Taylor Royce Arrested for Theft
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Taylor Royce
Can I have one week where I don’t wake up to this? This mess needs to end.

TMZ reports that Taylor Royce (Tough Love) was arrested hours ago after a friend accused her of stealing $600 worth of makeup and a pair of Louboutin boots after Taylor visited her for a sleepover (Grown women still have sleepovers? Where they do that at?)

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  1. Oops, I did it too, lol

  2. I’ll ask it here then. How much makeup is $600 worth?

    1. I couldn’t begin to tell you. The extent of my makeup collection is lip gloss and not even the kind that makes your lips shiny.

      1. I have some m.a.c eyeshadows and lipsticks and the price range is about $15-$20 each. Most ladies like to have a variety of colors, so it can get pricey. I’m sure there is even more expensive stuff out there. You know, the stuff that celebrities use.

  3. Massie and Khi!

    Is this Ian from PLL
    I guess he’s a dance in Step Up 3d?

    at 0:19

    1. No, that’s not Ryan Merriman but I can see the resemblance. I guess I got used to his face from all those Disney movies. lol

      1. Me too! Lmao and Final Destination 3.

  4. She probably would have had better luck plugging up her butthole with all that makeup. I doubt she would have lost a thing.

  5. make-up & boots,REALLY!!!????