Saaphyri Missed Out On Millions
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Saaphyri is released from jail
So Saaphyri is out of jail, we knew that; but we didn’t know she was the daughter of a millionaire and sexually abused.

Saaphyri Interview
I have a hard time believing she missed out on ‘several millions’ but what is this abused by an Uncle story? I mean wtf man, has everyone been abused by an Uncle? Am I going to wake up one night, sweat beading my forehead, screaming Sookie-style that my Uncle raped me when I was 4?


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  1. what idiot let this psycho out of jail?

  2. Ha!

  3. I don’t buy this ’60k a week’ BS either.

  4. “Wooooooowwwwwwww”

    I don’t think she honestly knows how much money is involved in the probate case. She’s talking about millions and she’s supposed to get it. If that were true she would have been able to hire and attorney and get off of those trumped up charges

  5. this story gives decent uncles a bad name. sorry to read about the abuse. eh. Guess I cannot expect to see a smile from her attached to this story.

  6. sultry look.

  7. I’m surprised VH1 ain’t being all anal about being “classy” enough to interview her. That being said, fuck her ratchet azz.

    1. I’ve been convinced for a while that the VH1 Blog and VH1 are 2 separate entities….basically VH1 tells the VH1 Blog what to post but they (the VH1 Blog) usually end up getting stuff a day later than everyone else because VH1 sends stuff out days and weeks after stuff has already been leaked (which is backwards and unfair but this is VH1 we’re talking about).

      I kinda think Rich feels these shows suck too. He just can’t say it but it’s there in the recaps and interviews. He’s just as bored as we are. He seemed like he was happy to interview Saaphyri though.

      1. Yes the hell he can! If he lose his job behind it then it just wuzn’t meant to be; but dammit SOMEBODY needs to give these junkies an intervention. It can start by people who actually work with VH1 voicing their opinion.

      2. Exactly. VH1 and VH1 blog are almost two independent entities.

  8. This is sad…I can relate to her ordeal…But at least she’s here. That’s all that matters! :)

  9. Is that pic new?

  10. Yo G now She be titty floppin on da real

  11. Poor saaphryi we have alot in common besides the rich parents..hope she gets her life together

  12. Don’t know which part of her interview was true and which part were lies but I like Saaphyri and hope VH1 can get her back on TV.

    1. Hey Joann, how you doing?
      I don’t think Sapph is lying. I just think she may not be aware of what’s truly going on. Probate cases usually don’t take too long but then again in order to pay off everyone since there was no will, the property would have to be sold and we know that’s damn near impossible here in California. I think she truly needs to find a way to hire an attorney and get things straight especially if she was in jail on false charges

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  14. I get the feeling that her story regarding her dad and his money is BS, and she’s trying to save face and play the victim. Nothing new there though, Saaph always has had too much pride and has always been fairly good at lying. Despite that, this is by far the most interesting thing VH1 has put out in a long time.

  15. This completely contradicts so much shit she said on Charm School.

  16. Glad she is out and maybe they will give her a show…I haven’t watched VH1 since the entertainers crap show went off LOL
    I love Saaphyri but I don’t believe the rich daddy story at all. But she had 22 months to come up with it so I will give her a A for effort LOL

  17. Ryan