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Bran sent me a few links I should share.
Grimm gets a second season.
Matt Davis shoots CW Pilot, “Cult”
“Ghoul” premieres on Chiller.

There are more but I have a terrible headache.

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  1. Does anyone else have COMCAST?

    You know Universal Caller ID? When it pops up on your TV and let’s you know who it is who’s calling? Well it occasionally pops up on my TVs yet…WE DON’T HAVE IT. LOL We never got it.

    So is this some type of promotion comcast is doing or what? Because my phone never rings when the caller ID pops up on the screen. Anyone else have this problem?

    1. I have Comcast but we don’t have a landline phone.

    2. Used to have Comcast but never had that. I knew people who had it though but never had that problem.

      Comcast sucks hard.

      1. “Comcast sucks hard.”

        Yeah they do!

    3. Thanks guys, I think I might have just figured it out. The Caller ID comes free with the tripple play(When you have comcast tv, internet, and phone) and I guess one of these little kids who like to mess with the remotes possibly turned it on. I just turned it off.

  2. Will, is your daughter excited for The Hunger Games?

    1. She hasn’t mentioned it. She’s been reading a lot of “Urban Lit” lately so I don’t even think she read The Hunger Games

      1. Gotcha. I’ve read the trilogy this past summer and really enjoyed them! Not better than Harry Potter, but they’re up there with it. I’m gonna go ahead and re-read the first today before I see the movie. I doubt I’m going opening weekend though, I don’t like big crowds when I see movies LOL. I mean when i saw Harry Potter and the order of the pheonix it was packed to the hilt but EVERYONE were totally silent. That was amazing. It be hardcore fans at the midnight showings and you can rest assured they be ready to bitch slap loud assholes.

      2. But all in still, I’d rather go at noon on a weekday when everyone is at school or work.

      3. Seems really close to Battle Royale, which I enjoyed

      4. Steupz, as a horror fan, you know I’ve seen Battle Royale and I’m an uber fan. I was VERY skeptical of Hunger Games because of that, but then I decided to give it a chance and glad I did.

        Yes, it has the same basic “kids killing kids” plot but that’s where the similarities stop.

        LOL Bingo Will.

      5. I saw Battle Royale on television one night a few years ago.
        It came on and I was like ‘What is this foreign shit?’. Gave it a look and went all the way to the end. Fantastic film.

      6. LOL I spent like maybe 6 months reading this Battle Royale fanfic set in America. It was good as hell but 79 chapters long. lol

        But the person I wanted to win won! That’s amazing. I think it was like 50 some characters.

        I’m about to start another.

      7. o_O

      8. The Battle Royale ripoff concept in the age of J-Horror remakes coupled with this teenage fantasy a la Twilight turned me off completely.

        I liken Battle Royale to First Blood. The trailer I saw of Hunger games looks like Buffy the tv vampire love in. Now I don’t know how the novels read Khy but be prepared for some dumb down.

      9. I would have liked to have been around when First Blood first screened because those who did, whom I know, said it was a phenomenon. I heard people came dressed in his signature bandana and saw it multiple times.
        So I am shocked to see on Wiki it made just 125m. I suppose ticket prices then means that’s probably a 200m picture today.

      10. Actually I see that 125m was worldwide. Wth? The picture only made 47m in the US

      11. That was a lot back then Steupz. Like you said, ticket prices were cheaper.

      12. I haven’t read them yet becasue they are always all checked out at the library. I’m also a “Giver” for World Book Night and the folks who are running it had to make several announcements that folks needed to stop with the orders to distribute The Hunger Games because it wasn’t possible. I think the main reason for that is because the book is still making major money and to be able to give away 50-100 copies by several Givers would be losing quite a bit of funds

    2. I’m taking my son to see Hunger Games on Friday. No school, so we’re going at 11:00 a.m.
      He begged me to buy him this book last year, then I read it too and I loved it. I bought the other 2 books that week.

      I saw Battle Royale a long time ago with a group of people but we were drunk, so I don’t remember too much. I’ll have to watch it again.

  3. So this women’s dashingly handsome husband goes off to war, sees God knows what, comes home, and she starts beating the shit out of him. Smh. The good men are all with the nuts if you were wondering.

    *Watching Dr.Phil*

    1. You are so right. My boyfriend is crazy.

      1. LOL!

      2. When I tell him he is crazy he tells me that he is insane.

  4. OT: Does anyone do Pinterest? It looks too feminine for me. I can’t explain that because I am fairly girly.

    1. Never heard of it but that pic of the Roller Coaster in Japan looks sick! Underwater?! Whoa!

      1. Awww…Boooo! That roller coaster doesn’t go under water it goes into a tunnel. I looked it up on youtube. From the first view it looks like it does take teh rider under the water but from the other view you can see a tunnel that the roller coaster goes into and folks just get splashed by the fountain

    2. I do Pinterest. I only checked it out because everyone on my FB page kept commenting on it.
      I like the recipes and the cool make up and hairstyle tips.

  5. @ Steupz & Khy

    1982 was before the age of the multiplex as we know it today. The Hunger Games will open on 2500 – 3000 screens. First Blood opened on less than 1,000.

    $125m in 1982 is $310m today. $47m is $116m so although the numbers look low to your young eyes they were/are pretty respectable. I guarantee though if it were released today with contemporary marketing and screens and a more open global market I reckon $.5b worldwide.

    We’ll never know.

    1. Thanks AJ! Pretty interesting!