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I am not one for outing people, but ThrillFiction, ThrillFiction uploaded this!
That’s like going through Christopher Hitchens’ bookcase and finding a dozen Danielle Steele books.

The clip is from Excused, which is sorta like a show I used to wat… heard about, on MTV.

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  1. Um, I thought we had an understanding that Rico and other of Love unpopulars are only relevant posts if we managed to get a hold of their latest porn flick.

    1. If that were the case this site would be all Caviar all the time.

  2. I wrote a recap on this same episode months ago back when VH1 still had that pilot site up (I think those hoes shut it down because they only had one pilot on there that people liked and they let Oxygen get that show).


  3. The fact that I’ve just been compared to Christopher Hitchens doesn’t detract from the insult. Or is Christopher Hitchens the insult? Danielle Steele was in vouge once wasn’t she? Sort of like Dan Brown a few years ago… Oh I digress.

    Rico got game on this show. Unbelievable… And Skonka ‘Excused’ isn’t my only guilty pleasure. I’m also a regular on Bourgy.com.

    1. Those chicks were falling all over him. It was ridiculous because everything about him screamed “plant” to me.

      1. Just came out of the archives after reading your initial post. Sterling work EA as normal. You must have seen the extended version ‘cos the broadcast show had about half of what you described. Still, every now and them a 30 minutes TV fix is better than a full hour. Needs must.

      2. The version I saw was about 35 full minutes without breaks so I know they had to cut about 10 or so mintes out to fit it in a 30 minute format with commercials.


      4. Nsh it’s just a bootleg, confusing dating show thatcomes on every day (both on local TV and on VH1).

        It’s a scam of course because they have a lot of people who used to be on other shows claiming they looking for love.

        These are the people I know have been on it other than Rico

        -Angelina from Jersey Shore
        -Kayla from BGC3

      5. Bones was on it too. as a matter of fact i think he was on the next show after the rico one. or the one right before it.

      6. Haha, Bones was a cool cat. I liked him.

  4. God, if only she knew where his mouth has been.

  5. Khy Oxygen is still considering Bad Boys Club!LMAO!!! This means we have a chance!LOL!!!
    And BGC9 is still doing Casting calls for more females they believe they have the full line-up but just to be sure.

    1. I hope they do one, it’s the only possible new show from them that would rival Bad Girls in ratings. I think they should SERIOUSLY start thinking about doing one.

      1. I know I didn’t know people want to see that! Now i’m excited!!

      2. 7 guys, one house, there’s going to be drama. Especially if you throw a few catty gays and some idiot douchebags in the mix.

      3. IT’S ALL KINDS OF DRAMA!!! Throw in some silent types too they’re unpredictable also! Oxygen can’t go wrong!

  6. WTF man? Even I didn’t see this one coming.



    2. Someone on CNN just said Ray J was the one who found her dead in her hotel. WTF?

      1. Yeah they said they were dating! o_o Really?! When was this?!

    3. Looking at some of those comments disgust me. I almost think on articles like this comments should either not be allowed or should have to b approved. I really don’t understand how people can sit up and make fun of ANYONE’s death, but it’s the way of the internet I guess.

      Now Ray J’s publicist is coming out saying that Ray wasn’t around and didn’t find her body.

    4. She abused drugs terribly.

      I’m sure it had something to do with that. What a terrible waste and a sad way to leave the world stage.

      She at least established a legacy that I doubt will ever be broken. Greatest voice eva.

    5. Sorry I’m not going to be one of those people who sit on the internet and when a celeb dies of OD sit there and say anyone who uses drugs deserved it. (Not that anyone here did it) But Drug addiction is a disease and would anyone sit there and say a person with leukemia deserved to die? No. Death is sad no matter how it happened. RIP Etta James/Whitney Houston/ Amy Winehouse everyone who was taken in the last year or so. No matter how they ended their life they will always be remembered for their prime. [/rant]

      1. Those people are idiots.

        Most people who are addicted to drugs are addicted for a reason, not “just cause”. The fact of the matter is a young girl have lost her mother tonight and what?, she’s not supposed to grieve because of the bad choices her mother made that MIGHT(it hasn’t even been confirmed yet) have led to her death? We’re just supposed to shrug our shoulders and say “un huh, that’s what she gets!”? People are IDIOTS and have big mouths. It’s easy to talk when it’s not you or your mother in the situation. Then you can sit back and crack morbid jokes and judge other people.

        I’m going on to a waaaay different subject here- but it also irritates me when people call those who commit suicide “cowards”. Who in the hell are you to sit up here and judge someone elses decision reflecting THEIR own life? You shut up and just hope that you never get to that point. Jackass.

        It’s easy to talk.

      2. Who is claiming people are addicted “just cause”? Did I not cite the overbearing psychological pressures of the celebrity?

        Part of the reason people become addicted is they CHOOSE to take these drugs. Don’t try to divert my calling attention to Houston’s lack of taking responsibility by invoking her daughter. If she cared about her daughter at all, she wouldn’t have made herself sick in the first place which ultimately caused her own death. That’s what RESPONSIBLE people tend to do when they know they have others who are dependent on them.

        I am the iconoclast so I’ll not withdraw constructive criticism wherever I deem acceptable. If Whitney Houston did nothing else at least she can call attention to the deadly effects of heavy drug use.

      3. Number one- I did not reply to you, nor was I in anyway “referencing” your post. I didn’t even SEE your post until AFTER I posted.

        Number two- I could care less about your opinion on the matter. I was posting MINE. If I was replying to you I would have done it or if I had a problem with your thoughts and wanted to talk about it- I would’ve addressed it.

        Now that’s out of the way- I’m not sitting here saying Whitney was an angel and that none of the mistakes she made as a grown woman may have led to her death. I’m saying that it’s sad RE-fucking-gardless. I could care less if someone drinks themselves to death, I would never say they “deserved” it because *I* don’t believe any human being deserves death no matter how they lived their lives and made horrific mistakes that may have led up to it.

        I have my opinion on the matter and you have yours. Let’s do the adult thing and leave it alone. As I stated- My post had absolutely nothing to do with yours nor was it targeted at you. If it was you would have known.

      4. And to be fair. No one knows what she died from yet. Ofcourse drugs are the likely cause for any celebrities death but it’s premature to assume it.

      5. I don’t care that you weren’t replying to me because I would have still said what I had to say to you regardless. You were still wrong to invoke her daughter and suggest anyone believes people get addicted to drugs “just cause” etc.


        Yes it is possible there are other causes, but lets be honest. When Amy Whinehouse died, no one thought she got hit by a bus and Whitney’s drug use is as famous as her voice. We all remember the Debra Wilson skits.

      6. “I don’t care that you weren’t replying to me because I would have still said what I had to say to you regardless.”

        Goodie for you.

        “You were still wrong to invoke her daughter and suggest anyone believes people get addicted to drugs “just cause” etc.”

        Oh shut up. I can say whatever I damn well please. There’s no “right” nor any “wrong” in this matter. If you don’t like my opinion then you suck it up.

        With that, I’m done. You can have your little “last words”. I’ve said *my* opinion and that’s all that matters. I don’t care about yours or anyone elses.

    6. Yeah I pretty much did it.

      Part of the problem is the narcissism that comes with being a celebrity. Or rather in her case an icon and superstar. It’s a tough thing to deal with because there you have the entire world saying you are the greatest voice of all time. She probably felt invincible at some point but the laws of nature apply to her just the same as everyone and it doesn’t play favorites.

      Addiction is a disease, but the addiction was not forced upon her (presumably). If she choose to have the addiction, and she certainly choose to continue it to a point where it got out of hand, she deserved all the consequences of that choice.

    1. OMG! I was just about to post that! Sad. R.I.P.

  7. I am shocked beyond words. I just saw a pic of her and her daughter at some event and then a pic of her coming out of some club and that was a few days ago. What the hell happen? I don’t want to say what’s really on my mind so I will wait until I hear more reliable info. OMG. My condeolences go out to her daughter and her family. So sad.

    1. First Etta James and now Whitney?! Oh, man. This is sad!

      R&B has lost two queens this year!

      1. Oh My GOD!!!! I was just in my room watching The Preacher’s Wife and my daughter came in and told me!

      2. I was so ready to see Whitney back in the remake of Sparkle. I’m gonna listen to her music and watch her movies during my days off!


  8. All eyes on Ray J. He was the last person to see her alive.

    1. No she wsa with Kelly Price Last night ande the 2 sang Yes Jesus Loves Me together.

      1. Here is the video of her last performance:


        A mess.

      2. Damn they deleted it.

      3. You didn’t miss much

      4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0SLu-v-6II

        Teehee, I think someone was smart enough to grab the video from the other guy. Here is the same video of the hot mess.

  9. MTO had a pic up yesterday of Whitney stumbling out of a club. She supposedly had gone to teh bathroom and when she came back her wrist was cut up and she had blood dripping all over. I pray this wasn’t a suicide. Girl had too much to live for. She was making her comeback slowly but those demons kept hounding her. Sparkle comes out in August and tehy were waiting for the completed script for “Getting to Happy: Waiting to Exhale 2″

    1. They might as well cancel Waiting To Exhale 2. Whitney was a major part of the first I hear.

      1. Yes she was. The story revolves around her charater Savanah, moving to Arizona for a job. Bernedette, played by Angela Bassett was her best friend so she knew someone there already but was introduced to the other women and became friends. So yeah it has to be scraped because I can’t see anyone else stepping into that role since part 2 takes place about 10 to 15 years later and continues the story.

  10. She was with Ray J last night at the club cuz I saw Kola Boof goin IN on this lady Stacy Francis, all of whom where at this club (don’t quite know with Kola Boof tho).

    All I can say is i’m watchin Ray J punk ass cuz somethin really ain’t right about all this. I have not felt this way about a celeb passing since MJ and that whole thing had so much surrounding it. I advise everybody to keep an eye on Ray J especially if he starts getting movie roles, comes out with another album-nobody-will-buy, or if he just starts to be in the public eye a lot more.

    1. Of Course he’s gonna find a way to use this as a way to get attention. He’s a natural born attention whore.

      Still hilarious how Kim K was a nobody but after their sex tape it was her who got a reality show and Ray J didn’t get shit until two years after Kim. Not to mention FTLORJ2 and Family Business were bombs. He literally has nothing to stand on.

      1. Exactly and he is quite jealous of Kardashaslut because of that.

    2. I always wondered about Whitney’s relationship with Ray J. It never did set right with me. I think it was more going on between them than an on again off again bf/gf relationshp. I really want to hear what Ray J has to say about this.

      I know nothing is impossible but it boggles my mind that Whitney was at the club a few nights ago and pronounced dead at 4 PM today. Foul play was ruled out so I wonder did she have a heart attack while sleeping…..or was she partying with other people in her hotel suite last night and drank or did too many drugs and passed away in her sleep? This is so sad.

      G.S., do you or anyone on here know why Whitney was bleeding when she came out out the club on Thursday? Bossip had pictures of her with what looked like bloody scratches on the lower part of her arms and blood on her leg but they never did explain why.

      1. It was a LOT more to that “relationship” than people think. Like I said I have not felt like this since MJ died and it was known there was foul play (and I don’t believe that doctor really had much to do with it contrary to popular belief). Why was Foul play the first thing ruled out??

        I have no clue about the scratches but I would not believe she tried to kill herself at all.

      2. They never said how or why she had teh cuts/scratches on her arm. Just that she went to the bathroom alone and that’s how she returned. what they are saying now is she likely took some Xanex to rest after speaking with her mom and Dionne on teh phone about the pre Grammy party they were going to. she then climbed into tub for bath and either fell asleep or passeed out. They believe so far she drowned but still waiting for autopsy plus I’m sure toxology report which will take a few weeks.

    3. Sorry you peaked my interest and who is Kola Boof? Stacy Francis is a amateur Whittney Houston she was on the X factor. But anyways RIP Whitney.

      1. And I think Ray J is gonna WHORE the shit out of this which is very upsetting. 2 reasons profiting from the deceased and 2 I fucking hate RayJ. I hope Bobby Brown is happy he has been the downfall of her.

  11. Thanks G.S….I co-sign with you on the relationship thing. I don’t have any proof but something in my spirit was like…no, no, no this is not right…that’s why I want to hear how Ray J is going to twist this.

    CNN is devoting time to Whitney and her life and how they will remember her tomorrow at the Grammy’s. I just heard Jennifer Hudson is going to be a part of it.

    1. That’s going to be a sad grammys. What a damper. Smh.

    2. I can already tell the ratings for the Grammy’s are going to be HUGE.

  12. They say Celebs die in three’s…Who’s next?

    1. Etta James then Whitney Houston now…?

      1. You forgot Don Cornealius

      2. Oh I don’t know who that is… lol

      3. Creator, Producer and host of Soul Train.

        I honbestly forget how young some of you guys on here are. I believe Joann, Futter and I are truly the Old Folks on here!

      4. *honestly

      5. I know this is going to sound really cruel but I expected the next celebrity death to be Lindsey Lohan due to an overdose or something. Whitney wasn’t even in my mind although I saw all the pics of her the last few weeks and felt she looked pretty bad.

        So I felt it would have been Lindsey or Zsa Zsa Gabor since she has been so sick and close to death for teh last 2 years

  13. I was still wondering about the scratches on Whitney’s arm in the pic of her leaving that club so I did a google search and came up with a lot of articles about her and some chick named Stacy Francis getting into it over Ray J(of all people) on the night of the 10th. This may be the reason Whitney was looking so angry when she left the club Thursday night.


    This is one of the articles about Whitney and Stacy Francis arguing.


    1. Seems like Stacy will become a focus for the media soon. LOL Fighting over Ray J? Just no…

      There’s nothing to fight over.

  14. I wonder if Bobby Brown is upset. He was the REAL Downfall of her.

      1. What a tragedy.

        This is Anna Nicole all over again.

      2. Oh, fuck!


  16. I watch Excused, but I must have missed this one. I do know that Bonez(I Love New York 1) was on Excused recently. PEACE!!!