Shay Johnson Love And HipHop Atlanta
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(Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 5 recap is up!)

All it took was an appearance on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta to make Buckeey relevant again. And she looks good too.
Usually she looks like a frog in a blender, but this isn’t too bad.

[Matic, Dynastyseries]

11 Responses to “Shay Johnson Love And HipHop Atlanta”

  1. Yikes…seriously, what is with that hair?

    1. No friends maybe? Seriously in 6 years I don’t know if I have seen her have one good hairstyle.

  2. Is she suppose to be Scrappy’s side piece? They were talking like they had history on last weeks episode and still have something going on.

    1. I don’t watch the show but the answer to your question is yes.

  3. Basic.

  4. Another big booty chick in lingerie and cheap hair! NEXT!!!

  5. Apparently all it takes to get Publicity these days is to have a huge ass and screw has beens

  6. wait is this forreal she looks terrible and that first pose/shot is horrible considering shes a chicken box away from obese

  7. Suck in your gut, babe. And what’s with your hands? You’re like a ghetto claw machine, except you give out cheap tricks instead of toys…

  8. man..I remember the Uncensored FOL2 DVD when Flav had her in the room… apple. :)

  9. The reddish-brown hair or weave is ridiculous! She looks better with either dark brown or black hair. But I am happy to see her on t.v. again and in the spotlight!