Stilts (For The Love Of Ray J)
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Gorgeous… the woman is just gorgeous.

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  1. She actualyy looks good here!
    She looks like shit in the show!

  2. LMFAO @ steups crisis

  3. Wow! She is pretty. I like her with the long hair better than the short hair she’s rockin on the show.

  4. Are all twats that ugly?

  5. Steups I should slap the black off you. So there are no nudes of frank or onyx? :(

    1. Yeah, I misled you guys; sort of.
      When I said pics of the guys I meant just that…pics!

      Not nudity or anything.

    2. You want the nudes of Wood?
      Or you’ve seen those already?

      1. Yeah yeah, you was just being a sneaky bastard. Yeah I seen Woods pictures and they are boring..

      2. Good.
        What were you expecting him to do? Play hula-hoop with his dick,lol?

      3. Kinda. I was expecting some really freaky shit.

      4. WTF is this brokeback mountain

      5. Its about to be break neck moutain. Shut your ass up.

      6. LMFAO

      7. steups Don’t You Dare put nude pic of dudes

      8. Shut the fuck up. I don’t like pussy but he’s putting them up and you don’t see me bitching. I just don’t click on the pictures. Plus, Steups probably won’t put nudes of the dudes up. Who even has nudes besides Wood and Unsure? Just shut up pimpette.

      9. khicago he mine as well call it the bourgy free nudes pic

  6. She is fucking hot!!!! Short or long hair I would hit it all day. ANd her twat is gorgeous!!!
    If Ray J don’t take her I will be getting to her myself. Sharee, Stilts or Giana, whatever you may call your self. Come to daddy baby!

  7. Unsure?
    I can’t remember him,much.

    Don’t worry Pimp; all you have to do is not click on ’em.

    1. The white guy on ILNY2 who NY and Sis p thought was gay. they were right, he did gay porn. NY also yelled at his ass at eliminations. She embaressed him.

  8. Fuck Ray J. I’ll take her and I’d hit it every week.

  9. so it’s like a two for one deal now at bourgy

  10. khicago why do you hate good looking people like myself

    1. They are cocky and ass holes.

  11. what going on aurelius

  12. I thought Aurelius had un-retired.

  13. pimp not much, whats going on??

    steups, you know I am never early with those vids lol
    and the talent show is tomorrow night so…
    ill find time to squeeze it in

    1. Aurelius just got thought watching cavs and knicks LeBron James had 50 points and just the Other Night Kobe Shits On The Knicks With 61 Pts poor knicks

      1. hahah well I hope that pistons get rid of AI and we get LeBron. That would save us from spiraling downhill

  14. “Steups I should slap the black off you”…..stepuz is black?

    1. Pretty much.
      I put up the pic for you in the other post.

      1. what do you look like steups all i see on your myspace is your Idol

      2. I’mma make myself look good and say … Rick Fox with nappier hair

      3. LMFAO @ Rick Fox with nappier hair

      4. Rick Fox??

    2. LOL i was wondering the same thing Joann i never seen a pic of him For All We Know steups Could be Japaneses

      1. I’ve always pictured steupz looking like optimus prime.

      2. :::serious stare:::

      3. I can picture you as Sharon Stone if you prefer.


    Cage – Daisy Of Love

    Branden – says he’s going on vacation to visit friends, LYING !! u going on daisy of love nigga. plus i seen him comment the guy above.

    and I think this guy might too but I’m not sure

    and i think i know the final 3 for rol bus

    IN his third search via VH1 for love, Poison front-man Bret Michaels has sure found a lot of action. Michaels, who took this round of women on the road with him for “VH1’s Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels,” wound up in South Beach last week with his final three contestants. He and the young beauties stayed at the Chesterfield Hotel Suites

    it says farrah, beverly and doesnt say the last. farrah is on cs3 so she didnt win. i think it’s gonna be ashely or taya.

    1. damn Bruce,was just about to go to bed

    2. Great find, mayne.

      1. steups is this the last ROL or will there be Another Season of this shit

      2. I think Vh1 signs 3 season contracts with everyone. So as of now.

        Thanks for the final 3 information. I hope Taya is there too.

    3. Wiki answers: (it was worth a shot)

    4. Wow, Daisy has got some freaks on her show. The last guy is married so I doubt it… but then again…

  16. Thanks stepuz.

    1. You said ‘thanks’ as if you’re gonna use it for something, lol.

  17. IMpressive…no, not her obviously fake breast job, but the fact that someone spen tmore than $25 to take these pictures. It looks like they even bothered geting actuall sets/locations and all. Why not settle for someone’s basement or lockerroom? The first pic leads me to beleive her breasts have some unrealistic relationship with gravity.

    1. Funny Funny Funny. Yes I do have my breast done and I love them. And yes someone did spend money on my photos. I dont just take nudes to take them its apart of my job and i get paid very well to do them. So like i said in other post hate on haters yall make my world go round. And for those that are not hating I love ya’ll for being real.



      1. WTF? Is that really you?

  18. Sharee English aka Stilts

  19. No nothing like that stepuz…LOL….just thanking you for posting the picture.

  20. So I’m guessing this means the final 3 are Beverly, Farrah, and Jaime then.

    meh. I’m just not as into RoL bus as the past seasons. I think the equation is finally getting old.

  21. At least some of those pics are classy… And there are more nudes of reality tv males, Rico has done some awesome clips… 😉

  22. If Stilts reads this:

    Hun, I think your beautiful, but I’m not clicking on those pictures.. I honestly have no desire to see you naked (especially ’cause you’re not ugly) I think you’re a nice girl… Seeing Stilts naked isn’t the same as one of those ROLBus skanks or Cali.. ’cause those bitches are whack and fucking nasty looking haha.

    I pictured Steupz (after I found out he was black) as this guy:

    He plays (and dies) Trife in Kidulthood (Steupz, you gotta know what movie that is.. it takes place and was made in London for fucks sake lol)

    1. SMH.

      1. Why? He’s pretty attractive.



    And it looks like CS will be much different this time around.

    1. well she’s NO Sheryl Lee Ralph but I think she’ll do an excellent job; let’s just hope for a lot more drama and i wanna c how Farrah and Ashley will do with Kiki and Bay x3 and So Hood n da house!

  24. not bad, i was hoping for tyra but oh well. but it’s kinda quick to be airing in the summer, not that im complaining.

    here’s some playboy superbowl party pics with some ROL peeps

  25. I’mma do a post, Jess.

  26. can you post up some pics like this for the ladies to enjoy!! I mean budda does do porn

  27. Stilts, that post was not full of hatred, although it may be coming forth. I am not a fan of implants, but your pics (and sets) shows that you are a cut above FOL/ROL girls. It was a compliment.

    1. Hey did not mean to come off wrong at all. I just was a little irritated reading some of the thing that are being said. Like I said I own up to what I do but I will not take credit for something I dont do. But thamks for the compliment. Kisses Stilts

  28. Nobody even said anything that bad here. It’s probably because I didn’t say anything but I don’t care so whatever.