Trends Soliciting Think Like A Man Viewers
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Trendz outside the movie theater asking about the Think Like A Man movie then pushing his book.

Weird uh?

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  1. An American tragedy right here folks. I’m talking about both Trendz face AND the dumbass people being interviewed.

    1. I thought it was congenial Khy.

  2. BGC8 reunion pics

  3. There are like 3 things wrong with this

    1. Trendz wrote a book 0_o

    2. People actually spent money to go see that damn movie

    3. The fact that he tried to sell said book to teenagers

    1. His desperate ass probably would have fell out right on the floor if someone would have said they recognized him. His ass just wants to be seen.

      Attention VH1 folk-Stop being so damn thirsty.

      1. LMMFAO

  4. Rumor rights :
    Jenna VS twins
    Erika vs Camila
    Gia vs Audience member

  5. Speaking of old VH1 people, I came across this on another website. They want people to talk about them so bad. They won’t let it go lol

    1. Oh Jesus. They really are desperate. You know they’re thirsty when they have to hint at non-existing projects they supposedly have coming up.

      1. Apparently this is what they were talkin about:

        lol nobody cared about them on the first shows they were on. Why would anybody care 3 years after their cancelled 2nd shows (excluding Lacey but nobody cares about her now either).

      2. “Life After Reality TV’ will air on Youtube April 25th”

        …And the tragic train just keeps on rolling.

      3. When will they realize that “shows” on Youtube don’t count towards anything?

        Yes there’s the possibility that Youtube might send them a check but even then that’s really only if they get a shitload of views (a lot, like +500k territory)

  6. For you Aubrey O’Day fans, on tonight’s Celebrity Apprentice she and Arsenio are going to have a round 2! Not sure what the argument is about this time

    1. Yes! Can’t wait!

      She better put him in his place.

      1. Aubrey is hateful.

      2. Nah, that’s just the editing.

        They don’t have a Nene or Star this season so they have to settle for Aubrey and Lisa or whatever her name is.

  7. The Celebrity Apprentice this year has pretty much been All About Aubrey Season 2! I looove her! She has a new single coming out tomorrow if anybody cares, it’s called Wrecking Ball.

    I could not believe those two clowns WERE ACTUALLY TRYING TO GET THEIR LAST WORDS IN…(mainly Cynthia) Marlo was a fucking HOODRAT and Cynthia was contradicting herself…And let’s not forget Kandi…They called her a hoe…And shit hit the fan. She called Marlo a HOE!LMFAO!!!

    1. I haven’t seen it yet and doubt I will tonight. Becasue I watch Celebrity Apprentice I always miss the first shoowing of it. But this time the next showing isn’t until 12:30 and I’m not staying up that late. I’ll catch a repeat some other time. but you know I will post once I see it. Right now I need to make this child’s lunch for school.

      1. LOL! Alright. I will await your take on last night’s episode!

      2. LMAO!!! “Too bad she didn’t say that earlier then she could have had a job.” LOL it still wasn’t going to do any good she put her own self in that situation!LOL

  9. Hell, we just had an earthquake. Sounded like a damn train hit our building, loud but no shaking. WL anything happening out your way?

    1. No nothing here but I see you guys got a 3.9. I believe we may have one in the near future considering we had 88 degree waether over the weekend and now things have droppend down to the mid 50’s with rain on the way. Those earth plates will be slipping and sliding up here

  10. Thanks for the update WL. I didn’t know how far this one rached since it was so freaking loud. It’s 66 degrees with a heavy overcast here. As you said perfect earthquake weather .

    I heard the earthquake centered in and around the San Juan Capistrano area which is about about 20+ miles south of us and it was a 3.9 just as you said. Usually the fist thing you feel is a rolling or a shaking motion. Didn’t feel any shaking or rolling with this one. The only thing I experienced was a very, very loud cracking sound like you hear when lightening strikes. Hope there are no after shocks. It sound like it was right outside my window.

    I’m a big baby when it comes to these earthquakes, always have been and feel no shame about it. LOL. I think my blood pressure shot up 20 points. Took a Xanax so I’m calm now. Going to the store and get me some comfort food. I need it.