Massie’s Tool Academy 2 Episode 6 Recap
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Charm on Tool Academy 2This episode begins where the last episode left off. Frank and Charm are still arguing about who is the new leader of the ‘whack pack’.

Frank sees right through Charm, and feels he is there just to get publicity and is a fake ass bitch(Is there any other reason to go on a reality show except exposure?).

The next day in the girls’ villa, Leah leaves a few flyers and CD covers of Dre P and his group, sitting on a pile, but finds that one is missing (Hmm that’s a smart move Leah. You put them in a public place but don’t expect them to be touched? I think you need some common sense.)

Andrea informs her that one of the girls took it, so they could show Trina that Dre P and Leah might just be on the show to further his career ( Exposure?? No, it can’t be). Leah isn’t having anyone touch her things, so she confronts Christina about having the nerve to claim that they are just there to promote themselves (I wonder what would give her that impression. She probably just brought the flyers to use as toilet paper because Dre P’s songs are shit).

Leah is beyond annoyed, and repeatedly tells Christina she needs to get some common sense and is a stupid ass bitch(Apparently everyone in this academy is a bitch and Leah is the pot that’s calling the kettle black… you need some common sense your damn self).

I Love Her ‘Cause She Loves Me

Charm on Tool Academy 2In therapy, this weeks’ lesson is communication. The group will be able to share their feelings about the relationships with their significant others, as well as their house-mates.

Charm is up first, and immediately goes into how the guys took their anger out on him when he got kicked out of the room and feels the guys are immature (Gee, a bunch of guys alone, did you really think they weren’t going to act immature? Charm, I thought you knew it all). Stew responds to Charm’s statement by referring to the countless times that Charm goes up to the guys to antagonize them so they will hit him.

Throughout his session, Charm doesn’t bring up his girlfriend until Stew mentions that he never talks about her. Trina takes the time to ask Andrea how she feels, and she let’s Trina know that it is hard having a boyfriend that no one likes, and is always having to justify his actions.

When she keeps trying to makes her point, Charm cuts her off and says she doesn’t have any friends (Yes that’s the best way to prove a point and show maturity). Trina then asks Charm what he loves about Andrea, and all he could think of is that she invests a lot of time on him, really cares about him, and she tries hard to make him happy.

Andrea interrupts this beautiful speech of devotion, to tell him that all he loves about her are the things she does for him, and nothing to actually do with her. Charms doesn’t think he is doing anything wrong, and instantly gets angry that Andrea didn’t find his sad display of affection loving, so he storms out (What girl doesn’t want to be completely ignored and treated like a doormat by her boyfriend?).

Trina has to go out and convince Charm to continue with the session because the class might be useful to him (No amount of classes will make this guy communicate if it isn’t about him. Or other men!).

Therapy on Tool Academy 2Before going back in, Charm confesses that he feels like a loser for being in Tool Academy and that is why he is so frustrated (Finally!! Something we can all agree on… Yes Charm, you are in fact a fucking self-absorbed loser with shit for brains).
Back in therapy, Trina tells the girls that it is their turn to voice their issues, as there have been some fights between them.

You know for a fact Leah starts the conversation off, and informs everyone that she brought a few posters and CD covers with Dre’s picture and didn’t think anyone would touch her things. Amanda feels that Leah has been talking about Dre P’s music nonstop and Leah argues the opposite. As Leah continues to say show she feels, Amanda cuts her and yells loudly, “Leah never gives anyone the chance to talk!”

Amanda continues to get loud, and Dre P asks why is she yelling? Dre tries to mediate the situation by saying that Leah won’t be able to control herself if Amanda keeps yelling in her face.

Trina takes notice of what Dre is trying to do and asks if this is how their relationship is. Dre P informs everyone that once Leah gets mad, there is no way of talking to her or calming her down. Trina asks how does he handle this, and he lets her know that he just walks away from her (How else could you handle a bitch that won’t shut up?? I would leave too. But Dre, do you know what yelling in someone’s face looks like? Clearly you don’t, because Amanda was nowhere near Leah’s broken out face.)

Afterwards, the rest of the guys go around and say how they feel they are doing as a couple. When it’s Dan’s turn, he has a hard time saying what he has learned from the day’s session, and everyone feels he is just a pathological liar.

Death over a CD

Amanda and Leah fight on Tool Academy 2After therapy, Leah is still fuming and calls all the girls, “simple, stupid, silly bitches” she also threatens, “If my CD don’t get back to me by the end of today, someone is gonna come up missing” (Death over a CD? Seriously? Is this shit made out of pure gold?)

Amanda realizes that she needs to talk to Leah and asks if they can talk like mature women. Leah replies by insulting her and telling her she isn’t a mature woman, so they can’t have a conversation. (So are you more mature because you insulted her rather than talk to her? I think someone needs to check themselves). Leah then gets irritated by the sight of Amanda, and tells her to leave the room.

Amanda takes this as the right moment to step up to Leah, and informs her that she feels she is always making comments about her. Leah is rowdy at this point and exclaims, “Every time you make a comment you sound stupid as fuck and everybody feels that way”. Amanda has clearly never been told how to approach a black girl with a serious attitude and a look that could kill, so she tells Leah, “Shut the fuck up and listen” (This girl really does want to get decked).

Leah has then had enough of Amanda’s wannabe tough ass and walks over to her and bumps her with her body and tells her to “get out of my face”.(Hmm, if you weren’t pushing yourself onto her she wouldn’t be in your face. And you were calling her, stupid?)

Things gets personal when Leah starts putting her finger in Amanda’s face and claiming that since she is stupid as fuck that’s why she doesn’t have anything in life and neither does her boyfriend. Amanda is constantly flinching and back-pedaling anytime Leah’s arms rises and all she can say is “get the fuck out of my face.”

All the girls find Leah’s yelling “scary” (That’s because they know she really can kick their ass) and when Amanda tells Leah she talks too much shit, Leah flings a water bottle at her (Don’t worry, sadly it didn’t hit her face.)

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  1. That episode was funny az hell but I do feel sad that Leah and Dre were elliminated. I really thought they would go far.

  2. I don’t get why people dig Leah and Dre.

    And Leah needs to dump Dre, he’s a bitch.

    1. Is it possible it’s cause they’re the token black people on the show (other than Charm)? *cough*
      I only like Leah, Dre P can suck it.

      1. Seriously Yall? Dre P actually acts like a normal human being. There was no reason for the way she acted at all, especially over a fucking CD.
        I think Dre P should volunteer Leah for TA3.

      2. But Amanda deserved it. I want to clock her in her face just watching her.

    2. I don’t know, Steupz. Seems to me that both of their immature asses are made for each other.

      1. I feel like Leah is too mature (yeah I know) for Dre P and she gets frustrated or something.

        I know it’s a leap, but it’s like I’ve seen that couple before, you know.

      2. It’s a very big leap to me. The way I saw it, Leah was acting a lot like Charm on this episode. Dre only blew up that one time at the end of the challenge; not anywhere near as much as that big steroid freak tool Jon did.

      3. Jon scared me. Like I really believe he can hurt someone.

      4. Jon scared me too, but in a good way. 😉

      5. Yeah, he did try to when those “Perfect Gentlemen” came to take the girls out on dates. I’m so glad his ass got sent home; he was a lawsuit waiting to happen.

    3. Good recap, Massie!

      And Leah needs to dump Dre, he’s a bitch.

      I think you got that statement backwards, homie.
      Dre P may  not win my nomination for Alpha Male of the year, but he isn’t nearly half the bitch that Leah is… and at least he’s cute.

  3. They were cool LOL! Leah<3

  4. I don’t think I like any couple on this show.

  5. I think Charm and T-Shaw are funny, but that’s it. No one else is that entertaining.

  6. Sorry to bring up the past AGAIN but this season will never compare to the first one.  Couples on that show were actually likeable. :/

    1. i liked Dre P. he was pretty mellow the whole season

      i jus dont understand how he has one tantrum and he gets the boot, yet Charm gets plenty of chances to prove himself over again

      it’s just bullshit

      another thing i didnt understand how Leah was promoting Dre P.’s music when this is actually the only episode I can remember them saying something about it; plus i doubt if any of those women would probably have wanted to listen to it

      1. And Charm isn’t even that entertaining.

  7. lol. Yeah I loved the first season, it was really amazing, plus my Jersey tool won. lol.  I haven’t had a favorite this season, but Tyler is beginning to wear on me.

  8. I think Dre P was more entertaining then Charm, and he always had the best commentary. I would be so annoyed if Charm lasts till the end.

  9. I think everyone needs to die in a slow and fiery death on the show.

  10. Leah acted like an asshole. How is she going to tell Amanda to get out of her face when she was the one bumping into her? Moron.
    And she cried when they lost the challenge! LMFAO!
    Dre P was cool every episode but when it came down to losing out on a new TV, time to act like a bitch. I don’t think it was fair to send him home for that one outburst.
    Charm should have gone home.

    Amanda is a fucking clueless idiot. Why talk shit when you can’t back it up?
    I hate her for dating that ugly red headed hillbilly toad. They need to go.

    As for my giant tool, he did act like an idiot but he was like that from the beginning and it seemed to be his normal behavior. I’m not excusing his behavior, he acted like a child and deserved to go home.
    Dre P, on the other hand, was always cool and laid back so it was a big step backward for him. I don’t think he should have gone home for that BUT I think Leah needed to go because she’s a bigger tool than he is.
    Tyler is the only one I like now. Hope he wins.

  11. Roxana, a flat screen is obviously hella important for Leah, lol.

      1. Dead.
        Good one, Brandon.



  13. boom

    1. You got that boom boom pow?

      1. Nope, but I gotta get get

      2. Really? B.E.P.,  post Fergie???
        That’s a damn shame… SMH

      3. Lmao. Don’t judge me. Judge the radio stations.

      4. smh @ both of you. Where is the love?

      5. Uh…  in “your hump, your hump, your hump?” *lol
        It’s 4:30 in the damn morning;
        I can not believe I’m still awake! This sucks … :(

  14. So why doesn’t the text box work? 
    Funny recap.

  15. Nice recap! Honestly, I couldnt decide if I wanted Charm to leave so we wouldnt have to see his stupid face next week, or Dre P cause I cant stand Leah. Either way, it works out. I liked Dre P, and I think he needs to dump her. Clearly, she’s unstable, and I cant blame him for any wrong doing in the relationship because she’s a psycho.

  16. Tyler ie so fucki  ng sExy

  17. Hey Steupz, sorry if this has been posted already, but in case it hasn’t, here is the cast introductions for the new Bad Girls:

  18. Thanks Bobo. Good stuff. I can’t wait!

    Nice recap Massie. I haven’t watched this ep.

    1. Hey girl, I went to and registered to get graphics and the site said I would get some verfication email but I never recieved it.

      1. You may need to sign up again and don’t for get to clear your cache

      2. Clear my cache?

      3. Yes go to internet options and clear the cookies, history and all that other crap that. You’re computer will run faster and when you change avis or other folks do you will see them

  19. Thanks guys.


    I love how the guys in the video of the day are waaaaaay more into the song then the girls. I need 2 work in an office like that!!!! I know sum of the guys  here were singing along with it 2!!!!

    1. Nice recap Massie.

       Dre P had….what….1 or 2 outbursts and he’s gone and Charm, who is a complete idiot in my book, is still there.    Why Charm thinks he’s all that  is still a mystery to me.  I’m hoping he’s gone next week.

      I think  the confrontation between Leah and Amanda was staged.    Leah was chest bumping her and threw a can at her, among other things, and Amanda did nothing but flinch and walk away.   Can’t see any woman being that passive when confronted with what Leah was doing to her.

  20. Leah is fucking hilarious. I love her. She acted like a down right idiot, but she was great TV.
    Moving away from Vh1, does anyone watch the show Eastwick on ABC? I think it’s so damn cool. I’m really getting into it.

    1. You might need to be a little worried about that show staying on the air. It is not doing all that great for ABC and the ratings keep falling every week.

      1. Ugh really? It’s the only reason I look forward to Wednesdays.
        Do you also know the ratings for Cougar Town and Modern Family. I like those 2 also.

      2. Cougar Town got 7.9 million viewers and a 3.2 in the 18-49 demo and Modern Family got 9.2 million viewers and a 3.6 in the 18-49 demo.  Those were the 2 highest rated shows for ABC last night.

      3. That’s good. Modern Family is actually a really good show, and I would love for it to be renewed.

  21. @Char….I watch Eastwick and it’s so-so to me.   IMO, it’s a watered down version of Charmed.

    @EA…I was wondering how it was doing in the ratings.  It’s OK but not good.  I expect to see it canceled in the next month or so. 

    1. I never watched Charmed, so I wouldn’t know. I thought the ratings were good. People said the premiere got some good numbers for ABC.

    2. Last night’s episode only got about 5 million viewers which was the lowest rated show for ABC last night and about half as many viewers as their highest rated show last night.  Of clurne networks don’t care about total viewes they only care about the 18-49 rating which was a 1.7 and anything less than 3 on a fairly competitive night is not really that good. Anything less than a 2 is pretty much a disaster to any boradcast network unless it airs on a Friday or Saturday night or airs on the CW.

      1. Dammnnnnn. Sucks becuase I was really getting into it. I hope atleast they will finish airing the filmed episodes, before canceling, if they even do.
        At least it looks like they won’t be getting rid of Modern Family. Sofia Vergara is the shit. I love her.

      2. ABC just said today that they are going to keep airing the episodes they have but it should also be noted that they have already announced they are giving  full seasons to Modern Family, Cougar Town and The Middle sometime last week. When a new show gets picked up the network only gives the order for 13 episodes and if they like it’s performance or they want to desperately try to save the show then they order an additional 9 episodes to have a full 22 episode season. A network will never wait longer than mid-May to announce if there will be an additional season of a show. This only happens for boradcast networks. Cable networks do their own thing and they don’t run on a set schedule like the broadcast networks do.

      3. I really like  Modern Family and  Cougar Town too.  I have to tape both shows because they come on the same time as Criminal Minds and CSI: NY but I’m happy they both got full seasons.  Thanks EA for the info. 

  22. EA do you know the ratings for last nights Nip/Tuck? Just curious at how well it did

    1. Since it’s a cable show it doesn’t come out with the broadcast ratings but because it’s a highly anticipated cable show I should be able to find it later today. I’ll post it when I see it.

    1. Mz. 305=SEXXXY

      LOL @ It!

  23. SO MUCH FAIL! 
    All of them are just epic fails.

    1. Poprah


    2. LOL @ EA….SO MUCH FAIL.

       Farrah and Ashley are looking hookerish as usual.  The black chick who was on IWTWFD is really pretty.  Didn’t notice that before when I watched the show or is it because she is wearing a lot of makeup this time?

      I keep looking a Megan’s dress.  It’s trampy, skimpy and see through but for some reason I kinda like it.  Haven’t made up my mind on Antonio and his buzz cut.

    3. Why are they giving awards to “reality” tv shows now? Don’t we already have enough useless people sitting around congratulating themselves on how ‘great’ they are?

      1. I agree as much as I love reality t.v. I do believe a “Reality Award’s”  show absolutely ridiculous.

      2. The Fox Reality (actually supposed to be Really) Awards are nothing new. They’ve been around since like 2005…….

  24. Midget Mac is on Maury right now for a small person talent show…

  25. Ashley being a cutie as usual.  What’s up with Farrah’s legs?  I guess the age is starting to show.

    1. Honestly, Ashley doesn’t look bad….she looks quite nice in this pic. 

      Farrah’s legs look a litte distorted

      1. I think Farrah had a bad tanning session. And her dress is just hideous…
        Ashley looks ok…

    2. wow Farrah lost a lot of weight. It makes her look less like a man

  26. The video of the day was hilarious. The dude  trying to get up off the floor and  trying to open the door had me rolling. I know drunkness is not something to take lightly but that dude was funny. 

    Thanks Massie.

  27. Ooops…meant “drunkeness”

    1. Yeah, I thought that was guy was a trip and it was like 11 in the damn MORNING.  lol. I really wondered how the hell he even made it to the store. lol.

  28. I’m so glad that Dan got eliminated. He doesn’t take anything seriously. And as for Dre P. — he was funny with his colorful commentary. Him and Leah shoulda handled it better.  That was a can of Sprite that Leah threw at Amanda. I just saw it for a millisecond.
    Double dead at Leah using flyer as toilet paper and her broken out face!

    Qoute of the Year:
    Amanda:  Why the fuck you in my face?!
    Leah: ‘Cause I am, bitch!

    Here’s a sneak peek of TA’s new episode:

    1. looks frickkin awesome…can’t wait!!!!

      1. Thanks, Massie and your VH1 recaps kicks ass! Get it, girl!

  29. Megan looked great at the reality awards.

  30. trina stupid azz shouldn’t had sent dre p and leah home she was suppose to send charm dumbazz home shes a fuckin bitch guess im rooting for tyler now