Suzie Ketcham Arrested After Basketball Wives Reunion Fight
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Suzie Ketcham Arrested after Basketball Wives Reunion Fight
According to sources – and Radar Online – Suzie Ketcham was arrested after causing injury to alleged groupie, Sandra, aka “Plastic Surgery” at the Basketball Wives Reunion Show taping.

From what we’ve read and heard, Suzie poured a bucket of water over the ‘special guest’ and she slipped and was seriously hurt.
The oddity is that VH1 threatened to stop all Reunion Shows for fear of lawsuits and now they will probably face legal action over this incident.

12 Responses to “Suzie Ketcham Arrested After Basketball Wives Reunion Fight”

  1. And they say this show is boring

  2. When I read that I imagined that PS chick to metal away like the wicked witch of the west.

  3. why was there even a reunion for this show anyway?

  4. “She poured water again!! WOW!!!! Now dats some drama I would DIE to see!!!!! Dis sh!t gonna be off da hook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    All these hos need death.

    1. Except Royce.

      Question: Didn’t Shaunie cheat on Shaq with a personal trainer while he was away?

      1. Yes, except her. She’s the only one with sense and/or stability in her life.

        Supposedly she did, but since he’s in da public eye, her bad deeds don’t matter to gossip hounds.

      2. “Supposedly she did, but since he’s in da public eye, her bad deeds don’t matter to gossip hounds.”

        Well a few posters on VH1’s blog page brought it up. Gossip hounds or no gossip hounds, she’s a hypocrite.

  5. So….VH1 just brought back the reunion shows (well maybe not, I have my suspicions that the FTLORJ2 reunion was done specifically for Family Business) and now there’s a chance they might be taken away again because of these retarded hookers and their basic high school ways?

    Goodness who thought it was a good idea to have a reunion for this shit anyway? These whores stay online doing shit, it’s not like we need an update on what they are doing now.

  6. ‘Matic, I need an Intro, please.

  7. I’m that personal trainer, and we did not mess around like that. We were just friends. I’m happily married.

    1. Personal trainer for whom? Evelyn?

  8. Oh never mind, I missed the previous comment.

    Well alrighty then. Must be hard being faithful with all of that vagina around you.