Massie’s RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2 – The Grand Finale
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Drag Race 2 Finale: Final 3After Eliminations last week, three Drag Queens remain, and in the workroom, Juju, Tyra, and Raven discuss the times they felt they were going to be eliminated.

Later, Santino and Meryl enter the room to let the Queens know that for their final challenge, they will be co-starring with Ru in his latest music video Jealous of my Boogie, which will be inspired by bitchy cat-fights.

Each Queen will have a dance section, an over-the-top cat fight with Ru, and must help design two looks inspired by “80s power bitch fashion.” (Did I ever mention how much I loved the 80’s? Besides producing me and a Mets championship in the same year, it also brought about more one hit wonders than I can name, Michael Jackson, the best teen films ever, a little Raging Bull and I also hear some sort of wall came down in Berlin. Jaja)

Great Expectations

Drag Race Finale: JuJuThe ladies have to first learn their dance routine, which is inspired by the iconic 80’s TV show, Dynasty. (Omg, these bitches can work heels like no one’s business. But, I never saw an episode of Dynasty. Only 80’s show I know well is Cheers.)

While teaching them the choreography, their instructor notices that Raven is slow to pick up the routine and Tyra is monotone with her attitude. That concerns him (That has been concerning viewers all season).

After rehearsal, Juju asks if anyone ever thought they were going to be in a Rupaul video, growing up. Everyone says no, including Juju, who says she thought she was going to be a doctor. (How do you take a turn from doctor to drag queen?)

Later, each Queen gets one-on-one time with Ru, where she asks them about their experience throughout the competition.
Tyra is first and she constantly brings up her son (This felt more like he was trying to get a sympathy vote, to be honest.)

Next is Raven and she reveals a more vulnerable side, lamenting that he always ends up being the one that suffers when he enters a relationship. Ru, wisely advises, “Expectations lead to resentments.” (Mhmm, Ru is wise beyond his years)

Then it’s Juju’s turn, and she tells Ru about all the times she was made fun of, and always having to answer to “faggot.” (Ohh!! Ouch. I think that word might be more offensive then “nigger,” or perhaps as equal)

Cat Fight

Afterward, it’s time to shoot the cat-fight sequence with Ru, directed by Mathu Andersen (A cute older gay. Shame he isn’t bi).

Cat fight on the Drag Race FinaleThis scene has the girls going backstage and confronting Ru about their needs, which causes Rupaul to slap them silly – just like a daytime soap.
Raven is up first and she forgets her lines a few times (She’s getting old, what can we expect?).
Tyra is second, and she is her usual dry self until she mistakes Mathu’s advice, “when she slaps you be really hurt”, for “be really hood”, and proceeds to ask him, “Hood, like how hood?” (Jajaja, you know Brits/Aussie’s and their accent sometimes, that shit really did sound like he was saying hood.)

But Ru actually likes the concept and Tyra and Ru both start acting like hood-rats.

Juju is last, and as always, she is over-confident and even says,”I was a theatre major, honey. I know what to do” (Just like you knew how to sing? Bitch please)
Juju ends up being over the top, and Mathu simply states, “Juju is a drag clown.”

The shooting of the fighting-dance sequence is next, and it is uneventful, until the queens got really into character, and actually started fighting. Things got catty and wigs were pulled off, and at one point Juju even got her eyes hit with a heel.
They cut the fight scene short, since these Queens seemed like they wanted to kill one another.

Tyra: Drag Race WinnerLastly, the Queens move on to create their 80’s look, and only Raven really knows how to dress for the decade – since she grew up in it.

Juju opines, “All I know is 80’s style is tacky, it’s huge ass shoulder pads, it’s big unruly ugly hair, really tiny waists, and fat asses” (Lmao. I would have aced this challenge, and not because I’m from Joisey and some people who don’t know any better still think we are stuck in the 80’s.)

The day for the final challenge arrives, and each girl views how well they did during the video shoot. The judges then deliberate who showed be crowned Americas Next Drag Superstar, and decide that the winner should be… Tyra Sanchez! (Ok this is anti-climatic, as everyone already knew she would win.)

Tyra wasn’t expecting the news however, and she is so overcome with emotion, she is unable to breathe, and ends up falling to the floor. (Mel pointed out to me that it was the “best reaction from a contestant on a reality TV show, EVER.” I am going to have to agree, as you could tell that she was genuinely surprised she won.)

Congrats to Tyra!

Drag Race Reunion

The reunion aired right after the show, so here is an abridgment…

Sonique admitted that she hasn’t been happy for a very long time, because she is not a man but a woman, so she has begun the process of transition. (Lord, he was fine as a man, and now she’s going to be a full-fledged woman? Women everywhere are in trouble, because this bitch is HOTTTTTT.)

Tati brought the realness hard, she even stated that people just want to label her a pretty face but she explains, “as long as I have a dick between my legs, and a wig on my head, I’m a drag queen” (Is it odd that I found that line so hot? Lol. I love this bitch)

Tati also went off on Raven and tells her that she constantly picked on her because she is jealous, insecure, and ugly on the inside. They are able to talk things out, however and they even hug it out at the end. (I was kind of hoping a bitch-slap would occur during their argument, because Raven deserves a real slap.)

We also learned that Tyra has been able to get full custody of his son, and she isn’t an annoying self-absorbed bitch anymore.
Lastly, Pandora won the Miss Congeniality Award for fan favorite (She deserved that, as she is loveable, sweet, and full of laughs)

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  1. Even I had him as a fave

  2. Eh. I lost interest after Pandora left. These queens just seemed too hungry.

  3. You’ve never seen an episode of Dynasty? Wow! That show was great! Cat fights with rich women, cheating spouses, gay lovers, interracial affairs that create illegitimate kids who want their share of the fortune.Pretty much a daytime soap but with more action and use of teh word “Bitch!”

    And yeah the word Faggot is as offensive IMO

    1. yeah, I don’t answer to that… anymore

      1. You used to answer to that? Why? My mom always taught me if they aren’t saying your proper name they don’t need to be answered.

      2. Yeah, I learned to ignore it pretty fast.

      3. Good! I guess for me growing up in San Francisco I never really felt that Gays and Lesbians were different from everybody else. You love who you love and it ain’t nobody’s business what you do behind close doors as long as you’re both consenting adults

  4. I am surprised Pandora didn’t rip Santino a new one during the reunion. She was really gracious despite the fact they basically refused to let her win a challenge the whole season because her look was camp, not glamor.

    She’s right. She can hire a stylist. Some of these girls had the personality and wit of rocks, and you can’t change that.

    1. Name names. I agree Pandora was camp but drag is camp to me.

      1. Good recap, Massie!

        I also wasn’t a bit surprised that Tyra won. Ru seems to gravitate towards those queens who remind her most of herself; Tall, pretty & statuesque. That’s a real shame, ’cause the art of Drag is about so much more than just looking pretty & walking the runway.

        Pandora was hands down my fav, with Tati following a close second, but in my heart, I always knew that Tyra would probably win.

        All in all, I guess the “best” queen out of the last three won; I’m ok with that, just so long as it wasn’t Raven. Like I told Massie, that bitch is so bitter, she could curdle fresh milk.

        As for Kenri’s request to “name names”;

        Queens who utterly lacked any personality and/or brains were, IMO:

        Nicole Paige Brooks
        Morgan McMichaels
        and Raven

        (Regarding the last two; Sorry, but being a catty, jealous bitch just doesn’t count as having a personality.)

      2. I agree with Mel’s list, although Raven did have her moments of humor when she tried. Her description of her wedding scenario was clever and she had personality for her book advertisement.

        I am going to have to include Tyra in the list as well. Tyra is gorgeous, and had the *best* sense of style hands down, but her personality was flat. Tyra had stage presence, but only when she was silent. Her presence relied on her charismatic smile and manerisms. She wasn’t funny or engaging whenever she had to do interview challenges, snatch game, or just plain talk about herself. And that voice!

        Drag queens don’t just look gorgeous and sing. They engage the audience, tell jokes and interact…they are *entertainers*. Most of these girls did not have the personality to entertain, they could just work a runway and lip sync.

      3. Oh shit! Would you believe Tyra is so damn boring, that I forgot to include her in my list?

        (That is such a testament to the complete banality of the final two, that I forgot all about the bish that actually won!)


      4. LFMAO!

      5. I would agree with you. But then does that mean that Mystique was a better drag queen than Raven? She better not hear you say that.

      6. I wouldn’t say Mystique was a better queen than Raven, but she had way more personality.

        Wait… In ep 2, didn’t Raven say something to the effect that if she was found inferior to Mystique, that she would “kill” herself?

        I take it back; MYSTIQUE IS 10 TIMES BETTER THAN RAVEN! (Die, bitch, die!) 😉

        “She better not hear you say that.”

        Pul-leaze. Let that sour bitch try to step to me; I will ‘read’, write & erase that ass like it’s nobody’s business.


      7. I love that you remembered that. You’re right, Raven swore to kill herself.

  5. Great recap beautiful. I take it from the recap you are 23/24?

    1. :::open eyes:::

    2. Must be, and are you suggesting that those who grew up in the 80s are somehow old?

      Hmmph, you’ll learn.

      1. No, that wasn’t the intent of my question. Far from it. I was actually relieved. I had a different motive.

      2. I can assure you, that wasn’t the intent of my question. I was just verifying, if you will.

  6. I’ll put the VH1 numbers in next week’s ratings post but in case anyone is interested here’s how Drag Race did

    Logo finale: 633,000 (Highest rated Logo episode ever)
    VH1 finale: 657,000
    VH1 reunion: 612,000

    The Logo press release didn’t quite elaborate on how the reunion did. It said that the Finale got a 0.8 in the 18-49 demo while Untucked and the reunion got a 0.7 so it’s not too far off from how the finale did.

    The press release also said they were extending season 3 to 16 episodes instead of 12 but it won’t be back until Winter (I’m guessing February or March) 2011.

    1. That’s exciting news. I’m not surprised by the ratings.

    2. Now that Logo has ordered a 3rd season (16 episodes is a long run- that’s great), I was wondering if VH1 has any control over content. My worry is that they might temper it and ruin yet another burgeoning franchise.

      1. Nope, this is Logo’s show. They make decisions on how they want it. The only decision VH1 will have to make about this show is if they want to air season 3 on their network (and with ratings like those compared to their other shows now they would be pretty stupid to say no).

      2. Th only real threat to Drag Race right now is RuPaul’s narrow vision.

        If he continues to make it about selecting the “prettiest” queen,(ie, the one who reminds him the most of himself) and not the most entertaining one, then the show will suffer in the long run.

        As stated by myself & others previously, at least half of this season’s contestants were completely lacking in talent & personality. They were just good at looking like women.

        Pandora and JuJu Bee were obviously the most entertaining queens there, yet neither one ever won a single challenge.

        Why? Because they don’t fit into Ru’s so-called “high glam” aesthetic, IMHO.

        I’d pay decent money to watch either of them perform, but someone like Tyra or Raven? Not so much.

      3. I agree Mel. And having them learn quotes from Paris is Burning? How cliche can you get?

  7. Thanks guys

    Yeah I agree with all those on that list, plus Tyra. Although I loved Sonique, but he was just so hot. My god. lol. I think Pandora and Tati def had the best personalities. I need to see Tati back on TV.

    Ohh those are not bad ratings for that show. At least people are getting behind it. lol.

    And yeah, I am 23.

  8. Can I ask you a question?

    1. Me? Umm, I suppose. I’ll try and answer it if I can.

      1. This wasn’t my initial question, but I changed it as I realized it was too frank. So hopefully this one is more subtle. What kind of men do you usually date or are attracted? Besides older opinionated Democrats.

      2. Jajaja. Hmm, ok. I wasn’t expecting that to be your question. Are you trying to make a love connection or something?

      3. It’s worth a shot. Can you really blame me? So the answer is?

      4. Can you really blame me? You are like a Latin doll + the brain. So, do I get an answer?

  9. Ju Ju Bee!

    1. I loved Juju, I wished she could of won

      1. He/she. lol