Shay Buckeey Johnson: Still Relevant
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Buckeey Black Men

They can’t get rid of her; Buckeey Johnson. I mean, we don’t see much of Bootz or Pootie – people we genuinely want to see more of.
But Shay Johnson is always there, always coming back… like a yeast infection.

And that’s a shockingly good weave for Buckeey.
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9 Responses to “Shay Buckeey Johnson: Still Relevant”

  1. Bangin body but so lost in the sauce.

  2. I saw this Love and Hip Hop ATL: Dirty Little Secrets special, and she was talking about how she was going to get revenge next season. I guess that was her way of securing her spot, but I’m not really sure how writers are gonna be able to fit her in now that Scrappy’s officially engaged to Erica.

    Anyway, speaking of LHHATL, I heard all the buzz about Mimi and K Michelle fighting at BB Kings while filming(which, to my surprise, didn’t get an article on here) and it was kinda surprising to see how much hype this spin off generates off the air, as opposed to its predecessor that’s very close to a big flop right now.

    1. High, I wasn’t around that much when that Mimi-slap took place. I read around and saw her response but I think it’s more marketing than something serious.

  3. I just saw the trailer for the new vh1 show wicked single, it actually looks really funny. Havn’t tuned into vh1 in so long but I might watch this one

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    1. Happy Birthday. Lol

  5. Thank you.

    PS, I will not get drunk!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Sweetie! May you be blessed with many more to come!