Terrell Owens New Girlfriend Mia Milano
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These pictures of Mia Milano – Terrel Owens’ new girlfriend, allegedly – have been making the rounds and turning up in bloggers’ email. So, take, with a pinch of salt, that she is actually the girlfriend of Terrell Owens.

According to the email, “…she used to model, but she now owns a tequila company. I did see them eating in Prime 112 and then they looked madly in love. They were hiding from paparazzi when they exited. I got these pictures from one of her friends FacebOok. Her twitter @miamilano

26 Responses to “Terrell Owens New Girlfriend Mia Milano”

  1. Leilene looks nice

    1. Is Leilene still trying to run that lesbian marriage attention scheme?

      The fact that someone (aka this girl herself) emailed these pics to you screams desperate for attention and exposure. It just does.

      1. Shut up. You sound like a straight up hater! Post ur pic, ugly ass

      2. This right here absolutely confirms this is a self-promotion post.

        No need for the regulars to get riled up here. This person won’t bother to comment on any other post besides this one. Classic case.

      3. Santos shut the hell up..She didn’t ask for your comment.

  2. Awee, if Mia is happy, i’m happy for her. She’s one of the nicest people i know. I actually like them together. lol

  3. She’s very pretty but I’m going to say she is not his girlfriend. Damn…. all you see is TO’s teeth, his white shirt and jacket in that bottom middle pic. lol

  4. She will be on some up and coming shows!! :)

  5. Damn now that’s what I call beautiful

  6. She reminds me of Lusty — less psycho, more beautiful.

    1. I see the Robin Givens in her and I also see Cynthia from RHOA

    2. I’d shag her.

      But why’s she shagging a millionaire babby daddy baller?

  7. So Skonka when are you gonna do my post?

  8. It’s sad…Because either those pin heads (Kita and Mo) could make her life a nightmare…Or T.O. will leave her.

    1. Its nice to see that she patched things up with Saaphyri to do this vid.

      1. I Know Nice Way To Promote Both Their Career Endeavors. $

  9. she actually looks exactly like Blac Chyna (famous stripper from King of Diamonds Miami)


  10. EA I have a question for you. How do you think Basketball Wives LA will do in ratings? Since I have barely seen any commercials for it and the supertrailer only came out a week before the premeier but the original Basketball Wives has amazing ratings so I am torn on if it will flop or get good ratings.

    1. I’m not really sure because the promotion has been lacking and I think VH1 is depending on the people who already watch the other version to show up on Monday. While I think that will happen somewhat I won’t be shocked if some people assumed there was going to be a break between the 2 shows so I think ratings will be lower than they have been the last 5-6 weeks (above 2 million) for the original show but still higher than the average for seasons 1 and 2 (just below 1.3 million).

      I also kinda get the feeling La La and T.O. will drop off a little bit regardless of what happens with Basketball Wives LA (but a weak premiere will hurt those 2 shows too). Also the original version didn’t have competition. In about 2 weeks the LA version will have to go up against football and it will get hurt because football destroys everything. It will still be VH1’s highest rated show though. They need to come up with something to do about Ton of Cash though.

      1. Thank you! I am hoping it fails just because I do not want more basketball Wives spin offs. One is plenty, even too much.

  11. This sounds like a replay of the Tami and Evelyn I slept with your husband, or in this case, boyfriend BS.


  12. This girl is pretty enough but here is the thing. There is no way she would go out with a guy who looks like T.O. Unless the guy has T.O. money, he she would never even look at him twice. That sort of puts her in a catagory that is not very lady like imho. This happens all the time though so it is what it is.

  13. What happened to Chasity Soules?

  14. I think she very pretty. But i don’t think its true. She lives in Miami and I’ve never heard of her dating someone in the industry. But whatever