Stevie J Joseline Engaged To Be Married?
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Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J (Love And Hip Hop Atlanta) are the new owners of the Internet. All it took was a couple of tweets from Joseline to set off sites speculating that Stevie proposed and she accepted.
When you see that happening it’s because people are Googling Joseline and Stevie like crazy. (Pity this site isn’t getting any of that traffic instead of queries for Laura Govan’s stretchmarks)
Tweets below.

Note: mimi Faust said they are not married and it’s just Joseline’s way of promoting her career.

5 Responses to “Stevie J Joseline Engaged To Be Married?”

  1. Oh, christ! *facepalm*

  2. Whether this is REALLY true or it’s scripted to bring in even higher ratings I still say Jose use to be a man.

    1. S/B “IS A MAN”.

      1. Do you have any receipts?

  3. I’m so glad that 2 gay men can finally get married!!! YAYYY!!!