Found: Kerry Schwartz
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Seems Kerry Schwartz (A Basement Affair) is a quite popular associate on The Bill Cunningham Show out of Ohio.
I also stuck in the Rihanna pictures from her sensational Armani ad.


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  1. Who?

    But anyway OT since I don’t even think I saw 2 full episodes of A Basement Affair or whatever it was called.

    Last night’s Project Runway got us down to teh final 3 and yeah hose 3 were completly expected by all PR fans. Not that their designs this season deserved them but because you could see who was being favored even though they created pure crap. The dress Mondo made last night was even put down by him by saying it was “so ugly that’s it’s cute!” Anytime a designer hates his own designs but the judges on a “reality show” gush over them you know damn well they were forced to say it. These crazy judges couldn’t even explain why they liked the dress so I guess the crack that the producers pass it out is some good stuff!

    I went over to Tom and Lorenzo’s blog this morning to find out what they felt about the horrible job that Project Runway Allstars was doing and was not disappointed with their comments. They as well as others share my views that this special season was a true joke.

    From Tom & Lorenzo:
    This is the problem with PR in the Bunim/Murray age. All reality shows follow scripts, and the tightness of those scripts could be anything from a short, vague preparation before the scene, to a producer actually telling people what to say and when to say it. But Project Runway, for the last 4 seasons, has been one of the most clumsily scripted reality shows we’ve ever seen. The bare minimum of an attempt is made to explain the judges decisions but for the most part, the thinking behind the scenes seems to be “Fuck explaining it. Just give the win to X because that’s who we want to win it.”

    Time to be declarative about it: Bunim/Murray has destroyed the Project Runway brand in exactly the way we feared they would when they were announced as the new producers. We’ll be curious to see how PR does for its upcoming 10th regular season, but if it’s anything like the last two or three, it may be time to set this show out to pasture. You can’t keep insulting your audience and expect them to love you for it.

    1. T&L are so right. Except in that I thought this last season and gave up. I loved PR but no more for me. I noticed that they were casting “cute & young” and fresh out of school and it wasn’t for me anymore. Project Runway isn’t Real World with scissors.

      1. True and to even things out they try to throw in a bitchy older Queen but it’s not working. Because I haven been faithful I will give the next season a chance but truly my heart isn’t in it. This All Star crap just really ruined the brand for me.

  2. If I hypothetically said that I was into One Direction would that make me a pedophile? I’m not saying I like them. I’m just asking.

    1. Nah! I used to watch Big Time Rush with my daughter because I thought they were cute

      1. Is Louis teh second 1? My vote goes to him. The first one gives me too much of a Justin Beiber vibe and I hate the hair

      2. The second one is Zayne. The first is Louis. They all have a Justin Beiber vibe. That’s just how they are styled these days. I hate the hair too. It reminds me of the 80s big hair sprayed hair.

    2. I remember watching them on Xfactor!.. I hated them. Cher Lloyd all day

      1. They sucked on X-factor.

        They sound lovely with autotune.

  3. I was gonna say nobody was even looking for her but I went thru the pics….dats a badd azz orange girl lol

  4. That sad part is, at this point I would take another season of a Basement Affair lol at least Dana and Annie were interesting. I also liked Kerry and Cathy

    1. I would love another season of Daisy of Love. that show never failed to make me LMAO! Those guys couldn’t even pretend they were attracted to her and eliminated themselves as fast as they could. It was great tv

      1. andf those Triplets!!!! LOL! all they wanted was food and alcohol. If anybody needed a spinoff from DOl it was those triplets. Anybody remember what country they were from?

      2. They’re from Sweden. And they were in Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” video with Alexander Skarsgård from True Blood.

        Will, did you watch RHOA? That damn Sheree always stirring shit! I hope Kandi, Marlo and NeNe get on that ass at the reunion! That would be funny as hell.

      3. I think the only one that needs to deal with Sheree is Kandi. I think Nene needs to coninue behaving maturaly and leave it alone. Sheree needs a drink or something thrown in her face. Now that would be funny to watch. Maybe we can count on Marlo to do that but I doubt it. I don’t know about you but I’ll actually be gald when this season is over.

        I’m so tired of lazy ass Kim sitting around saying how she has so much to do but she’s not do anything but yelling at the staff. Then she wants everyone to believe she’s not a racist. Well where are your white staff members? Hell she could even make her kids do some stuff around the house. That youngest one will at least do something every now and then but the oldest one will be following in her mom’s footsteps soon enough. Notice we haven’t seen her with her chastity ring on.

      4. NeNe shoulda choke that ho! The way she be talking Sweetie was classless and rude. Hell, Sweetie woulda been throwing them hands on her, saying “I got your black bitch!” I think NeNe was right about Kim treating Sweetie like a slave. We all know slaves don’t get paid!

        OT: Today’s the 15th anniversary of Biggie’s death…
        (I hope that murderer gets caught ‘cuz it’s been WAY too long!)

      5. Yes, Nene is taking the higher road by trying her best to stay out of it. I would LMFAO if Kandi finally fed up with Sheree’s backstabbing shit starting ways went out of her normal calm persona and threw a drink on Sheree and knocked her lights out, Hell Marlo could even do it! How could Kim be bff’s with Sheree,because Sheree use to hate Kim’s guts and even attacked Kim before!Yes, Kim is so fucking lazy, I miss when she was fun and started drama! And yeah Kim’s oldest daughter is a brat and very immature/lazy : Kim 2 in the making! The youngest daughter is real helpful/mature and not a brat like her older sister?! And Sweetie should be glad she quit! If I worked for Kim I’d fucking rip her a new ass!Bravo get rid of HEree , Kim, and Cynthia(pretty face,but not much personality)

      6. LMAO! Thanks Kenri!

      7. 80’s hair metal ala Poison, Motley Crue etc! You couldn’t even understand them on the show and they got eliminated the 1st night for getting drunk and they even admitted they were only there to party and for the free booze! Yeah I remember them in the Papparazzi video where Gaga was all over them! None of those dudes on the show were attracted to her! 12 Pack was on I Love New York and just so happened got on Daisy’s show?!(Dude is such a phony/famewhore and really got the gay/bi vibe from him!) And it was so pathetic how Chi Chi was up Daisy’s ass and would cry when she ignored him(he even camped outside her room, when she was on a date aka getting fucked in the ass!)

  5. She’s so tanned she could say she’s apart of Destiny’s Child and no one would doubt it.

  6. I wonder how I stumbled on this website…… lol




    1. I hope they have either Kristen or Cat on this one. They’ve both said they wanted to be on the show.

      Morgan is still with her same boyfriend and has morals, so she wouldn’t do the show.

    2. Blah.

      Knowing them the cast will be-


      LOL I would actually barf if that was the cast.

      1. EEW, I pray to god that Erica aka Buzz Lightyear aka Ronald Mcdonald, Tasha aka Basic Bitch and Priscilla aka Irrelevant Hoe will not be the girls for Love Games 4. I really can’t see Kristen do it,she’s moved on and Cat does modeling now! I think only girls from seasons 6, 7, and 8 would do it! Season 1-5 chicks have either vanished or have other projects going on! My dream Love Games 4 girls: Natassia, Elease, and can’t think of another person wouldn’t that be an intresting dynamic . Natassia already became Friends with Elease during 8 , so it be intresting if they’d turn on each other on Love Games.

      2. They put that ugly bitch on there if they want to…It will be cancled after Episode 1 unlike BGC8 season was supposed to. If Elease and Stasi are on there they better whoop her ass!

    3. All I know is my baby Char better be on this, my dream cast would be Char, Amy, Tasha. I am not a fan of Amy or Tasha but they make for interesting TV.

      1. Tasha?! But you don’t like her (neither do I). All she did during her season(7) was walking around and say i’m too classy for this all the time! And when they went on that trip she was like their better be a yacht/red carpet rolled out/bottles on ice ready to pop! Her face was priceless when they boarded a pirate ship and the girls were drinking and doing body shots! She’s classy yet she had the nerve to step to Stasi, she woulda laid that bitch out! Amy I like she’s a fun time,but she still can lay a ass whooping on someone, I mean she fought and won against that lame ass bitch Mimi!

    4. This was posted by Dani and Gabi BGCfan page….I pray to god these clowns ARE NOT ON LOVE GAMES:
      “Don’t worry, even after #BGC8 the twins will be on Oxygen, stay tuned. ;)”
      (Oxygen I dunno what to think anymore)


  9. I made my new avatar as my official favorite bad girl from this season of Bad Girls Club.

    1. And it it’stunning BTW.

      1. Right! She is beautiful and tough but doesn’t try to hard. I love her so much <3

      2. Yeah, I like Elease she’s faily quiet/chill, but don’t let the calm ones fool ya! She definetly held her own against those twins on both ocassions! I think she proved herself in the house! She isn’t just all talk she has bite as well,unlike Erica! Someone needs to put Erica in check! The jumping of the twins looks epic, can’t wait! And that chick that gets pulled out of the van that’s Christine, I think what probably happens is she arrives at the house shortly after the twins leave get’s into a fight with the others, leaves to spend the night at a hotel,next day comes back and the girls stand outside the van rip open the door and attack her! I heard Christine leaves that day after be attacked! Amy and Camilla fight! Mimi leaves,but the girls want her back! Reunion Rumours: Jenna as she walks on the stage walks over to Erica and punches her! Gia fights either Erica,Jenna , or someone else! Elease vs one of the new girls, Mimi vs a replacement! I’m sure Amy will be chill. The twins probably we get jumped again or attempt to fight someone!