Three New True Blood Regulars
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Janina Gavankar As 'Luna' On True Blood
Three new female characters have been confirmed for Season 4 of HBO’s True Blood.
Picture above is Janina Gavankar who will play a shapeshifter/teacher named ‘Luna

Alexandra Breckenridge (now on American Horror Story) is ‘Daisy‘, a Wiccan. And Vedette Lim is a cage-fighter named ‘Naomi


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  1. Looks like True Blood 4 is gonna be a hook-up Season

  2. Check your e-mail Steupz.

  3. omg season 6 first look

    this is going to be a good season

    1. OMFG!



      Season 5 what? Out of here bitch! S6 looks awesome!

      1. lmao these bitches aren’t afraid to go home.

      2. lol these bitches aren’t afraid to go home

      3. Kori nudes coming up

    2. This is going to be the baddest season yet!

      1. So one girl brought SIX of her bitches to get down. Lol. Looks like next season will have some REAL bad chicks. I just hope weak ass replacements don’t ruin a potentially good season.

      2. No, Khi it sounds like one girl brought six girls to come over and hang out, and the six girls instigated and started shit out of nowhere… probably to get on TV. That’s whack as fuck. Damn this show gets my temper going.

      3. You never know, the other girls might have had it coming!

        We have to wait and see :)

    3. Someone needs to get this on YouTube for me… can’t see shit.

  4. OMG i feel so bad for Morgan, you can tell she’s so rattled by her personal life, her aunt passing away she’s so rattled right now and off her game. I feel so bad.

    1. Yup. :(

  5. Danielle needs to STFU!

  6. Ashley is still in the audience!

    1. Christina’s girlfriend got more screen time than that bitch.

  7. LMAO at Perez spraying Lea!

  8. The editing on this was so fucked up, this is so choppy and weird, and Morgan is just so rattled and off her game. I honestly feel terrible, they should have addressed her family issues and why she was being so off her game, though she probably didn’t want them to.

  9. Morgan’s twitter:
    “@LeaLorraine13 doesnt see me anywhere bc her ass cant go where go! She needed this show! I am Miami HOE! #stfu come seee meeee”

  10. Meh, the little sneak peak of the season 6 fight wasn’t all that spectacular. It was all just a bunch of hair pulling. Kinda lame.

    Of course my ass is still gonna watch that shit like my life depended on it.

    1. They just showed it on TV too. Looked epic.

    2. Agree with you Sam. Still good reality tv, but let’s not act like they actually showed any punches being connected.

      1. I don’t think anything will top the Portia beatdown.

        She is officially Bad Girl royalty for that golden moment. F**king priceless.

  11. wow erica got snatched lol and bgc 6 is like the only good looking 2011 reality show

  12. they should have showed morgans production room slap in ep 2

  13. Been a crazy news day, not just on BGC6 but other stuff I’m following. Like MASSIVE news is coming out of no where today.

    1. What else is coming out? Besides South Korea North Korea stuff

      1. Well I’m an FD fan, so Final Destination 5. :)

        They released some pics for that today.

      2. I thought 4 was the end of it?

      3. That was just to get more money. :)

  14. Read the sign Bad Girls Club bitches

  15. 2011 Tv is going to be amazing! We’re going to have LG2(Ehh..) BGC6, Prolly BGC7 later this year
    Pretty Little Liars
    Real World Vegas (I read that someone gets sent home early)
    Jersey Shore 3 (Ehh)
    Kim And Kourtney Take NYC I like that show Idk y