Tanisha Gets Married Episode 2: Can You Hear Me Now?
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Tanisha hopes that fixing Clive’s hearing will turn around his life and their relationship. But everything falls apart when Tanisha discovers Clive’s internet secrets.

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  1. No links because it’s too many but for the shows y’all care and or kinda talk about so far here are their fates.

    Secret Circle- canceled
    Scandal- renewed (no word on how many episodes yet)
    Nikita- renewed
    Gossip Girl- renewed for a final season (The order is 11 episodes I believe)
    Happy Endings- renewed (22 episodes)
    Once Upon A Time- renewed (22 episodes)
    Revenge- renewed (22 episodes)
    Wife Swap- renewed (13 episodes some regular and some celebrity)

    Anything else ask me about but bear with me I might not reply right away because I’m dealing with something a little serious here.

    1. Nikita! Woo hoo!!!! basically means a 4th season….77 episodes by the time the 3rd season is over almost syndication! rejoice and preach hallelujah!
      might have been a bit overboard but who cares :)

      1. Fuck the CW! Ringer and Secret Circle shoulda gotten a season 2!
        Fuck ’em!

    2. Hey to all.

      Soooo glad they picked up Scandal. Love that show. Not a Kerry Washington fan but she’s a damn good actress and the story lines hold my attention.

      Glad to see Nitika and Revenge renewed even though I can’t possibly see them renewing Revenge for a third season. How much more is there to go to bring down the family that destroyed her father…I’m really surprised it lasted this long.

      1. Next she’ll bring down her Japanese fight master.

  2. They should cancel Revenge too. They are already doing flashbacks with actors wearing wigs to appear younger.

    1. DEAD. That is terrible.

      1. Massie made me watch 19 episodes last weekend.

        Premise: billionaire owner of an Internet company ruins the lives of persons who framed/didn’t help her father who was convicted of funding terrorism and subsequently shanked in prison.

      2. My faith in actually being compelled to watch TV is still lost.

  3. OT: Scandal on ABC was renewed today. Guess I should start watching.



  5. Any news on Awake?

  6. Fucking travesty. The thing only just good yesterday

    1. All the renewals and cancellations are just about done (CBS still has a few left to announce and they haven’t picked up any new shows yet either). Looks like the networks cut the super dead weight but kept pretty much all of the suspect or near dead shows. Who knows if it’s because they have no faith in their new shows or because they really want to make an effort and not have all these stupid ass long stretches of reruns but it’s gonna definitely crash and burn for somebody (looking at NBC and the CW especially).

      Now it’s just the networks picking up their last few handful of shows (most of the pickups are done now too) and deciding where they are going to put them. I’m going to write some posts summarizing what all these new shows are supposed to be about and if they are coming in fall or midseason but that will be Sunday and beyond (probably start making some outlines tomorrow though).

      For now I’m going to bed because I’m dead tired and today was an absolute mess of a day.

      1. Yeah I’ve been around TVBTN all day on mobile seeing the new shows being picked up and the old ones getting cancelled. There’s like 50 Comedy pickups (exaggeration). I miss the days when there were good dramas on Network now they all have gone to Cable. And why did NBC pick up around 15-20 Comedies? Why do they expect a hit show with 3 weeks of 6 episode shows like they did with Bent? And the CW renewing Nikita? I love that show so I can’t say I’m mad.. But .4 on a network television? Friday or not should have been canned. So far CBS almost can’t pick up anything new all their shows now are doing too good to cancel them. ABC so far seems the most reasonable network..

      2. the people on TVBTN who write comments are eff up! there brutally and delusional! its crazy!!!!!

      3. NBC picked up a lot of shows (comedies especially) because it’s believed that they are going to premiere some of their shows in August instead of September (they have the Olympics and the primetime portion does attract a decent amount of viewers that they otherwise wouldn’t get over the summer).

        They also know that Thursday block is tanking hard (still they renewed all those shows. seriously them shows get TVD numbers), They need to really be watched because I wouldn’t be surprised if they get to November sweeps having already canceled 6-8 shows (new or old).

        Everyone is picking up more comedies because that seems to be working for them now (really it’s only working for CBS and ABC a little….FOX and NBC hell no).

      4. They moved too slowly with that show. The average viewer probably doesn’t have the patience to watch 13 episodes before they get a clear idea of what’s happening.

  7. They should cancel Supernatural. It’s painful to watch now.

    1. The CW is in such bad shape that Supernatural could still be in the top 3 shows for them and only pull like 1.3 million a week next season.

  8. Any word on GCB? i know it didn’t do great this season but it also wasn’t horrible so I’m hoping it gets a second season.

    1. Canceled.