Shay ‘Buckeey’ Johnson talks therapy
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The title is misleading, but I wanted to avoid foul language.
And you can avoid foul language too if you DON’T WATCH THE VIDEO.


I just love the way she says “Shay Buckeey Johnson”, lol.

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14 Responses to “Shay ‘Buckeey’ Johnson talks therapy”

  1. When it came out, I LOVED this word, but slowly it’s getting really annoying…

    shay looks fabulous..

  2. there were some bitchassness today at my job so I decided to Tear This Motherfucker Up

  3. steups what your Reunion Predictions will flav propose to Black

    Flav will propose to Thang 2

    Thang 2 will be “faking” Flav

    Flav proposes to no one at all!!!

    Seezinz and Sinceer will fight

    Thangs 1 and 2 will fight with Hotlanta

    Sinceeer and Hotlanta will get DRUNK

    Flav proposes to his Baby’s Mama!!!

  4. god, she’s so hot. Thanks for this steups

  5. No worries, mate.
    Cheers to all…

    Nuts; I think he proposes to no one. I think he’s probably showing Thing 2’s old man how to do it.

    My other option is his baby mama

  6. Grazie.

  7. I love how she’s the only person up in there that I knew…wtf is a princess? I dated thsi badddd Haitian chick named Princess…had the fattest ass and some dope blue eyes…


    in any case, shay looked DOPE.

  8. Princess is one half of a female rap duo; sort of.

  9. ::shrugs::

    not very significant to me darling…i know plenty of rappers who just happen to be women.

  10. Love it when you say ‘darling’ to me…
    Anyways, you must have heard of Diamond and Princess.

    Princess Crime Mob.jpg

  11. FOL reunion pics of the ho’s

  12. how do Myammee! look to you steups

  13. she looks pretty good, actually.