Found: Terrell Owens
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Is this Terrell seeing hard times or trying to stay fit? Being gang-tackled by some Arena pups doesn’t seem a good way to stay match fit for an aging, former star.

Chelsea 4-1 Napoli for the Brits among us!
And The Vampire Diaries returns tonight, I’ll try to get the recap up as soon as possible.

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  1. It’s not even Arena Football. It’s Indoor Football which is basically the same thing but like 2 steps below Arena Football because nobody except for the small towns that have teams have heard of it and the games will never air anywhere on TV.

    So that makes this situation look worse.

  2. Oh dear. I hope it’s a charity thing.

    1. Charity for him maybe…because all he gets out of the deal is 500k and an ownership stake in the team.

      In return the team gets him for all their home games (he’s free to decide if he wants to play road games).

  3. I once had a teacher like this. Pity my phone didn’t have a camera at the time

    1. I once had a teacher that liked to wear mini skirts and sit on her desk. She always crossed her legs when she thought she was losing the class. She was like 60 though.

      1. My English teacher in high school had the perkiest nipples. Every day they were at attention. One of my classmates said they were cameras used to spy on us! LOL!

    2. That’s the way a lot of teacher’s at my daughter’s school look and dress but with lots of tattoos. The uniform is Khaki pants and polo shirt. Mind you she goes to a charter school in Berkeley and the majority of the staff is Gay, Bi or lesbian. They are all adorable.

  4. OT:

    Kenri! Last nights ANTM was a great big LOL! I think Tyra took a page from a bunch of other Reality shows to try and make this one intresting. It started with what looked like the whole house was going to fight.People throwing things at others while they tried to sleep, a lot of yelling and bumping up against each other. but the end up squashing it. How? they didn’t show.

    The next day Tyra comes in and gives all of the girl’s “nicknames”. Why? Because honestly she had nothing better to fill the hour’s show!

    then to end the show on bang, one of the chicks went psycho during elimination. Going off on the judges, turns and leaves the building. While outside pacing becasue she’s pissed she states if she sever saw Kelly Cutrone (this season’s judge) on streets she would fight her. She then told them to take her to get her suitcase because she was leaving! And believe it or not this was a British chick!

    1. That makes sense. I have to watch that episode. sounds good. I did see the “shake overs” episode. It was tragic.

      1. I warned you about that. I thought Make-overs were supposed to make them look better to potential clients. With soem of those styles they wouldn’t make it through the damn door because security would tell them to leave.

    2. I saw it last night and it was one of the best episodes for the recent seasons. I really like Seymone and Candace. I can see the final 3 being Azmarie, Sophie, and Candace.

      1. I’ve got a crush on AzMarie. LOL!

      2. I can see your first 2 but not Candace for some reason…..hmmmm.

      3. My opinion on Candace is probably bias because she is one of my favorites, but I feel like there is always an underdog in the final 3 so either her, Analisse or Ashley

      4. Who’s Candace again? I love Sophie. She exudes personality.

      5. That Candace girl gave the same expression in every shot. I don’t think she’ll make it to the top 6.

      6. Ya probably not but I love her for some reason. A more reasonable top 3 would be Azmarie, Sophie, and Catherine. Even though Catherine is a bore fest, she knows how to model.

      7. The one who left Louise, would have made it far but she didn’t know how to take criticism and had a nasty attitude

      8. Lousie was mad good at modeling but she had a terrible personality, if she didn’t act like a whiny bitch at panel she would have easily been one of my favorites.

      9. and wasn’t the sucking on her finger a bit too much?

      10. Louise was a beautiful model but she was 24. You can’t start modeling at 24. You need to start at 14.

  5. Justin Bieber is a woman right?

    I’m all confused. I’m not into him in the least.

    1. Justin has been refered as being “the hottest little lesbian” to ever hit the scene

      1. I never liked his look for this reason. He basically looks like a super young Ellen.

      2. Plus I’ve never been into twink porn. I like em nice and hairy.

    2. he’s so not cute. He’s pretty. I don’t understand.

  6. Damn! Where have I been to not know Blagojevich got sentenced to 14 years? Hell you kill someone and can get about half that time and even less with good behavior!

    1. Yeah, I’m really sick of hearing about it. Here in Illinois, it’s the only thing that was on the news this morning. Did we really need to follow his every single step since he woke until he got to jail? It was ridiculous.
      And Newt Gingrich was visiting my old high school today and his wife went to visit my son’s school…she was going to talk the the 5th grade class…my son was not looking forward to it. Lol

      1. Roxana I didn’t know you were in Illinois with me and EA. Are you close to Chi?

      2. About an hour out. I’m in Carpentersville.

      3. Oh hell no. I’m in Carpentersville a lot! Damn didn’t know you were that close!

      4. Khy, now that you say that I seem to remember you mentioning Elgin before. Is that where you live? We’re so close. Wow.

        @ Will – Yeah, it is sad that we’re used to it, but you’re in the same boat out in Cali so you know how it is.
        Damn crooks need to find a different state to corrupt.

      5. Yup I do! So freaking close! LOL. The power of the internet. Only here can you talk with someone for 3 years and realize they live in the next town.

      6. I guess I missed his sentencing because we have so many of our
        own corrupt politicians here in California, so he wasn’t big news. It’s sad when your state is used to this crap.

    2. I haven’t watched the news in forever. 14 years seem like such a long time. It seems so expensive to keep someone in jail that long.

      1. I try to watch it every morning. Here in California they are trying to say it cost more to put someone to death by lethal injection than it does to keep them in prison for life. Well ok if taht’s true but hopefully before they pass no more death penalties here we can eliminate a few like Scott Peterson’s slimy ass!

      2. And I forgot they still got Richard Ramiraz (the night stalker) and Richard Allen Davis up in there. these fools have been proven to be guilty adn maxed out their appeals. Sitting around doing nothing on my tax dollar (and they allow Peterson to have his own Blog. WTF!). We promised these 3 bastards death, handle that crap!

      3. I realize that there needs to be punishment for crimes but couldn’t they use their time better?

      4. I know! Whatever happened to making them learn a trade? Put those bastards to work doing something instead of letting them sit around and play on the damn internet!

      5. I was totally thinking actually that they could do like a Webcam porn site. You know something to contribute to society.

      6. Kenri you are so bad! LOL!

  7. Did anyone watch Fashion Star? I love how you can buy the clothes the very next day. That’s cool.

    1. When is that on? I’ve been meaning to watch that. I didn’t even realize it was airing already.

      1. Tueday night I believe. I forgot it was coming on and ended up watching Dance Mom’s

      2. It started on Tuesday. I liked it but they had these cheesy dancers that were on stage when the designers models were showing the clothes. It was kinda weird and very distracting.
        I really like that you can buy the clothes right away.
        One designer was a total dick. He designed a motorcycle jacket and all 3 mentors said it wasn’t anything new or exciting. Well, after Nicole gave her advice he said he doesn’t know why women (meaning her and Jessica) are trying to give advice about mens fashion. He said they just didn’t know what was in style right now. What a tool.

        Here’s the l

      3. Wth? It won’t post the link. One more time.

      4. Roxana the prizes are amazing! The winner gets a contracts totaling $6million? That’s insane. Not to mention the sales that are made during the show. I’m confused about the logistics of the show though. It is taped months in advance? Also do the buyers get to see the product before hand?
        Why is Nicole Richie there?

      5. Oh Kenri, I asked myself the same thing about Nicole. I didn’t know she was a fashion star. Does she sell clothes? I know Jessica has a line and it’s successful.
        The prizes and opportunity for exposure on this show are awesome.

      6. Nicole has her own clothing line it’s called Winter Kate and she sells them on QVC

  8. This Az Marie?

    Az Marie

    1. Yep. Un like the other women on who claim to be Bi or lesbians on ANTM, AzMarie hasn’t said a word. she just strolls into judjing in her baggy jeans, denim jacket with the sleeves rolled up and combat boots. stands kind of leaning towards the side with her thumbs stuck deep in her pants pockets. Looks just like a cute homeboy from down the street!

      But then I tend to get crushes on the boyish looking ones on these reality shows. remember Dani from a Shot at Love with Tila?

      1. No, I didn’t watch that.
        So Az is gay? Bi?

        Because, I can’t see many straight men wanting to get into her pants.

      2. I don’t think she has ever said but I honestly believe she is a lesbian.

        This is Dani:

        She looks like an adult version of Justin B

      3. No, girl. She said she was a lesbian in the first episode. Not that she needed to announce that. One of the other girls, I forget who said she was bi. Azmarie is beautiful. I always think it’s clever for a girl to show up without any hair because then they can’t die your hair red, white and blue.

      4. I didn’t watch the full first episode but yeah I think it’s quite obvious