I was too lazy to look for a solo Ray J pic.

    1. The funny thing is MTO is reporting the opposite. That Ray J got knocked out and wanted police called.

      1. As far as I’m concerned neither one did a good job. They supposed to be in the hospital so since that didn’t happen, they’re both still lame.

      2. MTO is now showing a picture of Fabolous asking if we see anything wrong with his face since Ray J claims to have messed his face up. I don’t see a diffrence but then I don’t know what he looks like normally. One eye looks a little swollen but that’s it. MTO also claims 50Cent instigated the whole fight. Whatever! They are all too damn old to be behaving like 10-year-old son the playground!

      3. I saw that pic. He just looked ashy and high to me not like he got punched. And he always wears sunglasses so there’s no way of telling if that’s how he always looks anyway.

  2. OT: Even in death poor Jeff Conaway can’t get recognition
    for his work.


    Since he basically only has the one hit movie, Grease, the Academy Awards may snub him as well. They are pretty famous for snubbing people anyway.

  3. Who is this Fabolous guy? Sounds uber gay.

    1. I have no idea

  4. Did anyone watch the Secret Circle? I don’t know if it’ll be any good but it reminded me of something between Twilight and The Craft but like CW styled.

    1. I saw it, a lot of people were ripping it hard from what i’ve read around, but I kinda enjoyed it. Pilots aren’t really meant to be that good to begin with, so I def think it has potential to be a good series. Same as Ringer, just hopefully they cut off the low budget effect.

      1. I like the premise. I agree with you about pilots they aren’t all winners. One of the witches better be a lesbian or I don’t get the point of this thing.

  5. Brandy looked pretty nice on Drop Dead Diva, least she continues to get real jobs…unlike her brother

  6. You know what show I want to see if it is any good? Revenge on ABC, I think it premieres this Wed at 10. Idk if it is cause I like the lead actress from when she was in Everwood or cause it reminds me of 90% of all Spanish novelas but I am hoping it works.

    1. I hadn’t heard too much about Revenge. Too many new shows.

      1. Are you an Anya fan yet?

      2. This season I find all the designers underwhelming. I have yet to find myself rooting for anyone, there is def no Christian in this bunch.

      3. Massie and Will sitting in a tree, H-A-T-I-N-G

      4. *rolls eyes*

        Sorry that we don’t buy into shit so easily.

      5. Whatever!

      6. No! and no one should be. That chick lied to get on the show. All of that “I really don’t know how to sew” and “I taught myself” crap she’s spouting is BS to make her look like the underdog. I’ll be glad when she’s gone!

      7. amen!

      8. It is the truth, Will.
        She isn’t lying.

      9. Yes, she is a real saint.

      10. I like Anya’s aesthetic but I was thinking that she would make a better stylist than designer. I am hating Oliver. Oy Oliver! His shit stinks.

      11. She is MAGNIFICENT

      12. Magnificent at licking balls!

      13. Knowing how to lick balls properly does make a person magnificent.

      14. The title alone works for me, and i’ve seen little clips of it online, so out of all the new shows, that 1 has stuck out, but yes there are def a lot of new shows. I usually wait to see which ones get cancelled before I watch and get my hopes up.

    2. Wasn’t going to watch because Matic said it was shit, then I realised it was Matic who said it was shit, so I am going to watch it.

      1. What show? Revenge?

      2. I keep telling you things are shit because one day you will agree with me.

      3. I gotta ask, what was the last show you actually enjoyed?

      4. true blood season 1

      5. Whole season doesn’t count when the first 5 episodes were shit and then the 2 following seasons I saw were even more shit.

  7. Go Ray J, Go Ray J

    1. Yes! Go away Ray J! Go away Ray J!

  8. Hell’s Kitchen….YOU FAILED BIG TIME!

    1. I know. How is Tommy still there? His girlfriend is clearly a secret freak.

      1. That and the twist after that….SMH.

      2. Hasn’t come on here yet. I still have about an hour and half to go before it does.

      3. OK, I won’t reveal anything. I’ll just say that these are some of the ugliest reality stars. Maybe it’s all the sweating and fucking up but they are so hard to look at.

      4. Paul and Will? LOL! oh well I will just have to gaze at Brad Pitt and figure out how best to kidnap him. He’s less than 8 blocks from my front door. I think he needs to come visit me, don’t you? LOL! They are holding that MoneyBall Premier down the way

      5. Brad Pitt has never done it for me. He seems too nice. I like a guy who can’t take my bullshit and give it back to me.

      6. I just like looking at him. Besides I think Angelina has him for good! When I dream of fantasy sex partners it’s more like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or his look alike cousin Toa!

      7. Yes! The Rock is hot. So hot. I’m also sure that he has a nice fat bank account.

      8. Introduce yourself and invite them over for a dinner or lunch.

  9. I was wondering guys, how long do you think it will take before it’s a basketball wives New York? Lmao

    1. New York wouldbe next in line be default because it completes the trifecta of overrated reality show cities (LA and Miami). Hopefully they cancel LA so that it never sees the light of day.

      1. Lol I give it 4 months.

        Matic what if they do another Football wives. And add Blonde Baller to the cast.

      2. I’m sure they’ve already asked Hoopz. And you know Blonde Baller would sign on in a heartbeat. Plus it’ll bring some of the old of love fans back.

      3. Football Wives is definitely dead. It was dead the minute the finale aired because the ratings were not there. (Here’s a hint. when a cable network staysdead silent about a show and you’re not sure if it’s coming back 6 months after it ebded there’s a 95% chance it’s not coming back).

        No question about it and wtf is Brother Baller gonna do with a man who doesn’t have a team (job)? Dude is in the unemployment line like everybody else. You ain’t think he got mega paid for training camp and preseason did you? Rookies who actually make the roster (talking about non 1st round picks) don’t even make 300k for the whole season). Guys who get cut before a game don’t make anything. Actual players only get paid during the season not for preseason and training camp and definitely not in the offseason.

      4. According to his facebook he’s still signed with the Denver Bronco’s..And he has pictures of him in the uniform.

      5. That dude is just as delusional as his retarded ass girlfriend. You look here and tell me what the fuck you see. This dude is not on the Denver Broncos roster.


        BTW if you were in Training Camp you get a uniform. It’s not like they take that shit back after you get cut. They have those things printed up every day if they need them.

      6. He’s not even on the practice squad. You can look up the September page and see all the guys who made it on there.

      7. Lmao You’re right Matic he is… He still has a picture of him in the uniform(it’s his profile pic).

  10. So uhhh…there wasn’t even a fight between Fab/Ray J. Ray J is on that shit to make up a whole story like dat and then said he “know dudes that like dudes” and “he’ll get em to stick it up Fab’s booty”. Who YOU hang around tho?

    Fab’s side was much more believable. It’s all coon shit and a distraction from real issues (Troy Davis possible execution & the Elenin comet coming) anyway.

    1. Since when do Z-listers actually fight? You know they don’t. It’s all for attention and because they had a dream the night before that more Twitter follwers and an internet radio interview would make their day.

    2. Okay, y’all know what happened, basically:

      Ray J’s career is over so he’s reduced to playing piany for Floyd Mayweather’s 14 male friends in the living room singing “One Wish.”

      No matter how you tell the story, the shit still sounds horrible.

      And then…. and thennnn…. and THEN! TO ADD INSULT TO HIS OWN INJURY!!! That little milk dud headed boy goes on a no-count radio show with claims he slapped Fab up.

      And we all know what happened.

      Ray J read the tweets and saw how horrible his ass actually DID look, performing in a living room for a few dudes, then trying to lie to Kevin Hart & Fab at Diddy’s party, saying “They edited it wrong,” and “BITCHES WERE THERE!” 😕

      This dude is smoking that “I beleeeee dat chillren ahh da fyooocherrrr” Pookie shit.

      Unmotherfuckingbelievable. Yet funny somehow.


        Yup Ray J on the “fade” list. He needs to be knocked around a couple times along with these cunts:

        Chris Brown
        Soulja Boy
        Bow Wow

      2. C.Jaye

        You know if we got married you wouldn’t have to change your name.

  11. did yall see BGC 7 tonight….it was alright..but nxt week is gonna be the BOMB! and also…y the hell would they should the replacement shes only gonna be on for like 4 maybe 5 episodes how lame….oh well… there better be some good drama.

    1. STASI FINALLY FIGHTING TASHA AND SHELLY…http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lrsgrw4Cau1qi4jz2o1_500.gif
      ABOUT TIME SHIT! I’ve been waiting for her ass to do something! This next episode looks like the climax and it’s getting crazy!

  12. seriously..im so excited! 😀 she threw a drink at tasha while she is talkin. i was like fuck yah! shut that bitch up…stasi.

  13. Eww! Stasi is the worst! I loved her at the begining but now shes just annoying. Hope Shelly kicks her ass!

  14. shelly needs to get fuck out
    now. fuck that jolly green giant
    bitch. if i recall they didnt talk about
    the picture priscilla drew on. judi just came homefrom the club
    and was
    tired of priscilla and threw the cereal on her. is cheyenne gonna bring the drama or rotate da fuck out. hmmmmm…….

    1. JESUS! You cussed!

      1. i tend to do that at times lol

  15. Tasha is always trying to jump Judi when Priscilla is fighting with her. Stupid bitch. That’s more annoying than Shelly, or anything these bitches do. I hope someone beats that cunt senseless.

    1. ohh that bitch will. stasi puts all her shit in trashbags and tells
      her she needs to go and fight to the floor. so exciting:)

  16. DAMN .. 2 and a half men pulled in almost 28 million viewers last night. Monster numbers

    1. Yea I saw that. People were mostly curious to see how Ashton Kutcher would do on the show. I’m sure the numbers will drop off after the second or third show. I’ve watched the show since day one and I think he will do just fine. I will keep watching.

      Charlie’s character was laid to rest and Ashton’s character is suppose to be totally different even though he did sleep with two women in the episode last night. I hope they don’t keep his character going in that direction. It’s old and stale. It was getting old when Charlie was on the show.

    2. Yea I saw that. People were mostly curious to see how Ashton Kutcher would do on the show. I’m sure the numbers will drop off after the second or third show. I’ve watched the show since day one and I think he will do just fine. I will keep watching.

      Charlie’s character was laid to rest and Ashton’s character is suppose to be totally different even though he did sleep with two women at the same time in the episode last night. I hope they don’t keep his character going in that direction. It’s old and stale. It was getting old when Charlie was on the show.

  17. I was surprise Brittany was eliminated over Alexandria on Top Model…ohh hell nawh Tyra. Bitch better get her act together on this weeks episode..

  18. I was VERY stunned at BGC’s episode last night. Tiara and Angie made up! Judi is truly making the moves in the house to get those hoes outta there. Tasha/Pricislla their the the most fakest cows in the house! Shelly she flip flops…And Stasi…All TALK no action….(She loves to throw drinks though when someone confronts her.)

    1. Why is Priscillers fake?

      But I deff agree with you that fat ass is all talk. Her reaction to her contacts being bleached? Buying new contacts! Now that’s a bad girl if I ever saw one!

      1. I thought she would hang out with stasi and Tiara…But when Shelly had began throwing the alliances into the mix when Judi was solo I notice fake ass Tasha kept warping her mind it was sick. But I have ALOT of respect for her when leaving this house a true BGC girl! I just hope someone points out Stasi’s flaw because they all said their problems EXCEPT Tasha/Stasi.

  19. Priscilla’s butt and body is right tho. Even for a small broad. A sleeper. I was watching the fight but kept getting distracted by the curvature of the booty….cept her gettin kicked in the mouth brought me back.. How stasi NOT know chinese hood stores sell cheap stuff?…pssh she shoulda got the sky BLUE..then it wouldve been dark puprle.. haha

  20. Fuckin love Stasi big ass…i hope she lays someones ass outt. Next week is gonna be AWESOME!


  22. Thank you sooo much Sam, I was looking everywhere for this!



    1. Whoa! where did you hear that? I don’t think so. I think Isis will stick around for awhile becasue she’s a fan favorite

      1. no isis is not tomorrow, but next week. 4th eliminated.

  25. Whos your favorite Will-Lynn? Mine is Angelea for some reason.

    1. She’s mine and I like Sheena as well. The others were just ok to me nothing special. All the ones I really wanted to see come back didn’t. I also like Lisa. Iknew the girl was dealing with demons and she finally spoke on them on Celerbity Rehab. i hope she does well this time.

      1. She was good for a few laughs. When she would get praise and do her little chipmunk face I would crack up. Even Nigel thought it was funny

  26. ATTENTION BGC SUPER FANS! TBC (The Bad Club) hchomecinemas’ PARODY of Bad Girls Club has just posted a NEW EPISODE!!!!!!!!!! Check it out! FIGHTS, WEAVE PULLING, “I never said we were going to sit here and pray this is called The Bad Club! CHECK IT OUT!!!!


  27. I love Allison, Laura, Kayla, Angelea, Sheena, Dominique, Shannon ehh, and Brittany RIP. ALLISON FTW! 😀

    1. So Brittany died???

  28. Did my homegurl Sheena really get eliminated…TYRA WHAT THE FUCK!

    1. The main problem that’s going to make this the worst cycle for ANTM is Tyra is treating it as a popularity poll. She keeps reminding the models over and over that the fans said this or the fans think that. So it has nothing to do with who takes a great picture, they already have it decided in which order each model will be eliminated. The more fans liked or responded to a person the longer they will stay. So using that theory Lisa, Kayla or shannon will be the next to go followed by Cammile or Dominique. Bre, Bianca, Isis, Allison and Angelea will stay around teh longest because fans liked them the most. I see it coming down to allison or Bre as the winner

      1. good points good points…i completely agree…i like allison so im ok with that :p lol

  29. No fool..from the competition she did…smh -_-

  30. Season 7, Episode 10
    Episode Synopsis: Newbie Cheyenne’s behavior is poorly received and the others begin to ostracize her. Meanwhile, Judi’s frantic antics lead to a stunning truce. Original Air Date: Oct 3, 2011

    1. I’m gonna call it…Judi/Shelly/Tasha against Angie/Tiara/Stasi….Tasha has been supportive of Judi and wants to help her when talking on her interviews.

      1. I’m thinking Judi and Angie. She better not call a truce with Sasquatch

      2. That would be interesting but how Stasi has this plan…She’s up to something with them girls…Plus on the extras Judi keeps stating she’s the baddest one of them all when Stasi left the room. I think something bad is about to happen though.

      3. hmmm


        Listen to what Tiara is saying.

        I’m just mad they never show things like this as oppose to some of the BS they do show. The editing has pissed me off the most because it’s just all over for no reason

      4. Wow….Here I thought CS 3’s editing was worse…
        It’s clear that Tiara (not Stasi) is the only one who is going to help her through this hell hold. Tiara said what I been dying to see! Can this next episode come on please! Judi’s plan is also clever and funny!

      5. Exactly, I knew something was shady about the editing. They make it seem like Angie isn’t talking to them at all anymore and show dumbass drama that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. There’s no character development. There’s too much “shit talking” and unnecessary “hookups” shown. I need to be on the editing team of these shows.

        I know it’s not an easy job, but come on where is the semi-realistic aspect at?

      6. Thats just how this so-called “reality” TV bullshit works.

        lol who did Angie “fuck up” before? Only fights i’ve seen with her (with the very person she was talkin to) she got thrashed.

      7. turn out it was Nastasia and Shelly….calling a truce but stasi says its still part of her “plan” to blow up on Shelly hmmm :)
        Cheyenne luv yahh buut shes probably is gonna quit cuz she wont handle the drama oh wells….TASHA/SHELLY NEEED TO GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. its gonna be interestin in twoo weeks. nxt week is gonna be good too. i still want tasha/shelly to go home! and tiara a lil. dont judge. -_-

  32. I want Stasi to go home, or at least never bear her midriff again.

    1. I know she is pushing her luck by acting fake with Judi. Baddest my ass…Judi shouldn’t have never even taken her as a ally.

  33. Um who the fuck said Tasha is supportive of Judi?

    Tasha is a stupid cunt and little known fact: Judi had a form of cancer before the show, and she had it act up again during the course of the show,she also had brain tumors. She was removed from the house for a couple weeks.

    In Tasha’s last week bonus interview she said how she wishes Judi would have died from her cancer.

    Stupid bitch. Just disgusting.

    1. Well yeah it would make sense that they had to remove her for awhile considering all of the alcohol she drank, that can cause hell for tumors of any form. Alchol will make them swell. So will hormone changes. (been there, done that).

      I’m surprised if the producers knew about her condition that they didn’t monitor her drinking more but then all they really care about is what makes for good tv, right?

      For someone to say they wished anyone would die like that is truly sick! No good will come to her for wishing that!

  34. Go to the casts blog on oxygen, Judi is getting so much mean hate. Everyone on that website is taking the show way too far.

  35. This episode was really sad.

    First I’m happy that the Team ‘Real’ fanbase is finally broken up. Officially period point blank. Apparently it consists of people who like Judi. LOL

    But I’m really sad that my Priscillers left. :'( The show will not be the same without my New Yorker boricua. I don’t like the new girl, she looks uglier than her pic. It was funny when she was talking to the producers “Why am I going home?” LOL, it was a perfect exist for my fav of this season. Yeah, bitch you damn near killed the Joker looking bitch, you gotta go. That’s my bitch though. I fucks wit her. Seeing Judi cry from physical and mental trauma was golden, it made me almost as happy as when Kristen punched Lea.

    1. Smh now this is the reason why u hate some of the viewers. They are taking this show way to seriously. Having your favorite(s) is inevitable. Laughing at the downfall of the ones you don’t like is comical.

      But there are people on the blogs making everthing about race. Or saying some stupid shit like “I hope _________ dies.”


      1. I’m starting to realize that. That scene really hit me very hard when Judi began to cry at them playing her like fools and too make matters worse the cast tends to flip flop throughout the episodes…What I am starting to realize is that they are really making this season much darker and twisted than the others…

      2. I actually like everyone (or liked everyone) on the show until I saw that fat ass was the fakest and this last episode removed any ounce of respect I had for Judi. To cry because someone is not your friend is the ultimate sign of weakness. I want to have nothing to do with it.

      3. Like if you go to the oxygen blogs people are being absolutely ridiculous about the entire show.

        Im giving the girls the BOD because the season is all over the place so you can’t really tell whats goin on with who.

        The ONLY reason im pissed at TEAM CLEAN is because all of them were quick to stepto/fight, but NASTASIA has put her hands on ALL THREE OF THEM and they’ve done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to her.

  36. Stasi didn’t do anything to Tasha….SMH..Like I said throwing drinks on people is a NO-NO! Fake ass..

  37. i felt bad when judi cried at the end. she really wants to make friends but these
    cold hearted bitches dont. this season is pretty good but it took 9 episode for someone to go and come WTH it feels to short this season. they still need to go on vacation and this was all under 17/19 days…. -________-

    1. Nah, the season needs to come to an end. Everything I ever really wanted to happen, happened in episode 9. The rest of the season is really basically irrelevant at this point.

      I’m guessing they’re keeping at least one more goodie for us though.

      1. I guess….i just want more fights and more girls to ROTATE out of the house. -__-

  38. what is this? basketball wives? seems like twitter causes more fights among the classless than any other social media.