The Game Episode 7 Summary: “Didn’t You Know Who I Was?”
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The Game opens with yet another Sunbeam committee meeting at Melanie’s house. The meeting is first interrupted by Rick Fox’s constant texts to Tasha Mack, then Kelly, who brought her VH1 reality show crew with her. (Who else would it be but VH1? Then again she’s white, fucking black men, has no talent and her name begins with a “K”…)


Meanwhile, at Rehab, Malik is uncooperative in group sessions and trying to ‘bone’ Jenna, a supermodel. (Who is definitely modeled on Jessica White…. look at that weave and 80’s top)


After the Sunbeam meeting, Tasha Mack is back home and tells Danté she’s hanging with the girls tonight but she’ll be back before midnight. Earlier she said it would be an all-nighter so Danté is suspicious.


At the Club, Kelly wants entry to V.I.P to party with the Sunbeam ladies. Notably, Tasha Mack isn’t among them.
Melanie is told not to let her in but she just can’t do it. (Kelly’s tattoo is sexy as fuck. Anyone knows what they are?)


After checking himself out of Rehab, Malik El DeBarge Wright returns to the lifestyle of clubbing and popping Vicodin. (Weirdly, the real El DeBarge checked himself into rehab the day before this episode aired.)
In the Club he is erratic and gets physical with Jason and Derwin before he is knocked out by a Derwin left hook.


At the restaurant and waiting for quite a while for Rick Fox to show, Tasha is surprised by Dante. Rick Fox called her house to cancel and Dante took the call.
He joins at the table and ends the relationship. (Get serious. He is Rick Fox, NBA star with the good hair; you are Dante Young, who da fuck is that? And yes it was smart to get properly dressed to get entry to the restaurant but B.E.T added a handkerchief to his breast pocket. Who would do that in this situation? And worst of all it looks like the scene was re-shot because his mark looks cleaner and newer than the earlier shot)


Back at the Club the guys try to revive Malik in the bathroom (No one disturbed them for 10 minutes… so unrealistic) and Jason takes a picture for his sports show. (Lol)
He eventually comes to and they tell him he has to “take his ass back to rehab” or the Police will take him to jail.


The episode ends with Malik appreciating he has no other choice but to return to Rehab and get better.

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  1. That opening statement about Kelly’s VH1 reality show was funny as hell! More like the bootleg VH1!

  2. This is still my favorite show lol

    OT: I know you guys don’t care for her, but this gave me a little more info


    1. Can you tell me what’s in the video, I can’t see it.

    2. Yeah it shows how much editing is actually done on the show. That video actually made me like Char a little and I thought she hated Ashley.

  3. Damn…I keep missing this show. Thanks for the recap Skonka..glad Derwin knocked out Malik, he needed it. I hope they lighten up his character’s attitude in future episodes…it’s seriously annoying…still SMH at Malik El Debarge.

    “NBA star with the good hair”…*sigh*

    1. It adds a nice twist to the show though, and they needed something.

  4. Doesn’t Kelly have the same tattoos has Angelina Jolie.

    1. I knew it looked familiar… especially the one on the left.

  5. Somebody needs to direct all 4 of these hoes to the nearest mirror and mall because this trash right here is just SMH.

    Junk and Natalie Nunn

    1. Joan Rivers would not approve.

    2. You can talk all you want but that is the perfect body… TWICE!

      1. And too much of it is visible.

      2. TWICE

      3. Lol

      4. Why can’t we have nice things?

    3. I don’t give a fuck what anyone says, Nat may be super annoying but her body is the baddest of any bad girl before her It’s just the chin that always throws you off!

      1. :::fist bump:::

        Don’t let them break you, ym. And the chin aint all that bad.

      2. Children would be a problem though. Those genes are strong.

      3. Even though I no longer watch BCG I think Natalie is pretty. As far as the chin…well it is what it is. I would like to see what type of chins her mom and dad have. I call her chin the female Jay Leno chin…lol

      4. Meant “BGC”…lol

      5. Lol @”Those genes are strong”

  6. I REALLY wanted Terrence to fuck me when I saw this episode, and I was completely ashamed.

    1. Kelly?