Sex, Lies And VH1 Tape
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It’s like the gay guy on MTV, every VH1 show seems to have a person with either either an adult film or a sex tape as part of their portfolio.
Well ‘Matic, Futter and I (mostly Matic) took inventory and we counted 27 different stars matching the aforesaid criteria; an astonishing figure.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it; is to name all 27 stars and their original show.
Here are your clues:

1) There are 19 women
2) Rock of Love has more than any other show

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  1. What’s the price?

    1. $1

  2. What about nude pictures?

  3. No, or it’d be a criterion.

  4. ??? :)
    I need another clue!!!!
    This is a bit hard

    1. 9 different shows!

  5. Oh, it includes non-Of Love shows, too? Fuck this game.

    1. Yes, it does.

  6. “2) Rock of Love has more than any other show”

    well im just shocked!

  7. Shocked me too; lol.

  8. Cameron Adams, deelishis, Ray j. That’s 3,..

    1. And theres Buckeey, Rico & Natasha

    2. All of them except Deelishis.

  9. Hoopz. Toastee. Brandi M. Brandi C. Buckeey. Destiney. Oh, the psycho bitch from My Antonio. Raven.

    Few more for the list.

    1. All of them except Destiney and whoever you are talking about from My Antonio.

      1. Anju was in soft core porn, (Lord of the Cockrings) IDK if that’s who you meant by “the psycho bitch”…

  10. That number seems very high. I’d like to see proof. Rock of Love sex tape or porn? only one I could think of is Natasha (maybe you can count Taya)

    1. Natasha yes, Taya, no.

  11. Six Gauge!

    1. No. People with nude pics and/or softcore porn do not count.

  12. we need links or something, where is the proof of a Destiney tape? (the topless thing she did for realitybedroom? is that it?)

  13. Brandi M. and Brandi C. on ROL1
    The bitch you mentioned earlier from Tool Academy
    Toastee from Flavor of Love
    Kari Anne Peniche (not really a “Sex tape”), Chyna, Jessica Sierra and now Heidi Fless with sex tapes and Mary Carey, and Jaimee Foxworth from Celebrity Rehab, and Nicole Narain (sex tape), Jenny Ketchum, and Kendra Jade Rossi from Sex Rehab.

    Those are off the top of my head, and I’m guessing you aren’t including the Rehab series.

  14. OT: for anyone who watches bachelor……theres a little scandel going on……as usual lol

    1. Perez is a lil late on that one.

      And DEAD on Ashy Larry!!!

      1. lol glad u like the avatar:)

        Yea i saw the scandal on his site on monday but he wouldnt reveal or didnt know the name. He just posted who it was today:)

  15. Buck may have taken it to 26 or 27.

    Of yours Buck, we reject Kari Anne, and were unaware of Fleiss, Foxworth and Sierra.

    1. I don’t blame you on the Peniche one (and man I am so happy she’s going to be on the new regular Rehab). Jaimee Foxworth was actually briefly a porn star.

      1. I’mma say it again, you know too much about this sorta thing,lol.

      2. I read a lot of celeb blogs. Even though Kari Anne isn’t particularly famous, her’s popped up because it involved Rebecca Gayheart and her husband who is on Grey’s Anatomy.

        The Jaimee Foxworth one I remember coming to light a long time ago. “I guess we know where Laura’s little sister went.” I don’t think they even addressed it on the Rehab show though, but I don’t recall.

  16. This sounds fun! I gotta get my paper and list of porn stars in VH1.

  17. What really counst & what doesn’t?does porn
    Count? Topless?

    1. Only porn and sextapes. No nude pics, softcore porn or topless videos.

      1. Why does softcore not count?

        IMO, if it’s something you wouldn’t want your kids or your parents to see, it counts; but whatev… it’s y’all game, do as you please…

      2. You can fool your boyfriend with that Mel but not a cassanova like me.
        I want full penetration. That’s what counts.

      3. I want full penetration.

        Muthafuckin’ dead!

        Ok, couple a points here;

        1) I was talking about what counts regarding the classification of “doing porn”;
        Even if you’re just humping on somebody without clothes that’s not something you ever want your mama to see…

        2) Regarding my own preference on the kind of adult movies that I enjoy, I totally agree with you; I think softcore is a passive aggressive waste of celluloid.
        If you’re gonna do it, do it all the way.

        3) I don’t know what kind of skewed-ass perception that you have about my sex life, but you really have no fuckin’ idea…

        You want full penetration? Yeah, me too; but I know that you wouldn’t be able to handle it…. *lmmfao

      4. Child I’m so big I would bore a hole through you and end up having sex with the bed springs.

      5. HA! Only in your dreams, loverboy.

        I told you before, I’m telling you again:
        You no wanna romp with me, boy; I’d make you come so hard your nose would bleed… 😉

        And by the way, it ain’t all about size, money. Skills matter too.

        Although I wouldn’t doubt that you have those in spades, as well;
        the good dick always seems to come with an asshole attached… :(

        SMH &*lol

      6. Feels like crying

      7. :floats on blow-up lounge chair in the pool while watching Steupz tug on Mel’s bikini bottom and sighs:

        Confessional I’m just sitting there watching him with the other girls, and damn, can I get a hug? A kiss?

        Lol! You 2 are so bad!

      8. Indeed I am; you have no idea… 😛

  18. Allow me to throw another wrench in the gears…..

    Ron Jeremy and Verne Troyer from The Surreal Life and Fame Games.

    If you want to stretch it, Vince Neil was also on the first season of that show although it wasn’t on VH-1 until season 2 or 3.

  19. for sure RICO!!!.lmao.. BUCKEY..MARy CaREY cameron Adams…did hoops make one?..TOESTiE…is there really that many???? Are u counting the rehabs?

  20. Oooohhhhh shit.

    Celebrity Fit Club!

    Let’s give it up for Dustin Diamond!

  21. Speaking of Ray J….does Keeping Up with the Kardashians count?

    Because throw Kim the hell in there.

  22. LMAO I don’t think the fit club counts.. Does it??????

    1. The funny thing is, it’s not even about figuring out the participants….it’s about remembering the shows.

      They ALL have them.

    2. Fit Club counts. All VH1 shows count.

  23. Thought of another ROL one.

    Frenchy. Never been “lucky” enough to see her work, but she is a porn star.

    And what about the pic of what is supposedly Megan blowing a dude? Not counting that I hope.

    1. Angelique yes and if you look hard enough you will find it because it is out there.

      Megan we debated but she doesn’t count here.

      1. Yeah. I’m going to go ahead and pass. Even if it didn’t require any effort.

        Ok, if it didn’t require ANY effort I might look briefly.

  24. DOL
    tool box
    6 gauge


    Cameron Adam sp



    Brandi M
    Bandi C
    Brit Star


    1. The DOL guys, Stilts, Buddha and Milf don’t count.

    2. FOL: Didn’t Nibbles have a tape too?

      1. Doesn’t really count. It was just a nude video.

    3. FOL


      1. None of them count.

  25. who the girl in the main pic????????

    1. Cashmere

  26. Are we doing CR, Sex Rehab and sureall life

  27. CR
    Jamiee Foxworth
    Mary Cary
    Tom Sizemore
    Kari Ann

    Sex Rehab

  28. I think im the only one still thinking haha! Can we have the answers plz

    1. 2 hints

      4 people left (that haven’t been mentioned) from 4 different shows.

      None are from shows that haven’t already been mentioned.

  29. Did anyone even mention that it’s New York’s birthday today?

    1. Shes sooooo last year

      1. Does anyone even actually care?

    1. I’ve actually seen a video with Deelishis and it’s not porn. It doesn’t count.

  30. britney star=ROL3
    nibblez=FOL2 toastee=FOL2
    destiney=ROL2 the bitch from TA1
    natasha=ROL3 milf=RCOL1
    rico=ILNY1 arian=TA1
    hoopz=FOL1 tool box=DOL1
    sarah=MA christi shake=MA
    all the females from SR minus kendra

    and thats all i can think of

    1. Nibblz, Destiney, Milf, Arian, Tool Box and the My Antonio girls don’t count.

      1. destiney did do a slutish movie i believe half of it is on youtube with her making out with a women topless and her stripping with music playing call me crazy but that looked pornish.

    2. Do you mean Arian from Tough Love?

      She never did a sex tape I don’t think.

      Edit: NM. Didn’t see her addressed by matic

  31. buckey shay johnson- fol2, cs
    hoops- fol, ilm
    brandi C.- rol, ilm, cs2
    brandi M.- rol, cs2
    natasha- rolb, cs3
    bret michaels- ROL’s
    verne troyer-sl4
    chyna doll-sl4, cr
    rico- ilny

    1. Holy shit. So lame that we all forgot Bret Michaels.

      I even tried to work Vince damn Neil in there.

  32. Since someone finally got Bret there are 3 to go.

    Another hint

    All 3 have only been on one show but 2 of them have not been on TV since at least 2007.

  33. my comment is so outta place…..

  34. Weasel says ILM4 is canceled.

    1. what does he know?
      Somethin from fol2 had a tape as well haha

      1. What does he know?
        More than us, my chin-loving, little friend.

      2. haha

      3. You got one. 2 more to go.

  35. Damn, nobody counts.

    But by the looks of some of the sex-tapes, some of those shouldn’t count as sex period!

    .:Looks down at Ray J’s short ass:.

    Which reminds me, Ryan Seacrest is only 5’5. Celebrities be short.

    1. I think fucking scary is the correct term to describe most of these folks so called escapades.

  36. what happen to the hoopz tape?

  37. raven ROL, somethin FOL

  38. Bootz from FOL?

    1. Bootz doesn’t have a porn.

      1. from i video i seen it looks like her…. if u want i could give you the site >_>

      2. No such thing as a Bootz porn. There were rumors a very long time ago (I think started by the evil bullshit site I cannot and will not name here) but they were unfounded because it wasn’t her.

  39. So can we get a final compiled list and the what the did next to their name?

  40. errr nvm

  41. I heard that Pootie did some porn….don’t know if it is true, but that’s what I heard

  42. Wait, Grayvee(FOL3) did porn too!

    1. No she didn’t. That was a rumor (probably also atarted by shit ass MTO too). Pootie hasn’t done porn either.

      1. Oh…well, then I don’t know…

  43. hey did we all forget to throw RAY J in?! LOL
    Does he count to?

    1. Y’all did mention him and he counts. There’s only 2 people left to guess and both are guys.

  44. Angelique- rol….Brandi M-rol…..Brandi C- rol…. Natasha- rol…

    Britney Starr- rol…Destiney M- rol… Raven- rol…. Megan H- rol

    Hoopz- fol… New York- fol… Something- fol… Buckey-… fol

    nibblz- fol…. toastee- fol… Milf- rcol… cameron- ta… Chyna-


  45. Evan Seinfeld of Biohazard. He was on Supergroup.
    I can’t think of anyone else. I’ll take a few guesses.

    Danny Bonaduce
    Vanilla Ice
    C.C. Deville
    Warren G
    Scott Baio
    Biz Markie

  46. are any of them guys from Confessions of a teen idol???

  47. I think I got it.

    Tommy Lee goes to college was a show on VH1 in 2005. I’m guessing Tommy Lee

  48. FOL

    2.Buddha (Softcore but still porn)

    2.Brandi C
    3.Brandi M.
    5.Brittaney Starr

    1.Milf (Softcore but still porn)

    1.6 Gauge

    1.Shawn (Not porn but nude pics)

    And thats all I can think of since I never cared to watch Tough Love or My Antonio. Also stepupz any news on ILM3/4?

    1. Like I said before the softcre people don’t count here and folks with nude pics don’t count so no to Nibblz, Buddha, Milf, the DOL guys and Shawn (y’all realize that list would be basically doubled if it included folks with nude pics)…

      Anyway, I’m about ready to end this and I understand the last 2 are hard so they are…

      Tom Sizemore-Celebrity Rehab (he has a sextape)
      Unsure-ILNY2 (did gay porn)

      1. Unsure I would never have guessed…and I thought someone said Sizemore already.

        Would Tommy Lee be included in this list too? He was on a vh1 show and did a sex tape with Pamela Anderson.

      2. Didn’t think about him because we didn’t know he was on a VH1 show before but he would definitely be included so that makes 28.

      3. I said tom sizemore last night. I never heard of the unsure thing haha. These guys are as triffiling as the girls.

    2. Tommy Lee was never on a VH-1 show.

      If you’re referring to Tommy Lee Goes To College that was on, like, UPN or some shit.

      Make that NBC. But reruns were apparently on VH1

  49. amber smith from celebrity rehab did soft core porn.

  50. the person I’m most interested in is Destiney, can anyone confirm whether she did hardcore? or anything besides that straight to DVD movie?

    1. The only thing Destiney did was some kind of straight to DVD movie and there’s a video clip of her somewhere on this site showing her boobs. No hardcare porn.

  51. Evan Seinfeld did hardcore porn with his ex Tera Patrick.
    I guess Supergroup doesn’t count though, that show aired in 2006.

    I should have thought of Tommy Lee…Motley Crue is my favorite band…duh.

    I thought that weirdo pimp from The Pick-up Artist might have one..haha.

  52. Milf did softcore porn with ANNA NICOLE SMITH, of all people. And they weren’t just pictures.

  53. What about Penny Flame and Nicole Narain from Sex Rehab?