Massie’s RuPaul Drag Race 2 Episode 7- Once Upon A Queen
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Pandora The Queen on RuPaul's Drag Race 2This episode starts with the Queens reminiscing about how they were treated in high school. Juju seems to have been the only one with a good experience, as Tyra used to get papers thrown at her (I think they did that because she can be so damn annoying, they just wanted her to shut up).

Growing up Jessica explains that everyone would call him pato to refer to him being gay (I just realized that many of the “nice” Spanish words for gay are references to a bird, because I instantly thought pájaro when she said that.)
In Juju’s language the term used is gatoy. (This show is all about having you expand your knowledge)

The conversation takes a serious tone when Pandora admits that she once tried to kill herself because “I didn’t understand, I didn’t know what gay was, I knew I was totally different, I felt totally alone and I hated myself for years.” (What can you say to something like that? Stories like hers just make me hope people learn to be more tolerant and open minded)

Go Back To Chinatown

Later, RuPaul appears to give the Queens their mini challenge for the week. The Queens have to “read” their fellow Queens. Each Queen has to go down the line and playfully take jabs at the remaining contestants.

Some of the highlights from the challenge came when Tyra references that Tati looks like Eminem doing drag (she does not, she just has an urban look to her as a guy) and tells Jessica “Dumbo is flying in” (Those ears are kind of big).

Tati The Queen on RuPaul's Drag Race 2Tati freezes when it’s her turn, but she looks good just standing there breathing; unlike Brittanya.
Jessica Wild tells Juju “Go back to Chinatown girl” and ”Gringa puerca” to Pandora (that just means white pig, kind of sounds worse in English)
To Tyra she exclaims “You think that’s big (pointing to ears),you need to see another thing I have for you (gesturing to his penis), bitch”.

Juju’s best insult is to Tyra as she asks, “Was your BBQ canceled? Your grill is fucked up”. You know these Queens love referencing anything to sex, so Raven’s best jab is to Jessica, “You want to call me a top model, mami? Bend over and take it like a man, I’ll be your top… model”.
All the insults were pretty good, but Juju steals the show for Ru and wins the challenge.

For this week’s main challenge the Queens have to come up with their own book, an autobiography, and later will work with photographers to create their book cover.
When it comes time for the photo shoot, Tyra starts sweating like she is in a sauna, or Snoop Dog having to pass a drug test. The rest of the girls didn’t fare so much better, but Raven and Pandora are the stand-outs.

Following the shoot, the Queens have five minutes to change and go on a mock interview to discuss their book and their sponsor, Absolut Vodka (That’s a free plug because who doesn’t love cheap liquor?)
These interviews are hilarious, and Tatiana steals the show for me. She isn’t intentionally trying to be funny, but her answers are a hot mess.


At eliminations, all the Queens are wearing skin tight dresses and their bodies in drag? TO DIE FOR!!!
All the girls think they look amazing, but Raven takes it to another level and says “I feel I should be in Greek mythology and they should write a story about me.” (Hmm… I totally see it. He would make a great Icarus, no?)

Raven does have reason to be cocky however, as she ends up the winner of the main challenge.

Jessica Wild and Tati end up in the Bottom Two, and have to lip sync for their lives. Tati delivers with a sensual performance, while Jessica is just a train wreck, and therefore sent home. The faces on the other Queens are priceless, as they all thought Tati was going to be the one sent packing.
Even Tati thought she might have misheard for a second, but she totally deserved it (I am not just saying that because I love her, and she is the hottest one there.  Girl rocked it out)


Since this week’s challenge was all about plugging books, and it’s rare to have reality shows tell people to read, it’d be irresponsible of me to not recommend one.

Dominican author Junot Diaz published The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao in 2007 and it went on to become a best-selling novel. Although a work of fiction, the novel is set in New Jersey where Díaz was raised and deals explicitly with his ancestral homeland experience under dictator Rafael Trujillo. The book is very original, witty, and even educational. It’s unlike any book I’ve ever read, and it even won The National Book Critics Circle Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2008. So if you ever have a chance, you should pick it up.

Fun Fact: Junot Diaz was the first Dominican to win The Pulitzer Prize (I was hoping to become the first, but he beat me to it. Jaja)

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  1. I really liked this recap. Maybe I’ll get the book too cause just today I thought I should get to reading again.

  2. Oh and Tati shocked me in that picture.

  3. massie good recap even though i never watch this show in my life LOL but good recap

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  4. Thank you guys. This one was a lot of fun to write.

    Also, I hope some do get the book. It has a little bit of everything, even a lot of sci-fi references, funny ass curse words, and it’s just really well written.

    lol at Mel. I suspected the same thing. jeje

    1. Y’all are really funny

      1. @ Pimp: You know we wuv you… 😛

        @ Massie: I died when JuJu Bee made that crack about Tyra’s BBQ “grill”.

        This show is so entertaining & sooo underrated.

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  5. There is nothing wrong with a straight that likes to watch gay men dressing up as women. It’s ok to admit :)

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