A Basement Affair Cast Reveal
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The Entertainer - A Basement Affair

15 women, 1 cunt and hours away from VH1’s reveal of the case of ‘The Entertainer – Abasement Affair’.
If you missed it, there will be no Los Angeles mansion for ‘The Entertainer’, instead, “they will be living in Frank’s parents’ house!”

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  1. You know, weren’t we joking about the girls having to be in the basement, only to find out that it is true?

    We should stop joking about some stuff, I think VH1 actually looks on here for ideas.

    1. That might be their best move since hiring Flavor Flav.

    2. You’re right. We did joke about that some time ago…..and if I remember correctly from the ILNY2 reunion, that basement wasn’t all that big because all he had was like the bottom part of a bunk bed, a little tiny ass window and a guitar.

      1. That was just his room.

      2. You’re back online, mate?

      3. What do you mean ‘back’ ?

      4. That was for ‘Matic, Corey.
        She was offline for a few days.

      5. Yes I am and I’m glad because texting sucks.

  2. *Their, Steupz.

    1. Oops and thanks.

  3. Steupz, I didn’t know you were a Daisy fan. How long ago did you change your avvie to her?

    1. Hahaha

  4. i can online imagine what these chicks are gunna look like. im a little afraid to find out.

  5. Steupz I have a question!

    1. You can email me if you like.

  6. No! It’s a question that I think everyone here would like to know the answer to as well… as it could have to do with the fate of Bourgy… can I ask you now?

  7. I think I should say ‘No’, lol.
    Email me first, it sounds like it might be personal.

  8. I think I’ll just ask it now as I’m too lazy to type http://www.hotmail.com

    …. What are you getting me for Christmas?

  9. Funny you ask, cause Pastease just asked would I like to do more quid pro quo promotions.

    Interested in a pastease? Or a picture of a model in a pastease?

    1. Who won the last contest?

      1. Haven’t decided yet. You want to?
        You’d have to recuse yourself as a contestant, though.

      2. Lol.
        Tbh, you’re probably a better gauge of who deserves a pair of pastease than I am lol. (And because I like winning)

        Though, I think Poseidon’s comment was a winner 😛

  10. Only if the picture is of Miss Raven Masterson & autographed.

    I think it’s only fair for Christmas you promote me to co-owner. Oh, the things I could do to this place…… dream with me, Nicholas. Are you seeing my vision? Bourgy in 0’10… or should I say Courgy…. you fellin’ me?

  11. I wonder if Nancy auditioned for this show.


    *moonwalks out*

    1. DEAD.

    2. Y’all are killing me this morning.

    3. Ha! Good one.

    1. Wow.

      Knowing that the promo photog hates all Vh1 contestants for some reason, I know I should reserve my judgment on how these …er, ah… ‘females’ look, but daaaaamn….

      The words “bottom of the barrel” don’t even begin to describe…

  12. Before I say anything about the rest….


  13. LMFAOOOOO they’re just as bad as you’d think. If not worse. Does Vh1 casting do this on purpose?!

    The only attractive one is Felicia.

  14. I am so confused….but not really. A bunch of them are hella orange, but none of them are super plastic (at first glance anyway). 80% of them look old as hell. I saw like 3 trannies and a Destiney clone. It makes me wonder though. This was the first 51 Minds show that was cast after the Ryan Jenkins thing so maybe they thought they were playing it safe by casting cougars….or they let Entertainer’s mom pick all the girls because she knew she didn’t want a bunch of plastic, alcoholic, over tattooed 22 year old skanks in her house.

    1. I see four trannies…Ann, Dana, Mandy, and Melody.

      1. Ann is just super old but the other 3 are definitely trannies.

      2. Ann looks like Ambre….She’s Annbre.

  15. Courgy seems X-rated.

    1. Huh, so that’s what happened to Prancer’s weave/wig


      1. LOL…at least it isn’t blonde though….that should be worth something.

      2. Imagine what her left-arm looks like?

  16. Jennifer for the win!

    1. What about Kerry? And those sexy bedroom eyes?



    3. Both her and Stephanie are the only good looking girls


  18. How old is Frank again?

  19. Let me just make this comment now and really really really hope it comes true……and I’ll type it in caps to make a point (although because it’s VH1 it might be too much to ask for).


    That is all.


  20. I can’t waste time on subtlety, I want to screw Jennifer!

  21. I think Mandy added the d-y in the very last minute

    1. LOL! You’re so mean.

      1. He’s right, though.

  22. LMFAO Steupz hahahahhaha you are such a clever little chicken nugget sometimes.

  23. I feel broken. All of it were flushed down the toilet.

  24. Ann doesn’t look human.

  25. Damn, it really looks like they scraped the bottom of the barrel for this one.

    1. I thought the ROLB and RCOL2 trannies were bad (I think the words I used were ‘scraping the underside of the barrel’ for them) but this time I think they dug 6 feet under the barrel to get these things. How much worse can it possibly get?

      1. I don’t know. I swear the next 51 Minds show they’re just gonna cast corpses and be done with it.

      2. Fucking dead!

        (Pun intended.)*lol

  26. They got me again…I will be watching…

  27. As soon as i saw it i couldnt even scroll down without looking at the breakout star…Ann!!!LOL But some look like dumb bimbos that dont know shit about The Entertainer’s show and just came on for thier 15 min of fame. And i hope hillbilly wild comes crashing in! For the record some are eh…But they look better than some girls on previous shows.

    1. LMAO @ Hillbilly Wild!

  28. I’m glad they’re fucking hideous; his raggedy ass deserves nothing better.

    Also, didn’t Corey joke a while back about him giving out keys to the basement? Funny, that became reality.

  29. Jennifer is definitely the best looking.
    I thought Renee was cute.
    I want to see what they look like on the show.
    The VH1 pics are always bad.

  30. These girls are a mess. You can’t really go by the cast pics though.

  31. Jennifer is clearly the prettiest!

  32. I honestly think majority of them aren’t bad looking. I think this is the best looking cast of the year…

    1. Khi, You Know You’re tripping. LOL

      I mean, FTLORJ 1 & 2 AND RCOL2 had much better looking casts.

  33. Though Ann looks just like- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfTth8tAqjk

    LMAO! I nearly died when I saw she was actually named “Ann”!

    And I’m talking face wise.

    1. Hahah she kind of does.

      The girl that played Annie looks a lot prettier now.

      1. lol, Yeah, I googled. She’s cute now.

  34. I’m at school. Are the pictures even worth looking at? LOL

    1. Yes, the girls are cute and that’s coming from ME…

  35. The girls aren’t too bad. I was thinking really homely looking girls. Anyway, with me, I have to see what their personalities are like.

    So far, I’m not feeling Melody, Mandy and Ann at this point, but I might have a completely different take on these three when they are in action on the show.

    Welcome back EA.

  36. Wow, those are some beasties…

  37. Possibly the worst looking cast so far. I swear some of them are men.

    I think I’m gonna watch this, sadly.

    1. Worser than RCOL2?

      No way!

  38. Someone read this and tell me if this concept and the title sound absolutely retarded.


    If you need a VH1 connection to read it then the show is produced by Endemol……the company that owns over half of 51 Minds. Maybe 51 Minds doesn’t have anymore shitty shows to pitch to VH1 because its owner is pitching all the retarded show ideas to other networks.

    1. Da Fuck?!?

      It’s crazy back when we first found out Endemol bought most of 51Minds most knew that sh!t wuz gonna get all fucked up. Now look what dun happened:

      ILM3 canceled becuz of their fuck-ups
      Real Chance of Love 2 even existing
      For The Love of Ray J 2 being unbearably boring
      people like Enterloser gettin a show

      so on and so forth.

    2. LOL….I don’t know if Conveyor Belt of Love is the most silliest thing I have ever heard or if producers who put these show on the air believe the general public are so brain dead they will watch anything.

      They have taken the concept of speed dating which I already thought was low and made it even lower by putting the men on a conveyor belt. The name of the show is horrible. I thought VH1 was going downhill, but these producers have reached a new low.

      This show has to be as bizarre as the show they had on BBC of America last night called My Car, My Lover.

      Two guys who were sexually in love with their cars and was shown rubbing and kissing on the cars like they would a woman and even masturbating to the car. They had more but after I got over the initial shock, I turned that sick shit off.

      1. This show is coming on ABC…..(why the hell they would pick it up is a completely different story). Endemol produces a lot of reality shows (like Big Brother and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition) but this one sounds absolutely idiotic.

        Also, ewwwwwwwwwww @ that car show. That’s sick.

      2. Conveyor Belt of Love….sounds like an addiction to assembly lines. That sounds like complete and udder SHIT!! With a size 72 font capital S!

        And, the car show….well, it gives a whole different meaning to the term “lube job”

      3. Three words, four syllables;

        Dumb, dumb, da-DUMB!

  39. Melissa and Jessica look the best.

  40. i will probably be watching it (if it’s ever online) but why did they choose that moron to get his own show?? they have enough people from these shows to choose from..i would rather watch cocktail or heather for a new reality show..or why not take a bad girl or someone like that? that be effing great!

  41. What are you bitches getting me for my birthday?

    1. I want this for my birthday. *cries*


  42. This guy is soooooooooooo hot.


    He was one of wolf guys in New Moon.

  43. So like there are people stealing life-size posters of Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson at Burger King windows.


    I’mma go to Burger King tomorrow and maybe I could jack one, lol.