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Brandy Norwood's Bikini Body

Brandy Norwood’s Bikini Body

It’s always the skinny one who surprise you when they disrobe. I would never have thought Brandy Norwood (A Family Business) was so beautifully proportioned. More pictures below.

I'm Supposed to Believe This?

I’m Supposed to Believe This?

Even with TMZ and VH1 confirming this I still find it immensely hard to believe that Ray J punched anyone let alone punk ass, hoe ass, wack ass Fabolous (aka the only reason Emily Bustamante has a spot on Love & Hip Hop) in the face but apparently that happened last night.

When A Facepalm Isn't Enough

When A Facepalm Isn’t Enough

I have 3 serious problems with these videos.

Ratings: The Final Act

Ratings: The Final Act

VH1 Upcoming Finales and Premieres

VH1 Upcoming Finales and Premieres

It’s been a while since I decided to run down my thoughts for these shows but I feel like it and I should take advantage of writing down what I think before I get lazy and decide against it. All 5 shows currently airing on VH1 (Not including Ru Paul’s Drag Race for this post) […]

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