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Risky of Real Chance at Love.jpg Promo of real Chance at Love.jpg
So Hood of real Chance at Love.jpg Sexy Legs of real Chance at Love.jpg
Jessica Rabbit of real Chance at Love.jpg Meatball of real Chance at Love.jpg
Stalker of real Chance at Love.jpg Cali of real Chance at Love.jpg
KO of real Chance at Love.jpg Isha of real Chance at Love.jpg
KiKi of real Chance at Love.jpg Corn Fed of real Chance at Love.jpg
Bay-Bay-Bay of real Chance at Love.jpg Lusty of real Chance at Love.jpg

Your first look at a few of the contestants appearing on ‘Real Chance at Love’
In order from top-left: Risky, Promo, So Hood, Sexy Legs, Rabbit (as in Jessica Rabbit), Meatball, Stalker, Cali, KO (as in knockout), Isha, KiKi, Corn Fed, Bay-Bay-Bay and Lusty.

Click here for the Official Cast Photo…

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  1. Half of them look like men, one looks underage, one looks like a scary doll and the rest don’t stand out. Can’t wait to attack these skanks too.

  2. ehh I don’t know what to say. These women look wayyyyy to normal. Then again, they’re not vying for anyone special

    The top right one is the hottest IMO

  3. Aurelius; that’s Jessica…she’s my favorit, too.
    But there are others I have to add that might change your mind.

    But, as you said, these are the most down-to-earth looking women we’ve ever seen

  4. Steups, did you hear anything about the format? How many episodes there will be?

    Lets just hope it’s not as bad as That’s Amore (for VH1’s sake)

  5. The difference between Flavor Flav and Real/Chance is that normal girls actually like the latter, haha!

    I think my favorites are Rabbit, Isha, and Christine.

  6. However, some of the Flavor Flav girls (e.g: Toastee, Goldie) aren’t particularly crazy- they just saw a get-rich-quick opportunity.

  7. I like the one with the Prince type polka dotted head wra, she is pretty. What? That is Chance?Real’s brother?

  8. Not sure of the format… I don’t really question the girls ’cause they aren’t allowed to talk.
    I’ll link their MySpaces with the pcitures so y’all can help with the investigation.

    I have 12 of the 15 but some of them haven’t added me yet so i don’t really wanna use their pictures.

  9. Lmmfao…Bubo, those pics were a mess.
    Btw, that chick, ‘Dork’ is a kick-boxer or something.

  10. the second girl and the fourth girl are both sexii, i can already tell there gunna b my favorties and u know there gunna b on charm school 3 or 4 because they got nicknames n monique is gunna have 2 throw it in the fire lol wat the flavor of love 3 gurls

  11. Good choices nvrthere.
    I added links to their pictures so go ‘Add’ them on mySpace

  12. yay thank u

  13. The first girl is gorgeous.

  14. nice, you moved the best looking one at the top lol

  15. the last one is pretty cute too!

  16. Very nice stepuz!

  17. Why just 15 girls? I guess this show will be a short season? It better not be no 30 min. Maybe they’ll do like FOL3 and add five men later on, lmao.

  18. She went to the top automatically ’cause the first girl asked for her picture to be removed.
    Whatcha all think of KiKi (bottom left)?
    She looks like Kelly Rowland (Destiny’s Child) to me.

  19. I think like ladies will be introduced later on in the season, I mean if the show isen’t 30 min or a short season, then that must be it.

  20. Good to see that they picked at least one hot white chic! Can’t wait to see the cat fights.

  21. He picked more than one hot white chick…but I can’t use the pics right now until they reply or ‘ADD’ me.
    But, I don’t know if there will be many cat-fights on this show ’cause the girls seem pretty nice.

  22. Anyone esle thinks the girl in the ‘Yankees’ cap favours Kim Kardashian?

  23. i say these girls are just ok average

  24. I think Miss Diggs is gorgeous! They all look sweet!

  25. 5th girl is cutest to me

    Steupz: Donnie, I changed it to 5th ’cause I added Angela at the top

  26. yea she does but more hip-hopish lol

  27. Miss Digs is the only one that actually does look like a girl

  28. I think they all look good and you are right….normal.

    KiKi and Christine looks like they may be a wee bit more “street” than the rest….I am not that sure about Miss Diggs, she looks like she has been around some but then again she doesn’t.

  29. Eh, none of them stand out to me. The best looking girl on Reality TV was Candace “Black” Cabrera, jmo!

  30. Aye, I gotta change that picture of Diggs, so don’t judge her on that, lol.

  31. I can’t get over how the first girl looks like a cleaned up / thinner version of Larissa / Bootz

  32. i can see how the one in the hat resembles kim k. ‘street’ version kim k. lol. doesnt one of the stallions have the same hat on

  33. are those the only two white girls? so far really good

  34. Did anybody notice that stalker trade out for FOL3 half of these ho’s are looking for 15 Minutes of Fame


  35. Angela is the ONLY one that looks REAL…. and she is the HOTTEST!!! I’d pick her… CHECK OUT HER MY SPACE PICS… YOU’LL SEE WHAT I MEAN….

  36. Thanks Pimp, I’ll add her.
    And btw, you’re being moderated ’cause it appears some other person shares your IP address so it’s messing up. i’ll have to sort it out.

  37. they are just a bunch of attention whores from the looks of it.

  38. whoops, double/triple post ftl =[

  39. yes sort it out please steups i don’t wanna be ban from this great bourgy but even doe i didn’t watch i love money or New York Goes To Hollywood i actually think I’m gonna watch these two clowns show after all

  40. By the looks of Miss diggs myspace, she looks real! She looks like a fun time!

  41. I like the fact that these girls don’t look like “eye candy” models were called for the casting. They kinda remind me of the 1st FOL, I wonder if there is a NY breakout in the bunch!!!

  42. So this is Real and Chance’s show? What happens if they fall for the same girl!!!!

  43. Something tells me their promo pics will be fucked up when they come out.

  44. I hope Pumkin doesn’t get on this show too, cus then I’ll lose all respect for VH1 reality shows altogether >_>

  45. Well dorfam, there are actresses/models in that group… it’s just that I used non-promotional pictures in most instances.

    But this group is a little testy. Two people have asked that their picture be removed already. I don’t know what that’s about ’cause when MTO gets a hold of their pics they aren’t gonna use the pics I have.

  46. interestinggggggggg.

  47. Came here accidentally, perchance?

  48. has taping already begun?, and is it REal and Chance?

  49. Yes, it’s Real AND Chance… I suspect they have already finished and are now editing.
    And my understanding is there is a lot of drama.

  50. Steupz, If you think there is a lot of drama then chances are VH1 will edit out 75% of it.

  51. DORK is my favorite so far, she looks like your average Myspace Chick

  52. Will they fall 4 the same chick, wow!!!!!

  53. no wonder they call her stalker she got chance plastered all over her myspace lol and she put this whole page on her myspace blog sayin we’re all haters lol so i kno she’s readin this wats up stalker

  54. no steups.

    i knew of the dbslayers forwarding address weeks ago.

    i was commenting on the ladies…i thought jessica rabbit was going to be more attractive due to the picture chosen, was disappointed when i saw her myspace page though.

    and its been a while…glad to see things dont change.

  55. Change isn’t good…
    I trust all has been well?

  56. steups them twins from FOL3 said they have a new show coming out soon what do you know about yo

  57. Who is the Black blonde on ROL Charm School?

  58. That’s Raven, Dorfam; the chica who wouldn’t shut up and spoke about shyt like parallel universes and stuff.

    Pimp, you know those chicas will never get a show.

  59. I’d love to know why some of these aspiring actresses don’t want their picture posted here.

  60. Ebony wanted it removed because I put it up before she said ‘yes’ or ‘no’.
    And Bay-Bay-Bay asked because her publicist advised her. My guess is the publicist wanted to do a photoshoot so more professional photos can be released to the public. Can’t be too upset with that.

    But the Ebony thing is bullshit; she coulda just given me a better and updated picture to use.
    She’s mad beautiful though.

  61. hahahaha steups I’m just going by what snitch 1 and snitch 2 are saying they even said they have a show in some of there interview

  62. steups what the hell is a Bay-Bay-Bay you must live in the south LOL

  63. I think that’s her name on the show, yo.
    Who’s your favorite?

    I got about 5 would make me watch every episode

  64. lmao wheres da men

  65. What’s up with that “Stalker” girl saying we’re all hating on her on myspace?

  66. I don’t know what she means by hating because nobody started hating on her yet. If she wants me to start hating I will oblige because she looks busted.

  67. i was sayin tha same thing bout that stalker chick no1 was saying anything bad about them

  68. There are just so many things that I can say about her and I haven’t visited her Myspace. I don’t plan on looking at any of these folks Myspace because that’s not really my kind of thing.

    @ Mr. New York, you don’t see the manly looking girls in those pics? 3 of those girls look like men to me.

  69. Also the one that was taken down earlier really looked like a man.

  70. All of those women look good!

  71. rabbit, christine and miss digs are gorgeous. can’t wait to see this show… for some reason i have a feeling that this could be some kind of a second flavor of love… yay =)

  72. why isnt angela s picture showing?

  73. Sorry 123, the this is fricking up.
    Someone asked if there are only two white girls? No, there are 2 in the 8 listed, and two others have some Asian and Hispanic heritage.

    And of the remaining 7, I’ve found at least two more whitegirls for you (feels weird writing that)

  74. u cant see hur face really

  75. Angela: Real Chance at Love

    Angela: Real Chance at Love.jpg

  76. she is really cute

  77. Yeah, and looks rather friendly too…but who knows how she behaves on the show, or if she made it past Episode 1

  78. For most of these girls, they are pretty. This show can’t possibly last 12 or 13 episodes though if there are only 15 girls playing, right? I mean..this whole show idea is so f-ed up. Are the guys going after all the girls or is one group of girls going for one guy and the other group for the other? I mean…wtf…or are they both just going for one girl to share between them? I see a season of about 7 or 8 episodes because there’s just not enough girls. I wonder if vh1 went into this show trying to play it safe with fewer girls in case it bombs.

  79. She’s gorgeous!
    I mean, if this is a “bad” picture, I’m too excited to see a good one. lol

    ***had to edit this comment*** (privacy reasons)

  80. that girl looks trashy

  81. is stalker the same stalker chance posted about on his myspace a couple of months back?

  82. I think so, SGF (where you been?)
    I’m still unsure she is a contestant… I am 905 on the others, and 70% on her

  83. maybe shes kicked off first since shes such a stalker lol lik a weird fan groupie, that wud be funny…

  84. If she’s going for Real I think he’d probably like a stalker. Chance, too, even. They both have no game and would probably love nothing more than a woman to overcome them. Just like with New York…I think they both fell hard for her. They wanted to be dominated lol.

  85. 1 2 4 and 6 are the only cute ones I see out of this 8. The rest are pretty unfortunate looking.

  86. lol…i actually thinks the stalker girl is pretty. she’s actually just a bit fatal. wow i would absolutely tune in to a show like this. angela looks nice as well.

  87. ive been here and there steups. the stalker girl called bourgy haters on her myspace. u can see she a lily obsessed if u check her page out

  88. well… we are haters. All we do is talk shit about the contestants, or occasionally compliment them. But you know how it goes… if you insult somebody and then give them a compliment, which are they going to remember?

  89. This will be off the chizzie. These girls are the finest set of around the way girls one could find.

  90. Some of ya’ll folks wouldn’t know a fine woman if you tripped over her.

  91. The third girl, the one in the green top, she’s cute. She looks like Dionne from Clueless, and the girl in the white shirt with the purse is cute.

  92. hey quys so whats the deal on this show
    are thhey qonna qet a qroup or are they qonna qo after 1 of 15
    & no disrespect to you steups but how do you kno all of this lol
    this is hardcore info lol

  93. You know, for a second, I thought that Promo was Megan…

    So, anyway, is everyone going to get a nickname, or do they have a choice to keep their name?

  94. lol the second one looks like a transvestite

  95. Ki Ki looks like a man. She is one ugly bitch!

  96. haha

  97. I am sure this will be a good show..Chance and Real are so animated..they crack me up..
    And there will be another don’t anyoen

  98. I notice you added another girl with brown eyes.She has a bad hair weave.She looks like a drunk pussy cat.

  99. Oh and that girl in that New york hat looks evil she’s a fake bitch!!!

  100. OMG, what is the point in all the hating? I feel everyone that made a hating remark put a pic of you up here for the world to judge!

  101. Sorry, I took so long to moderate, Ebony…
    I was out all day.

  102. I guess one of the girls reponded to this site.Are they aware that it’s going to get worse.

  103. I would also like to add that this show is only making these women look ignorant and class-less.I hope Mz. Ebony don’t think she’s going to become an A list star after the show.She will always be perceive to be a ghetto druckin pussy cat.

  104. That was funny…stop the madness man.Now that Ki Ki is the one that is a ghetto nasty flithy scum of the earth trick.I went on her myspace page dude ghetto.She’s already claiming to a reality star.She is one stupid bitch! FAKE

  105. which one seems the most real out of the whole group?

  106. Umm….get used to the hating. It’s gonna happen and I’m gonna be right at the forefront on this site. Also, I have no need to put my pic up because my hating is just my way of not showing favoritism and if I gained 30 pounds I would probably still weigh less than 80% of the people on this site and I have no need to get fake hair and nails because mine are long and natural. So, any future assumptions that all haters are fat, fake or unintelligent have no bearing on this site and comments inquiring about haters need to be directed towards the illiterate, inept beings located on VH1 or MTO where the comments are more vicious.

  107. wtf is mto, and your comment enigmatic anon is really true, sad but true

  108. MTO is that fake, lying ass site that steals pics of people and make up dumb ass celebrity stories just so the dumb asses over there can ridicule them.

  109. im guessin u dont really like reality tv shows e.

  110. I don’t like much of anything but I get bored and writing keeps me occupied.

  111. have you looked at any of these gurls profiles?myspace?

  112. No. I don’t have a Myspace of my own nor do I want one. Also it’s just a waste of time to me since I’m already gonna think all the pics suck anyway.

  113. lol ur a trip man!

  114. Let’s see….looking at these pics…I’m guessing Isha, Jessica, Stalker, and Kiki, final 4.

    Not because I like them (Jessica and Isha I like), it’s because of what they look like.

    I can’t see Promo or Sexy Legs making it far.

    Steupz: you may wanna rethink that

    Sexy Legs


  115. its very interesting how every1 talks bout the same girls////

  116. The girls coming down the left are my favorites.

  117. shes huge!

  118. DEAD! She has big feet; I wonder if that means she has a…never mind.

    But she’s a stunna; y’all should ‘Add’ her if you haven’t already.

  119. left column?

  120. Yep; left column…
    Mayne I need a preview or an advertisement for this show already

  121. i know i try to see if vh1 got anything n nothing.whats wrong with the girls on the right? lol i think they r hotter then the left…well das jus my opinion

  122. The girls on the right have that ‘date me’ look. But the girls on the left have that nasty, sex appeal.
    They just seem sexier to me; and just as pretty.

    There are still three more girls though…
    One I know for sure; I’ll try to get her pic up. The other I am not certain about at all.

    And I have no idea who the 15th is…gotta go do some work for tomorrow. I’ll check in to read your reply, if any.

  123. why don t you ask any of the girls?

  124. …to go out?
    They’re out of my league.

    When you see a lot more of their pictures you’ll realize this is the most attractive group of girls ever asembled for one of these shows.

    You know 123; that’s a great idea for a post tomorrow.

    I’ll examine the FOL’s and the ROL’s and this group and rate all 6 of em.

  125. lol they r fo so hotter than any sho.who u think won?

  126. I have no idea, but if I were picking it’d be Ebony.
    But knowing Chance and Real; they’d go for someone like ‘So Hood’, or Isha.

    Or one of the two we haven’t seen. I say two ’cause we say ‘Bay-Bay-Bay’ until I removed her picture.

  127. Man I know Christine she’s real good…if you know what I mean…
    But I would love her and married her if she wasn’t such a wh***

    Steupz: Chase, it’s obvious you’re on games here; so I am not approving the 4 subsequent comments, including the 2 you wrote under a different name.

  128. Christine

  129. What?

  130. what did you say about Christine?

  131. Ok, maybe SL will stay on a little longer.

    I will keep my top 4 and my Promo comment.

  132. Why did Mz.Ebony change her picture,she still looks the same to me. (DPC)

  133. ok now did they change the premiere date cuz before it was november 3rd n now dey say its october 20th

  134. the picture of the whole cast is on…very interesting

  135. Link me 123, please…’cause I can’t find it anywhere.

  136. go to search real chance of love and then its the first link

  137. Thanks, mate; I’ll put it up.

  138. I think most of these girls are pretty. The girl on the top right looks like Tara Reid. Bottle blondes are generally not attractive to me, though. They all look the same and generally their personalities are all the same. Dull to the core.

    But I think it’s pretty apparent Chance and Real both prefer black women so I don’t think any of these white girls will last long. Just my opinion though lol but I don’t see the white girls staying around long just like the black girls never last past a second episode of ROL.


  140. they r pictures r up individually on

  141. I didn’t think you guys would want to see those pictures.

  142. they r betta than these ones right?

  143. Enigmatic Anon you rock i love your comments there soooooo funny
    i know your not trying to be funny.You sound just like my sister
    she says all the time how she hates everything and how
    everything makes her angry.

  144. wow yall realy makin a show of love dat dont make sence

  145. wow yall doin a show though i cant beleave but u and chance man i cant wait to see this why yall cant do it earlyer

  146. o my gosh but you realy should pick day chinese girl she dated my brother

  147. o m g o m g

    o m g

  148. come on the all look nice please stop hatein the are suppose to look normal not fake.

  149. y you all cant be happy for real and chance they want to find love so let them. i think the show will be a huge success and i know i will watch and enjoy all you ppl who think they should not have this show and the girls dont look too gud you are haters but please dont hate the players hate the game. all the girls look nice the look normal and not fake and i think thats what real and chance wants real girls or women. Look at the girls from FOL 1,2 and 3 they were not so hot but look at them now. so please ppl LEAVE real and Chance alone their show will be very entertaining and am looking forword to a great show and to the brothers finding true love.

  150. Well, I’ve seen the entire episode… and ((( SPOILER )))

    The three eliminated are:

    The chick with nasty breath
    The chick with the gold booty shorts.

    The one in the gold booty shorts starts bawling.

  151. Where did u see the entire episode from cuase on the sneak premiere on doesnt show it.

  152. HI Real I LOVE YOU

  153. Cali use to work as a stripper with a couple of friends of mine. She still talks to a few of them too. Crazy to see her on this. Dont even know what to say.

  154. Rabbit is so damn sexxy

  155. I don’t care to much about what the girls look like but I do know that Chance is a sexy black man and I wish that I could have been on the show

  156. Lusty is so fine. She has the nicest breast i have ever seen in my life.


  158. stalker is hot

  159. Kiki,bay bay they are not going anywhere with REAL
    or why? Because he like K.O & Rabbit
    cry Kiki,bay bay Cry , why? Real will be with K.O or Rabbit, Real Mother dont like girls like you, or Bay Bay…….no ! Kiki is trouble & Bay Bay, really, kiki,bay bay are not the girls to take home, to the mother…….bay bay need to go and eat more, what kiki & bay bay are smoking? i wonder

  160. Lol can see yaw have some very interesting opinions bout the show. I always thought Milf was gonna win. lolz dnt know y tho



  162. may be its just me but to me
    i dont thnk none of them gots
    wat it takes to be wit real or
    chance. the grl that i thnk that
    will be good for real is cornfed
    cus shes more laidback and not the
    drama type and i thnk that she will
    be good for to bay bay bay
    shes loud and obviouslt she lykes dram
    she wants to be the center of attention.
    and to chance i thnk that he should choose
    rabbit because shes more into hem then the other
    ones as to of risky i dont thnk shes rite..

  163. and to chance i thnk that if
    i was on the show that u probably
    wouldve went for me… im only 18
    but i love me some chance and im not
    lyke the grls that are on the show and
    acting lyke lil on my grown woman
    status wish u could she that.. luv ya chance