Thing 3’s Reunion Recap – Season Review
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Bad Girls Club Season 7 Reunion Part 1

Perez hosted the Reunion once again, but, is it just me or does Bad Girls Club need a new reunion host? I like Perez, but I really feel like someone else should host it and the only name that comes readily to mind is, Wendy Williams. I’ve seen her on the Braxton Family Values Reunion and The A List: New York reunion and she does a great job.

That said, on the BGC7 Reunion Show, all of the girls came out looking beautiful, even Stasi ( I thought she looked ridiculous at first, but the look kind of grew on me… she did look cute.)

Some things we learned:

  •   Judi carries a vibrator in her purse
  •   Tiara can finally dance like a black girl
  •   Shelly tried to give Judi tough love during the show, which was why she was mean to her


There was a touching moment between Stasi and Judi, then shortly after, Stasi gets in a confrontation with Shelly.

This was Shelly’s chance to redeem herself – since she got her ass beat on the show. Stasi got all  in her face and Shelly does… nothing! But the moment Stasi turns her back, Shelly wants to get up. (Shelly is such a punk and it’s sad. The fact that she got beat up again is worse ,lol Stasi had her in a headlock.)

Cheyenne enters the fray and her only claim to the show is discussed.

Tasha comes out and is quickly presented with the “Least Favorite Bad Girl”. Tasha keeps claiming that she is “classy”. (I wish she would just take that word out of her vocabulary).

Her counterpart, Priscilla makes her entrance and was ready to go. She’s one of those girls who come to the Reunion ready to argue with ANYBODY. (In my opinion she was boring on the show and is only relevant because she beat up Judi.)

Judi asks Tasha why did she kick her, and she deflects the question by saying “Why did you spit in the pizza.” Tasha isn’t an ugly girl, but her personality is disgusting and I can’t stand that about her. Stasi and Tasha both get up…

Bad Girls Club Season 7 Reunion Part 2

Part 2 begins with Tasha acting like she’s going to do something to Stasi, but then she just sits her ass down. Priscilla and Stasi get into it shortly. The drama then shifts to the Tiara/Tasha feud and Tiara shuts Tasha down.

Perez then takes the discussion to Shelly’s girlfriend and Tasha’s offensive comments towards gay people. Tasha explains why she used the word “faggeti” and Perez goes off. Tasha’s explanation is she laughs when people call her a ‘terrorist’ (How is that funny? You should be ashamed of yourself downgrading yourself to feel accepted.)

(I just don’t understand how Tasha has gay friends after seeing this show and how she acts … I don’t know it is very mind bottling.)

Cheyenne’s racism is then addressed, watching the Reunion I laughed when they showed the playback and it showed Cheyenne saying “We’ve been to every ghetto place. Every place we’ve been has been hood as fuck”. (Looking back now it is racist, but I find it mildly funny.)

Angie on the Bad Girls Club Reunion Show
The limo fight was discussed and Tiara says that her friendship with Angie will never be the same. Angie says she wasn’t a flip flopper (I disagree because she was going back and forth the whole season. She always claims to be Team Angie, but clearly the viewer’s know different.)

Priscilla then jumps in and gets buck with Angie, the two squabble then the best quote of the reunion happens:

Priscilla: “You’re from the hood, bitch!”

Angie: “You work at a pizza shop”

Things we learned in Part 2:

  • Tasha had 3 footballs players run a train on her
  • People are too concerned with Judi’s pink creole p*ssy

Miss Voodoo got a small segment, which I thought was cute.

The big fight was relived and Judi gets on Tasha for trying to jump in and Tasha’s answer was stupid because Judi brought up a good point… when Judi did “something” to Tasha, Tasha never responded but it wasn’t until Priscilla got involved that Tasha would jump in.

Natasia’s Music Video is shown and it’s not that bad. Blah blah blah, the girls talked about their futures and the only relevant information was that Judi announced that she is going to be on Love Games 3. The season ended with the Season 8 supertrailer:

Final Thoughts

Overall this season was great; I was so spoiled by Season 6 that I didn’t watch any super trailers or previews until the week before the premiere. I think the girls, the editing, and drama was really good.

Tasha has earned her spot on the Most Hated Bad Girls list, right next to Ailea and Lea. Her ignorance and inability to make sense astonishes me. She never once answers a question completely and her reason for always jumping in Priscilla’s battle was weak. In my opinion Judi was the star and Tiara was the fan favorite, they both brought new and exciting elements to the show.

I don’t really care for Stasi but I’m pretty sure we can all say that she is nothing like Tanisha. The rest of the girls, Cheyenne included, made the season watchable. But now that the show is over we will see who has the most successful career.

If I had to rate the Bad Girls Club Seasons with Season 7 included, my list would be:

4, 2, 7, 5, 3, 6, and 1

Season 7's "Baddest" Bitch was? (Choose 2 names)

  • Stasi (36%, 289 Votes)
  • Tiara (35%, 287 Votes)
  • Judi (33%, 269 Votes)
  • Angie (17%, 136 Votes)
  • Priscilla (15%, 120 Votes)
  • Tasha (5%, 39 Votes)
  • Shelly (4%, 31 Votes)
  • Cheyenne (3%, 22 Votes)

Total Voters: 814

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Bad Girls Club Season 7 was?

  • One of the best seasons. (55%, 283 Votes)
  • OK. Not great, not bad, but decent. (33%, 170 Votes)
  • What are you smoking? It was pure garbage. (12%, 61 Votes)

Total Voters: 514

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60 Responses to “Thing 3’s Reunion Recap – Season Review”

  1. Didn’t even see the Season and i know Judi is the favorite

  2. Seeing Angie there I think we need a Best looking Bad Girl Poll

  3. Nice recap! I do agree Tiara was the fan favorite and Judi was the star. Heck to me it seemed like a Judi story and when the cliques began it shifted to show Judi’s POV. I still think Angie was a flip flop because I KNOW DAMN WELL THERE WASN’T NO TEAM ANGIE. There was Team Judi, Team Clean, Team Real….But no TEAM Angie. I’m sure S8 will go upward like S7 did.

  4. I thought it was a decent recap. But a little more biased that I like.

  5. I don’t like Tasha but she is lightyears ahead of the leas in terms of likeability.

    My list of fav seasons:

    I of course didn’t watch the first season.

  6. Angie put the beatdown on Priscilla! I still laugh when I think back to how Tiara thought she won that fight with Angie in the club just because Angie had a scratch on her face. Angie snatched that bitch up! Overall, I’ll agree about Judi being the most entertaining.

    1. No she didn’t. Even though you could argue Angie won the fight because she rips Priscilla’s dress and gave her the tiniest microscopic nick on her head – Priscilla snatches her up pretty bad. Neither won the fight and certainly no one was beat up/down/across.

      I like that Angie was the only one who talked back to Priscilla during the reunion though ;).

      1. All Priscilla did was pull hair. She didn’t punch AT ALL! Angie got a bunch of good punches in on Priscilla.

  7. What? Angie can fight too?
    I need video, I need video!

    1. (Angie vs Tiara all 3 rounds)

      (Angie vs Priscilla pt 2 reunion)

      1. Ha. Angie is more effort than skill, but it appears she would have beat Tiara’s ass.
        Thanks J.

      2. Anytime! Also Oxygen didn’t show Judi and Angie’s fight where she was pulling Judi’s hair while Nastasia and Shelly was holding her back.

      3. Right, Angie has more heart than actual fighting ability. Impressive nonetheless.

  8. Great recap Thing 3. I still haven’t sat down to watch the reunion shows but after reading your recap feel like I did!

  9. OT: VH1 finally confirmed someone for their horrible idea of Relationship Rehab. DMX and his wife! Guess tehy need the money!

    1. Thanks, I’ll write it up.

  10. Great post Thing 3!

  11. My ranking-

    2,7,4,3,5,1, & 6.

    It’s REALLY hard ranking seasons 1, 3, and 5 because they were all weak seasons overall, but had some great moments.

    1. I love your placement for season 6, its right where it belongs

  12. We gotta do a poll for most hated bad girl in the future. Options should be-

    -Jennavecia(Season 2)
    -Ailea(Season 3)
    -Natalie(Season 4)
    -Lea(Season 5)
    -Char(Season 6)
    -Tasha(Season 7)

    1. I think Amber from Season 4 is a better fit for most hated on that season.

      1. I agree Davie..that fuckin bitch got on my nerves so bad….ahhH!!

      2. I second that… Amber was definitely more hated than Natalie! I couldn’t stand her ass!

      3. My most hated list:

        Season 1- Kerry (Painfully Fake and a lot of the girls realized it after the show)
        Season 2- Jennavecia (Just disgusting! She is the definition of douchebag)
        Season 3- Ailea (I hated this broad with a passion)
        Season 4- Amber (Annoying as hell! I am so happy that she got slung around the entire season)
        Season 5- Lea (Everyone hated her, but I love this girl! She is easily my favorite Bad Girl! I don’t care what anyone thinks.)
        Season 6- Char (The worst HBIC on the worst season! She was such a wannabe that it was hard to watch…)
        Season 7- Tasha (Misused the word classy more than Cat and Jennifer, and very ignorant)

  13. I love this post Thing 3! Nice Job :)

  14. My Most hated list:

    Season 2 – none – (thus my favorite season)
    Season 3 – Ugh, so many, Ailea, Tiffany and the one from Boston (thus my least favorite season). I hate them all equally but probably Tiffany the most.
    Season 4 – Kendra
    Season 5 – Lea
    Season 6 – Char
    Season 7 – Fat Ass

  15. Thx guys, i just hope that s8 is good because after a good season the one after is lack luster.

    1. Yeah, I don’t think Season 8 will be good. At best it’ll be “decent”, but no where near as good as BGC7.

      But we’ll see. I was after all surprised with this one.

      1. Did you like the supertrailer? i felt like the ending scene was really weak.

      2. The end was weak butttt the blonde looks like she’ll be the baddest or most hated on the season. I’m going for most hated but she beat that Nene looking girls ass.

  16. I agree they need to get a new host. Anybody. Literally anybody would be better. I’m tired of his “make everything about me” attitude. He is just as lame as his website.

    1. Perez looks like this guy right here.
      I WANT HIS ASS TO STAY AWAY THE REST OF THE UPWARD SEASONS. Please bring Tanisha because she can dish out tough love and do it in a respectful manner.

      1. That is an insult to frankenberry. lol

  17. Wait..Jennavecia HATED? I give her props for a) not following Tanisha b) at least saying..”f this bully swinging”..thats a bad girl…shrug. She may have lost but hey..she swung.. Cordelia should be the hated of S2. She was annoying..crying..lame. etc etc. let Tanisha play with her like an emotional ragdoll/punching bag and THEN Cordelia’s disloyal ass turned on her only friend (Andrea) in the house over some dumb shit JUST to impress the “hyenas”.. how much more do you need? lol

    1. No one from Season 2 is hateable. Yes Cordelia was the lamest but you have to admit, like Jennevecia, she brought a hell of a lot of drama. Even her turning on the replacement was good TV.

      1. From what I remember about season 2… Either you were on Team Party girl (thus hating Tanisha or Neveen the most), or you were on Team Hyena (thus hating Jennavecia)… But then you had your set too, that loved everyone.

      2. True Eric. I’m probably not being fair. Because there were like three groups of fans for season 2. The Hyena fans, The Party Girls fans, and the neutral fans.

        I might see Jennavecia as the villain of the season while someone else might see Tanisha as the villain, or another person might see both as the villains.

    2. I hated Jennavecia, but I LOVED the drama she brought. She MADE season 2 what it was. Like I said, I don’t watch Bad Girls Club to like every one, otherwise it would be hella boring.

      So when I say I hate Jennavecia, that doesn’t mean I don’t think she was great TV. I love her “drama”, just not her personally.

      And the reason why I consider her the “most hated” of season 2 is because she pretty much was the head villain of that season. That is if you don’t count Tanisha as one.

      BTW, Obviously I was Team Heyena Sisters.

  18. I don’t hate anyone really from S1/2/4

    I guess Natalie but I liked her on her season after the season is when I disliked her. But my top 4 dislikes are to


    I couldn’t stand those 5 out of everyone on BGC. Tasha is annoying but not as hateable as that fat ugly bitch Nastasia is.

  19. I think too many ppl are letting Nastasia get away with being phony. Even though she claimed to have some “master plan”, she still betrayed Judi and bullied her around. I don’t see how they could still be cool. And that rapping…Talent??…eh Let it go while you’re still ahead. I recall Catya trying to rap

  20. Anyone else got pissed at that BGC8 Promo? “You’ve waited seven seasons and we’re finally going there…” I thought it was going to be all stars but they’re talking about Vegas. lol. I don’t give a fuck about Vegas. Oxygen know they stay teasing. I’m hoping Season 10 is all stars. I’ll be pissed if it isn’t.

    But for right now my all stars would be-

    3)Amber M

    1. Bitch hellllll no! NIKKI’S manly ass? Why the HELL would you have her on All stars she wouldn’t do shit? Throw Char on there, Natalie HATES her.

      If we doing 10… I’d do

      1) Tanisha
      2) Stasi
      3) Amber M
      4) Natalie
      5) Flo
      6) Lea
      7) Kristen
      8) Morgan
      9) Char
      10) Judi

    2. you are both wrong for not having the sexiest girl ever to be on the show on your lists. Ashley King is number one threw ten on my list

      1. Ashley is boring.

  21. Personally, I believe an All Stars season is a fail idea, and would ultimately be the down fall of the series.

    1. True…Look at AMNTM: All Stars….They put the irrelevent people on there….The roster would look like this….
      -Hannah (S2)
      -Aleia (S3)
      -Kendra or Natalie (S4)
      -Danielle (S5)
      -Jade (S6)
      -Angie (S7)
      AND WE DON’T WANT THIS TO HAPPEN NOW DO WE??? OXYGEN WILL FUCK UP A BGC: ALL STARS. And it will be terrible. Bitches who don’t bust a grape.

      1. ANTM all stars is sooo badd
        Tyra is eliminating all of the ACTUAL models for the dumbest reasons.

        Bianca didnt deserve to go, shes the only one i could actually see winning

        Shannon was doomed because tyra set her up with doing that lingerie shoot.

        I like angelea but she should have been gone before isis, that show is such a fail. But if BGC made an all stars the only way i could see it working is if they got girls who already don’t like each other.

      2. Bingo. I’m scared that they will put some lame folks on the house while “beetlejuice” will be bitching that she was supposed to be on there…And all of that BS she spews out.

      3. I would love if Angie was on an Allstars season. Just sayin`

      4. Um, Yeah. Why is Angie on that list with those losers anyway?

        Also I friggin love Hanna. Priscilla so reminds me of her. I love them both.

      5. Just showing what Oxygen would do if they did create it. They would put the weak people who didn’t make that much of an impact in the show. Now if they just do like everyone is saying add the women who HAVE BEEF with each other. (Priscilla, Stasi, Judi, Natalie, and others.) Then this could work!

  22. and oh hell no. Neveen was easily the most hated, disgusting bitch of season 2. With her cat shit eating ass.

  23. Naveen was HILARIOUS! 😀


  25. Why is Ashley from S5 even mentioned or even got another show?! Did she get naked that I don’t know about?? She was whack as a bitch on BGC.

  26. Whatever happened to that Jersey show pilot that Christina S5 was on? I’d like to see a show that a REAL bad girl is on.

    1. Jersey Shore has close ties with the same company that produces BGC. After Christina made her racist rant, she broke her contract. I’m sure if she made an appearance, they edited it out.

  27. I had to comment lol: I know yall ain’t tryna say Angie beat Tiara ass. Really? lol

    but my ranking for this season:

    1) Tiara/Judi/Stasi (can’t choose between those three)
    2) Angie
    3) Cheyenne
    4) Shelly
    5) Tasha
    6) Priscilla

  28. I had to comment lol: I know yall ain’t tryna say Angie beat Tiara ass. Really? lol

    but my ranking for this season:

    1) Tiara/Judi/Stasi (can’t choose between those three)
    2) Angie
    3) Cheyenne
    4) Shelly
    5) Tasha
    6) Priscilla

  29. and instead of a “most hated” list (hate is a strong word lol) I would do Most Unfavorable:

    s1) nobody
    s2) Jennavecia
    s3) Ailea
    s4) Nunn Chin
    s5) Erica (not even after her WSHH videos)
    s6) Kori
    s7) Priscilla